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      Having trouble moving/walking within some dreams?

      Hey guys I had a quick question, I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

      In a few non-LDs I've had in the past, including a few where my awareness I feel was almost at the point of lucidity, I've had a very strange issue. In the dream, I will have varying levels of difficulty walking/moving. It almost feels as if I'm dragging huge weight behind each of my limbs, and it's like a struggle to lift a single leg at a time. I have yet to experience this while lucid but it almost reminds me of the weighted/restricted feeling I've experienced trying to force myself to move while in sleep paralysis, so I figure hey this might be a somewhat common occurance for beginning LDers and I'd like to know how to surpass it.

      I understand that in a dream you can literally do anything you want and it should be as easy as simply realizing that you have the power to overcome the resistance but idk, it's a very bizarre occurrance and it's happened more than once in my dreams so I'd like to hear others' experiences.

      Thanks for reading

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      I find the best thing to do is to try to focus on other things and hope that feeling of immobility magically goes away. It does. Try interacting with a dc, teleporting, or floating around in the dreamscape. There's quite a bit of things to do in a LD without moving your body. A change of mindset is all it usually takes to solve dream control problems.

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