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      how to actively control dreams

      Hey i was wanting to know what controlling a lucid dream is like. Is it a ability you will already know how to do like moving you arm, or any other body part, is if more of a matter of willing something to happen like if you want something to catch on fire looking at it and thinking about heat and imagining it on fire?

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      Some people are naturals at controlling their dream worlds, but I think most people have to use certain "tools" to help them control it. For example, if you want to travel within your dream, you can summon a portal that will take you there. Or if there's a particular object or person to be in your dream, you could think that when you open that door, the desired person or object will be there. If you wanted to drive a Ferrari in your dream, you could travel to your house and expect to find it in the driveway. The most important ting, I think, is the realization that everything you see and experience is a construction of your own mind. You can use that realization to actively interact with your dream world at will and change and control it in any way you want.
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      Im in total agreement with stJimmy. That is definately the way i started out. Use your surroundings to start off. Ive been practicing lucid dreaming since i was 8 and still doing it today at 24. Creating stuff might also offer a challenge. Try this. When thinking about the object pass your hand in front of your eyes in your dream. This tends to cause an alteration in the dream, as far as i know because your brain has to reset for a second. This might get the object, you are wanting, to appear. At least it works for me when i need a quick exit and there is no door.

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