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    Thread: Recurring person

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      Recurring person

      Hello all,
      I just started college about a month ago, I'm an 18 year old male, and I keep seeing this girl in my dreams. I don't normally have vivid dreams, but I do have a vivid emotional response to my dreams.
      In my first dream, I was at a sporting event at my old high school. All of the recent graduates were in a VIP type area, and I joined them. This girl from one of my classes was there too, and I stood awkwardly close behind her. She sort of embraced it and I leaned over to kiss her. My dream ended there. When I woke up I felt a sort of lovey-dovey type feeling.
      I've had a couple dreams about her since then, but I can't remember any of them too vividly. I can only associate the dreams with the emotion I felt.
      came into our room. Our room was a mess. We accidentally left the door unlocked, and the campus police (who was the cop assigned to my highschool) was allowed to search my room. He walked in and found alcohol in our mini fridge (which both the fridge itself and the alcohol he found matches the fridge I have in my dorm and the type and amount of alcohol perfectly). He told us to hide it better and then left. After he took that my "roommate" took me into the kitchen area and told me that it's a good thing he didn't find hers and she showed me her alcohol in the fridge in the kitchen (I don't think she drinks, I'm not sure though.) She left for class then. I picked up the room and forgot to lock the door, and the campus pd came into the room again (same guy) and saw her alcohol, but ignored it. He told me good job for hiding it, and left. I then woke up.
      I talk to this girl occasionally, but we've never had deep conversations. I kind of like her, but she doesn't seem to interested. I'm starting to really like her in real life due to my dreams, and it scares me. Any advice? What do my dreams mean?
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      Dreams are a good indicator of your subconscious desires. You probably liked this girl a lot to begin with, but didn't quite allow yourself to believe it. So probably as your dreams make you more aware of your feelings you are not developing your desire, but realizing that you had it all along.

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      I totally agree with JadeGreen. We usually dream about the things we desire, but consciously holding them back.
      A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read. ~The Talmud

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