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      how to fly freely in the dream (not just concentrating at one object and fly to it)

      hey guys
      i had frequent lucid dreams and i fly in the dreams by concentrating on an object in the dream (it can be building or some trees or a distant car)and just by clearing my mind in the dream and just cocentrating at that object i could go directly to it in an average speed (i can't fly faster)and in one direction only (sure its the linear direction of that shape i wanna fly to)
      so my question is
      how to fly freely in the dream in any direction ,at any height and at any speed i want
      and thanks for your help

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      i think the most important thing to do is to believe and not really try. Trying implies that it will take some effort which is actually not true. I think it's literally just a matter of imagining yourself going real fast and imagining the environment changing around you real quickly. you could try wearing a jetpack and seeing if you could change directions using it or maybe have some nitrous oxide or something in it to give you a big speed burst just be pressing a button. but if you don't believe it will work, it will probably still malfunction. you might as well believe and fly without any tools.
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      Do you think that's air you're breathing?

      Remember there is no gravity in a dream. Just ignore it and it will go away. Try to give yourself that weightless feeling, like when you jump and you just top out, and for a split second you feel weightless. Know you can fly effortlessly, because it's the truth. And I don't just mean that in a "you can do it" way, it literally is the truth.

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      also nothing is true, which makes everything possible for your mind. My advice is to "swim" up to 50 meters and then just burst of superman stylish.
      Remember. Nothing is true and everything is permitted.

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