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      Vehicle dream HELP

      Dreamt that I'm in a suv, in the backseat on the passenger side. My ex is also in the backseat but on the driver side. There is no driver at all or no one upfront. The vehicle is driving itself. The road starts to become winding/extremely curvy and the vehicle starts to accelerate. My ex appears calm and oblivious to what is happening. I was content and happy in the backseat with him until I realize the vehicle is going to lose control so I try jumping to the front seat then I woke up. I couldn't tell where the vehicle was heading of if it was mine or not, but I had the feeling it was mine. If that's the case and it was mine, I drive a maroon envoy. Any views on this would be very helpful!!!!

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      You and your ex have taken a “back seat” towards a situation but is now getting out of control. He’s oblivious to what’s going on but you’re not. Because you’re aware, you need to gain control of the situation.

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      Hi. Vehicles in dreams like this represent our personal energy and movement through life. It would seem from your dream that you are inclined to hand responsibility of your life to others, in this case, your ex. Could your relationship with your ex have been described as one in which you "took a back seat" and were "a passenger", i.e. did you take responsibility for how the relationship went? Did you work at the relationship or just allow yourself to be carried along until it got out of control and ended? In the dream, you are also "content and happy in the backseat". . . Dreams use metaphors and puns as ways of expressing an idea, so here the dream is saying that, maybe in your relationships but perhaps in your life generally, you are content to be in the background and not put yourself forward. Are you a shy person? Are you insecure about your talents and abilities? Do you prefer to be in other people's shade rather than being the centre of attention yourself? I think the dream is showing you that, ultimately, we need to take control of our own lives. The presence of your ex could represent a couple of things: he could be there to represent your way of being in romantic relationships, i.e. passive and allowing things to move along with someone else being in control. In which case, the dream is saying "if you are not in control of what is happening in your life, then noone is!". But in a broader view, cars are what take us to where we want to get to ie our goals in life, but if you are just sitting in the back seat hoping someone else will get you to where you want to be, you are likely to stop traveling in a straight line but start floundering around and eventually "lose control". Sometimes dreams like to give us a "wake up" call, so you "wake up" as you try jumping into the front seat. I think this is the dream's central message "Wake up and take control of your life. Work out your goals and how you (not someone else) will get you there."

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