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    Thread: Being lucid and waking up immediately.

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      Being lucid and waking up immediately.

      Hey guys!
      So I have had a couple lucid dreams, but somehow I wake up every time in about 10 seconds after becoming lucid.
      Now i have read about some of the stabilization e.g. rubbing hands, spinning, drinking something, touching things, commanding the dream to stabilize and such...but I just get so excited
      that the dream sort of vaporizes. And other times I tried to be relaxed about it and just roll with the dream but then i either woke up again or lost lucidity..
      Do you guys could give a beginner some advice? Is it like surfing, that you sorta have to ride the dream and keep a balance between excitement and relaxation?'cause i kinda feel like that is the case and that i am constantly slipping off of my board, if you catch my drift ;).

      so in short; how do I stabilize my dreams?
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      You've got the gist of it and the right techniques. In your case it all comes down to just that -- controlling your excitement. Which just takes practice. You have to wear off the shock factor of lucid dreaming. It probably took me my first 10 LDs or so to make it past that first 10 seconds of exhilaration. Once you keep a cool head, then starting using your dream senses (mainly sight, hearing, and feeling), then get your thinking up to clarity by doing simple math or remembering your intentions.

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      I think the easiest time to get lucid is when you are on the edge of waking. That is why DEILD woks so well.

      What this means, is that beginners will succeed the first few times in very light sleep, when they are on the verge of waking

      Give it time and be thrilled with every dream. First just work towards reaching 30-45 seconds. Before long you will hit one in slightly deeper, more stable sleep.Then you can stretch it out to a few minutes. Good luck.

      My advice is to tell yourself something like this. "I will realize I am dreaming, and I will stay calm."

      Then for your next few LDs do not try to do anything for the first minute, except observing and repeating, "this is a dream."
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

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      Ah okay so it's a matter of time and experience? Just have to stay calm then. I am relieved that i am not doing something wrong, and thanks for the advice!
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