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      Lightbulb My untested dream controll methods

      Ok, imma take a WILD tonight and try this out:

      Making things summon:
      Yell the name of the things as if you saw them, like "MANHACKS!" and you will hear the motorsaw like sound of a manhack cornering you!

      The all stopping lazor:
      Just pull out your all whiping lazor and shoot it at the bugger! It will instantly burst into thin air, or better! The Combine-ball effect from Half-life 2!

      The PDA of Controll:
      A PDA that allows you to controll everything from scenery to gravity, and even loading structures to the creation laser. Dont do a RC on it, because then you got to do the reset dance!

      The Creation Laser:
      A little laser pen that is connected to your PDA! Load a structure on it from the PDA and then shoot! It will pop up.

      The Backpack:
      Looking like a casual BackPack: It has infinite capacity! Store stuff here! Be sre not to shake out the contents, wich may end up in a crazy dream fuckup.

      All theese ideas are untested, but test em, i will tonight.
      It your fucking world! Do whatever you want to it.. Its fine, as you cant do it in the waking world, you will never think of doing it in the waking world, if its something wrong like blowing up the world or raping a cat..

      WILDs: 1 DILDs: 2 DEILD: 1(Maybe more, because many times i i figure it out while exitting the dream..)

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      My friend dreampt I had a backpack like that. Only it was a pair of pants. Wut.



      Quote Originally Posted by OldSparta
      I murdered someone, there was bloody everywhere. On the walls, on my hands. The air smelled metallic, like iron. My mouth... tasted metallic, like iron. The floor was metallic, probably iron

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      tie a rope to a dream character to stop you from waking up (or bring them into the real world)


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