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    Thread: Dream Control Objects

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      Dream Control Objects

      I often find myself having trouble making things happen once I become lucid. For example, when I am trying to use some sort of super power or change something in my dream I end up sitting there with absolutely nothing happening. However, last night I was lucky enough to notice that having a house made out of thousands of recycling bins was a tad bit out of the ordinary and became lucid. After laughing at my friend in my dream who thought I was crazy, I said to myself, "There is a magic wand behind that tree over there that will allow me to do and create anything I want." Surely enough I found a box of wands and decided to give them a try.

      I ended up having the best lucid dream experience of my life . All I had to do was point at something else or myself and think about what I wanted to happen and then ZAM it ended up happening. This works because everybody knows that anything can happen with magic, no doubts whatsoever. This Dream Control Object worked wonders when trying to perform tasks that "logically" cannot be performed by the human body. It ended up having a 100% success rate, and my dream was the longest lucid dream that I have had yet with plenty of opportunities to test my "product."

      I would like to hear from anybody else who would like to try this technique in there next lucid dream. I haven't been on in a while so sorry if this has already come up and passed.

      Good luck and remember, anything can happen with a little bit of magic
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      It is very common using another object to control a dream.
      All you gotta do it believe it will work and it well.
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      My way to control your dream http://dreamviews.com/community/showthread.php?t=93741

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      Awesome!! I gotta try that!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Alexander1656 View Post
      All you gotta do it believe it will work and it will.
      I disagree with the whole belief thing. Beliefs are nothing but archetypal structures, and there is nothing special about them. Control is about selecting the proper archetype to get the job done.

      For instance your magic wand thing. Magic wands have an associated archetypal structure that allows you to do just about anything. It has nothing to do with belief. Try believing you have a magic rock and try to use that for the same level of control as with the wand. It just won't be as reliable, no matter how much you believe in it. Control comes from well established, stable archetypes.
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