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    Thread: Hotties fighting demons

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      Hotties fighting demons

      So this one was a doozie.

      I am writing this not more than an hour after I had my dream.

      It all started with this girl. She was skinny, Ginger, actually quite beautiful, and around my age (18). The only problem was she was possessed by five, count em, five demons. Each one was shorter than the other one, the tallest had long red hair and the shorter ones had black hair. They were all female, dirty, barefoot, and had greyish skin (besides the redhead, her skin was the color you would see in a regular person), and were anywhere from 4ft tall to 20ft tall approximately. She came across these demons because of her brother, who was tall with black hair mid 20's. He was supposed to receive the demons (due to what I think was sacrifice) and she stepped in front of him; therefore receiving the demons.

      Okay, backstory is over. She is enrolled in a school where she meets a brunette woman; again around my age, with jet black hair, a husky but in a good way body, and a considerable bust (this stands out above all others I guess). The brunette also has a younger brother, and looks like a younger version of the gingers brother.

      The Ginger approaches the boy and gives him a challenge. He must take a plank of wood and screw it into place on a base. Which ever side he chooses first is the person he lives more, the Ginger or the brunette (Brunette is right, Ginger is left). He takes it home and into a bedroom, places it on the bed with a TV behind him. The holes on the base were uneven, so the sides (from right to left) were on a downwards diagonal. Obviously, he screws in the brunette side, since it's his sister.
      I have taken on a first person view of the boy. All of the lights shut off, the TV went from off to white noise, and there was a screeching sound. The screech was the most horrid sound I have ever heard, but it was faint. Not loud at all. At this point I can feel my physical self getting pretty freaked out.

      The brunette, who is downstairs in the kitchen, is confronted by the demonic ginger. The ginger is now wearing tattered clothes, her hair floating, and dirtmarks, like the ones on the demons, covering her body. Long black tentacles are protruding from her back.
      The little brother then appears looking the same way. It is revealed that he is related to the ginger and is possessed by a single demon. The Ginger kills the boy.
      The brunette then finds a long, glowing, silver sword, and stabs the ginger.
      As the ginger takes her last breaths, she kills the brunette by stabbing her with the tentacles. The brunette disintegrates into gold leaves.

      This is when I wake up.

      The strange part:
      I was completely absent from the dream. Besides seeing the lights and the TV in first person, it was like I was watching a movie.
      I did not know anyone in the dream whatsoever. No faces were familiar.

      I'd be super grateful to hear what you super cool dream Casanovas have to say about this one.
      Cause usually I have a pretty good idea if what's going on, and right now I got nothing.

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      I don't consider myself a "super cool dream Casanova" but anyway

      I have a lot of dreams that look and feel like watching a movie, but kind of beeing in the movie without participating.
      Like I am the camera or something, sometimes briefly taking part in the play (like in your dream).

      Also I have a lot of dreams that are like I'm playing a videogame with changing views and occasionally feeling the sensation
      of pressing a button. This Videogame-dream is actually a dreamsign of mine.

      Most of this dreams are quite violent but have an obvious plot to them.

      As far as what causes them, I have no idea. I do not watch TV or play videogames anytime (but did a lot as a teenager).

      Not sure if that's the reply you were looking for!?

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