This isn't anything like my normal reoccurring dreams and I am really scared. I'm new here so hope I'm posting this in the right place and I hope some of you can help me out. I'm a shy person always distention to myself in my early twenties. So I'm just going to get to the point of the dream before I forget it.

This dream felt different felt so real are the fact that I saw the world around me as if was actually there. I was walking down the street feeling lost confused cause I don't remember how I gotten here. A few blocks from where I started to walk from a man down few steps was screaming and shouting for help saying "where am i, how is this possible, not again no-no" I was beging to slowly go down the stairs concerned for this man. Before I reach have way down the steps he pulled a gun at me, my heart started to flash before my eyes and at this time there was a crowd of people beginning to forum.(But now that I recall the man was in a security or police officer uniform.) I back away and left the man and ran looking at this world at this city, it was huge and buildings reached the sky I kept walking straight trying not to wander far from this city street I grew accustomed to. Before I knew it the city just stopped at the cross of a railroad track. There beside the street sat a single house and nothing around it, upon walking in I ran into a highschool friend and it seems that him and his family was expecting me. They thankd me for coming and taking the time to meet them. I felt relieved that I knew these people so short after we got into a car and drove for a while I was to busy chatting with them, discussing what my life is currently (unemployed and shut in my room not sure what life is). We arrived to this restaurant and ate but before I got down from the car I saw my mom and my brother and I asked when they get here. My friend's Grandma said I must be going crazy because they were here the whole ride over. As we got into the store/restaurant we sat down and began to eat I wasn't thinking much of it I was glad to eat something the thought and feeling of not eating for weeks was on my mind(my head was beginning to feel heavy). I turned to the right and I see my highschool friend discussing with my sister who I didn't recall seeing as we walked in. I shrugged and started talking to my brother asking him if he wss moving back in with my mom and me(he's 13 and left for a while since my mom couldn't take control of his disobedient actions so thought his father can teach him a thing or two). I got sad and began to cry hearing him say he wasn't going to come back I just hid my face trying to act strong like I don't care if he came back. The tears felt so real I can feel them rolling down my cheeks and my heart racing at the thought of never seeing him again. My friend's mom quickly rushed us and told us we had to get moving it's time for that "thing". I don't know what this thing is they spoke of so I got on the car were I sat next to my sister everyone else just zoomed out. I'm not even sure what we talked about before shortly arriving to this huge building that seemed like a mall do many people went in but not any where coming out so I was curious what this event was. When I walking into the place my heart just sank that feeling of being here before had sunk in and I didn't know what was happing. My sister began to comfort me and told me not to worry about it just let it happen, we ended up getting lost and walking up these stairs that seemed to be how do you say, they portrayed optical illusion, made it seem like we where in the same spot all areas around us looked the same I couldn't tell if I came from here or there and worst of all you can open the floor and walk thru. After opening a few of these floors I weird creature almost like a alien popped out saying you shouldn't be here join the others and came at us we ran away. We eventually made it to the mall again where it just stopped at the top of the stairs not wanting to come down. I had enough and a snapped at my sister we shouldn't be here so I tried to pull her with me to find the exit but we didn't find any there was no exit no place to leave. We ran into a shop a Indian man and woman who looked to me long life partners laughing at me saying I wouldn't ever find the exit on that never existed to began with. I got aggressive and began to get physical, at this moment at the corner of my eye I saw a door open up and I grabbed my sister dragging here and I made it out this door that I saw ppl coming in from but I realized my sister was being pull back by that couple. I was so mad I ran and jump, somehow I floated over and slammed him against the wall, I must have caused alt of trouble. Because a young man cam all dressed in a shiny silver suit and yelled this is bad is bad. He quickly grabbed my sister and mumbled you should've been up there a long ago. Before I knew it I apparently thru fist at the man without thinking or understanding the situation. A loud alarm sounded and the man told me I missed up a loud strange sound began to play ringing my ears and a larger escalater sprang from the ground and it seem to be dragging everyone up it and this point I had no where is to go so I got on and started to go up realizing my sister wasn't with me and I started screaming and shouting yada or yadah m as I saw the top everyone jus disappeared it was just a white room everyone kept mumbling in unison"we all become one , we all become one". I started pushing back trying to go downstairs but it was to late and I pushed thru the area. When I opened my eyes there was nothing just a white area and I didn't even see my body just white surrounding me and everything. I kept screaming this word yada or yadah I've never heard or said before. It strange that I woke up finally after 4 attempt waking up in the white void. I woke up screaming and shouting yada I ending up throwing up right away and my head is still spinning from this. But I do remember that I had a similar dream about 12 years ago, at that time I didn't know what it was but I remember it all and I'm slowly forgetting my dream know I don't even remember how it started. I don't know what this means or what it could be but hope someone can help me or was it just another random dream.