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      Losing lucid dreams - going black

      Hi fellow lucid dreamers!

      I have been following this forum for a while now and it helped me with my journey to lucid dreaming.
      I started with lucid dreaming in january 2015 and had 20 LD until today and over 200 entries in my dream journal (1 night, 1 entry, multiple dreams).
      Some lucid dreams were longer, some shorter.

      However... the last 5 lucid dreams were short. As soon as I became lucid, everything started to go black, and more black, until I jumped to new dreamscene, where I lost lucidity. I do not remember waking up between them.

      Did anyone have the same problem and how to overcome that darkness/blackness?

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      Hey Gokeiken,
      you experienced what most people call the void. when visuals go black but you dont wake up. it is good that you dont wake up and manage to see the next dreamscene. most of the time people confuse it with waking up and wake up for real.
      I dont know exactly if it happens when you are at the end of an REM cycle and a new dream needs to build up but nevertheless you just need to wait until a new scene appear and you are ready to go.
      you loose lucidity because you are not "aware" enough. its like a false awakening where one think the dream is over and loose lucidity.
      next time when it gets black concentrate on your mantra (for example im dreaming/this is a dream) or imagine a new dreamscene this should make it easier for you to overcome "the void". another thing that helps is when you focus on your other senses like touching the ground or speak with a dc and ask him if he can pull you back or try to smell or hear something.

      another effect you might experience is that maybe the first or the first two times you fall in the void without ever knowing about it but later you expect it because you are " scared" it might happen and what you expect happens and everything goes black. when you get lucid dont think about this obstacles like instability of the dream or the void or waking up. be sure and confident that you will have a long and awesome lucid dream!

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      Thank you for the answer. I will keep your suggestions in mind before I fall asleep. I will be prepared if I get "the void" in the future.

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