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      Teleporting and Time-Travelling (rewind)

      Hi guys!

      I jot got a flashback of a few abilities I used to use in my lucids when I was a kid. I do not recall using these abilities recently.

      When I felt anxiety in a dream (lucid) I knew I could go to another place. I just needed a map or a landscape to point it with my finger (touching it) and I would be able to teleport. I channeled all my energy in the finger and I pushed the map/landscape leading to a successful teleport. How do you teleport?

      Here comes something weirder:

      I remember having a dream (non lucid) that starts with a FA and I go though my day like if I was awake. However, I would have an awful day. I would mess everything up. At the end of the day I would feel terrible because all the bad stuff I did during the day. Then I would become lucid and realize I was dreaming. Then I just thought in going back in time and repeat the day. I remember closing my eyes and saying, "I want it to be morning!" several times, "I would push my eyes hard and jump." A few times failed but if so, I would do a second attempt. Then, I wake up in my room (FA) but fully lucid. I would go again throughout the day. The same stuff would happen again (like going to the previous chapter in a DVD) however, this time I would be lucid and take full advantage and full control of it. Have you experienced something like this?
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      No, I've only been lucid thrice...but that's kickass stuff right there!

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      Ooh I've mastered a technique like this! (when I'm having some sort of level of lucidity), whenever something happens in a dream that I don't like i say "REWIND" and the dream rewinds to where i want it and the dream characters are non the wiser that i've just changed part of the dream. For example in one dream i cut off my finger and put it on the sink and my mum was like "why did you do that?" and i said "it was annoying me, it doesn't matter a new one will grow" and she said "no, you can't grow back body parts" and i was like ddaamnn, so i did the "REWIND" thing and my hand was back to normal, all fingers present and it was like it had never happened ;D heehee the DCs will never know
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