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      STRONG feeling that I just had a lucid. Anyone else have this?

      Recently I've been waking up each morning with a very strong feeling that I just had an ld even though I can't remember it. Can anyone explain this, and does anyone else have it?

      Thanks ^^
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      Could be many things. It's possible you did indeed have a lucid dream but don't recall any detail beyond the feeling. Or perhaps you just started to become lucid in the dream but that wakes you up before you have a chance to recognize it clearly. Or you could have been dreaming about lucidity without actually becoming lucid. Or you could have had a dream that was either very vivid or in which you had dream control which might be confused for lucidity. Or you could be having false awakenings that blur the transition and memory between dreaming and waking.

      For me, in the moments when I wake up, I often experience confusion, amnesia, false memories, deja vu, or stuff like that that make it difficult to accurately identify and describe the previous dream.
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