I begin the dream in an elevator. After a few seconds it stops and the doors open up into a plain white hallway, nothing special at all(this area I believe is purgatory, but only came to that conclusion later). At the end of the hall it T's off, and at the end of each stretch is a door, both open. On my right, through that door, I see something black, not total darkness though, almost like black stone. Something tells me not to go through that door. To my left, I see through the door another hall way and proceed towards it. I hook a left shortly after the door, and boom another elevator. At this point I'm like what the hell is this, I don't get this dream at all. I hit the button and the doors open, on the inside there's a SHIT ton of floor buttons, on both sides, all leading to a different floor. Naturally I hit the first floor. The doors open shortly after, and I step out into a short hallway, and I hear music and see lights at the end of the hall. When I get to the end of the hall I realizes it's a dance club. A woman comes up and asks "Did you just walk through that wall dude?" and I said no I came from the hall way and elevator, but turn around and the hallway is now just a normal wall. After handling that convo, I move on. This place is awesome, people are hanging out in certain areas having drinks while others are on the dance floor, and this place is HUGGGGEEE. Never seen so many people in one big club. But it didn't feel like a sleezy club. I walk up to the bar and see a sign that says "FREE SHOTS" and I jokingly go "Oh my god I'm in heaven" and have a few drinks with some beautiful women. I say to one girl "This place is awesome. Best dream ever" she looks at me confused, and then kinda sad. She shrugs it off and says "Have you seen the other floors?" and at this point I'm hammered so I forgot that the elevator I came in on had a bunch of floor buttons. I said "No, and the elevator I came in on disappeared for some reason, it was weird" AGAIN she looks at me confused and says "Well come on I'll show you the main elevator." She does, and says have fun, and that she's gonna hang back in the club for a while. I hit floor two, HELLO BEST ARCADE ROOM EVERRRRR. With Bar! lol. there are games everywhere, some arcade style and even an area with consoles and such. But there are some I don't recognize, this place is almost bigger the club and packed with games I've seen and heard of before and some I've never even heard of, consoles too. I decide I wanna see the rest of this place before I wake up, and get back in the elevator. There was a floor where the whole floor was a pool and waterpark. There was a sparring room. But while walking through the sparring room and looking at all the weapons I hear an intercom type thing go "(my first and last name) to the elevator please. (My name) to the elevator please" I'm seriously like whaaaaaaa. What have I stumbled upon in my mind. I walk into the elevator, but there are no buttons anymore. Instead it moves on it's own, and opens up to this awesome looking garden area. I walk around and find this throne type chair molded into a tree, and not far from it is a man watering some flowers. "Are you the gardener here? This place is gorgeous! Bravo!" And he turns and smiles and says "Yes, and thank you. But we need to speak. How did you find this place? I already know how, but I want to see if YOU remember." and I reply with "To be honest no, my dream began in some weird elevator that opened to a hallway" He chuckles. "Well I'm afraid I can't let you continue your little unexpected tour through Paradise, friend. You saw only the basic floors... Honestly the boring ones that are just there for fun, had you hit the next floor you'd seen what this place is REALLY like, but still only a portion of the glory and amazement that lies here." I immediately go "Are you seriously trying to convince me that this is 'Paradise', Heaven, and that you're some kind of angel?"

"Actually, I'm God. But it's ok for you to assume, how in the world would you know?"

"If this were really heaven... *It* would be here, with me. Wouldn't it? And are you trying to tell me I died in my sleep?"

"*It* was the next floor. and everything beyond that floor is so complex, so beautiful, you'd never be able to grasp it as a living soul, in a living mind. You wouldn't even remember it when you return to your body. You are not dead. And honestly, if it weren't for your guardian angel leading you to that elevator, you wouldn't be here. "

We continue to talk now about personal things I will omit, but eventually I begin to entertain the idea that he isn't lying, and this is heaven.

After our conversation, he ends with "Since you were blessed with a tour of Paradise, I think I'll let you see hell too for funsies. Don't worry, lucifer won't harm you while you're there, I'll be protecting your soul. BUT, the only way for me to really kick you out of here without you waking up on your own, I have to wake you up. Then when you fall back asleep, you'll see hell. Oh and also I'd heed lucifers warning about the damned souls" and I wake up.

No way in HELL if I fall asleep again I'll be in hell. Wrong.

I'm on a redstone path looking straight down at it, and on either side is a napalm like substance, and fire rising above it. And people are in it. But I don't hear any screams? Before I look up I hear Lucifer go "if you look up, don't look into the eyes of the damned. And also, do not look at me. I'll throw you in. You'll wake up... Eventually." I look up and see this place. It's an endless cavern of redstone and flame. I walk along the path a while, until a soul reaches out to grab my leg. It's got skin missing, and under it charred muscle, and in some places you could see bone, I assume it's whole body is this way. It's trying to use me as an anchor to get out of the flame. I mess up, and look it in the eye. It's eye's were pure darkness, and upon looking at it, the image of it's face became burned into my vision... And now I can hear this one souls screams for help. It's a woman, but I would have never known without her voice, she is so mangled. She's almost out when a boot kicks her back in. "I warned you not to. You're going to her screams even after you wake up, and see the image in your vision. And if you ever imagine her face again, it'll return for a moment or two." I immediately call bullshit. it's just a dream... That I was told I was gonna have.... After waking up from being in "Heaven"... Being ballsy and thinking it's all just a show, I begin to look towards this man I am lead to believe is Lucifer. Before I can really see him, I'm flung in the fire.

It. Is. Horrible.

It's not just a lake of fire. There are hands underneath the flames that pick away at your skin and muscle, and when it's all gone, it comes back, and they do it again. All while you're on fire. My skin regenerated twice before I woke up.

This is what made me believe this was all real and not just a dream.

Lucifer didn't lie.

That souls face was burned into my vision, open-eyed or closed, for an hour after I woke up. And I could still hear her screams for help.

Days after I thought of her face, and it came back. Her screams and the image, for about 5 minutes. I made it my goal to not think of it. But still to this day the image will appear in my vision if I think of it. I thought I was schizophrenic for the longest. but as long as I don't think of the face, I don't hear her.

Needless to say, I'd much rather discover what the other floors to heaven are.