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    Thread: Practical Archetypes - An Overview

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      Practical Archetypes - An Overview


      Hey Dreamviews, Mzzkc here. I know I haven’t published a guide in a few years, and y’all might be expecting big things from this one. Suffice to say, this piece isn’t anything revolutionary. I still consider my Unifying Theory and method for total control the proverbial “end-game” when it comes to dream control.

      I laid the groundwork for each of those with my original archetype control guide, but then I skipped right up to the roof and shingles without first building out the necessary walls. I’m hoping to patch up some of those holes with this guide. Consider this supplementary material to that first dream control guide of mine. It won’t be exhaustive, but it’ll be enough to bump anyone with a cursory understanding of archetypes to the next level.

      How to Approach This Guide

      To understand this guide, you need some background on archetypes and how to activate them. If you’re at that point, just continue to any of the sections below. Each section is separated by basic feats of control and a smattering of common archetypes (organized by source) which can readily activate them.

      While many of these archetypes are personal to me, they will work right out of the box if you’re intimately familiar with the source material. If you aren’t, use these as inspiration to think up archetypes with which you’re more familiar. And please feel free to post whatever you come up with as comments in case others might find them helpful (they might even get added to the OP)!

      If you have no idea what I was just talking about, read this first. <3


      Video Games
      • Minecraft - press the spacebar twice at any altitude to activate flight
      • MMOs (e.g. City of Heroes) - press custom hotkey to toggle flight, or hover

      • Superheroes - take to the skies like Superman, Ironman, Green Lantern, or even Spidey if you want to mix things up.
      • The Matrix - like Neo, realize the truth and propel yourself into the air with a reality bending shockwave.

      • Dragonball - fire up the ki in your stomach and shoot across the sky

      • Harry Potter - jump on your firebolt and fly over the landscape
      • Mistborn - Steelpush and Ironpull your way through the city
      • Stormlight Archive - the skies belong to the Windrunners, modify the laws of gravity with your Lashings and soar like windspren


      Video Games
      • Portal - shoot a portal to open a doorway to where you left your last portal
      • MMOs (e.g. City of Heroes) - press hotkey and select area to teleport
      • Halo - step through that fuzzy green teleporter you found in the wall

      • Superheroes - teleport in a wispy puff ala Nightcrawler.

      • Dragonball - put your finger to your forehead for some instant transmission goodness
      • Stargate - just step through the wormhole and enjoy your trip offworld
      • Doctor Who - turn on your TARDIS and set it off; be sure to leave on the parking brake to preserve that distinctive sound!

      • Stormlight Archive - though it might be dangerous, Shadesmar is the best way to travel long distances--just ask Hoid
      • Elantris - draw the right modifiers to unleash AonDor or simply sacrifice someone to use Dakhor magic
      • Harry Potter - got some floo powder or a portkey? Then you’re all set!


      Video Games
      • Halo - enter Forge mode and move around anything and everything as your heart desires

      • The Matrix - stopping bullets has never been easier
      • X-Men - embrace your anger like Magneto to move metal or calm yourself like Professor X to make everything yours to command
      • Star Wars - “do or do not--there is no try”

      • Elfen Lied - let loose your vectors
      • Pokemon - your psi powers could rival Mewtwo’s

      • Harry Potter - remember, it’s flick and swish
      • Mistborn - Duraluminum enhanced Steelpushes or Ironpulls can handle most any problem.

      Elemental Control

      Video Games
      • MMOs (e.g. City of Heroes) - select target and activate hotkey for the desired power
      • Star Wars (KOTOR, Force Unleashed, etc) - whip up tornados or unleash a storm of lightning bolts with a simple press of the button
      • Fire Emblem/Sm4sh - some Arcfire here, a little Elwind there, maybe unleash a Thoron or two, and if darkness is your thing--command another’s life-force with Nosferatu

      • Star Wars - you can tap into your dark side for force lightning

      • Avatar (TLA or Korra) - all it takes to master all four elements is to perform the movements for each bending art--remember: it’s more art than science!

      • Stormlight Archive - bound to a Spren? gravity, friction, even light are your playthings
      • Elantris - need to unleash some elemental magic? there’s an Aon for that
      • Harry Potter - Incendio and a bunch of other spells have your elemental needs covered

      Finding/Materializing Objects and People

      Video Games
      • MMOs (e.g. City of Heroes) - open up your minimap or friend’s list and set a waypoint to the object or person you’re looking for with a click of the mouse
      • FPSs (CoD, Battlefield, Halo etc) - need to find someone, just spawn on their location. Need some ordinance, call in your kill streak
      • RPGs - pull out your sword, spell book, or bow from your inventory; don’t forget the armor and to hotkey your potions!

      • The Matrix - just make a quick phone call and your operator can drop in whatever you need

      • Sword Art Online - much like in an actual MMO, the SAO Menu has you covered for all your item materializing, friend finding needs

      • Harry Potter - summon whatever you need with a shout of Accio and a raise of your wand

      Mind Control

      Video Games
      • MMOs (e.g. City of Heroes) - unleash your powers of control over unruly mobs with the press of a button

      • Star Wars - this isn’t the archetype you’re looking

      • Code Geass - a flash of the eye and the mind becomes your plaything

      • Harry Potter - it might be illegal, but an utterance of the Imperious curse will quite readily bend your victim’s

      Wrap Up

      Hopefully that's enough to get you started on your own ideas for how to routinely and easily pull off some of the most basic control tasks. Feel free to ask questions about any of the things listed above or to rattle off some of your own personal archetypes. When posting your own, it might be helpful to think of this thread as a sort of growing archetype repository, where someone could do a ctrl-f search on "Flight" and find a whole slew of straightforward ways to pull off that task.

      Until next time...
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      I like it. Especially love the video games and books in there.

      I am currently using SAO menu pretty well for maps and some items. I can't get it as persistent as I want, but it is a work in progress.

      Also, the portkey is an awesome way to teleport, since it can be anything! There is also apparating in Harry Potter. If you have a wand on you, you turn and there I a loud pop. You can teleport virtually anywhere.

      The inheritance cycle (Eragon) has some extremely interesting ideas to give on the subject of element control and manipulation. I don't know how to explain it to it CSS fullest extent, but if you know the word for something, you can manipulate it. It just takes as much energy to do as it would to take the time to do it.
      For instance, if you want to pick up and throw a small rock, you say it's name and that you want to throw it. Then the amount of energy that it takes from you is equal to the amount of energy it would have been to just lean over and throw it. You can store energy in items though and you can borrow energy from your dragon.

      A little complicated for this list, but it is fun to try in lds.

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      I think this is a wonderful guide! I bet DV members will find much value in this guide for years to come. Growing up with the original trilogy, I especially like: Star Wars - “do or do not--there is no try” as it seems that it can be used in so many situations. It is also a good way to describe how I have learned to implement much of my dream control as I have advanced. I don't know that I consciously tied Star Wars to my implementation of this style of dream control, but I have with mind control of DC's like your example: Star Wars - this isn’t the archetype you’re looking.

      If I were to add anything to this list, it would be adding a new sub-category for inspiration: creativity, including childhood-style creativity. A childhood-style example I have used is finger guns inspired by a cowboy saloon dream scene…holding out my fingers like guns and just start shooting. Another somewhat creative example was when I found myself surrounded by way too many enemies and I released a ball of explosion in every direction, wiping them out by simply thinking of what a giant bomb would do. I don't know if these examples really fit here though since they are a little more abstract and may only work well after you have a number of dream control successes under your belt. Your examples and categories for inspiration are probably easier to implement with most everyone likely to relate to at least one of the examples. Nice work!
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      Nice! I've never actually thought of using Harry Potter spells, even though I used to love those books.

      But man, Dragon Ball Z has a move for pretty much every basic dream control I can think of. Elemental control? I will split the sea and earth, and summon up a thunderstorm just by powering up, heck yes. Telekinesis? I will mentally lift mountains, cut them into minecraft blocks, and build arenas, aww yeah. ...I just wish I could get out of this current rut I'm in.

      You can bet next time I'm going to try that Matrix phone trick, though.

      LD goal: Solar kamehameha! SSGSS status!

      (Hey, you, wanna play a game?)

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