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    Thread: Snake bites right eye?

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      Snake bites right eye?

      Hey all! It has been a while since my last dream post, but I had a strange dream last night and had to share it. So, for context, I currently work a full-time job at a humane society. This dream took place in a similar environment, but I had just had a bunch of bizarre animals dropped off, including a bird, some sort of insect, and two snakes. One was smaller, and I don't remember much about it, but the other was larger, kind of dark greenish, and I'm pretty sure it was venomous. I was inspecting the snakes through the cage (they were in a wire cage, like a dog kennel) and the larger one suddenly struck me and bit my right eyeball. I pulled the snake off and I could tell it had fangs like a venomous snake would. It definitely damaged my eye in the dream, because I kept it closed or had lost vision in it entirely.
      I've never been afraid of snakes in waking life, and I wasn't really scared in the dream either. I treated the situation like you would if a cat had scratched you, which I found odd. The whole thing was odd, but I'm curious about what the bite could possibly mean.

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      As always, without knowing you personally my speculation would be wild.

      However, I can tell you that I had a dream a year or so ago where I was in my bedroom at my parents' house, where I haven't lived for a few years now, and in the dream the bedroom was more like the only room in a tall tower, but it was very open, as there were no windows or walls properly speaking, only pillars; it was very bright from outside, to the point that in any of the directions of the "sky" it was really just white with a hint of yellow. I remember a bed in the room.

      I don't remember how they appeared, but there were some ravens, or crows. Ravens I think given the size; and they started pecking me in the genital area.

      For me this dream didn't mean anything in particular, and I still haven't seen any fruit of wisdom from it, as it were - as nothing has ever happened that made me remember it since then, apart from your post now. As such I really cannot guess at all what the significance may be in your case. I suppose I am curious as to which of your eyes is your "commanding" eye.

      However, the only particularly notable thing for me is that this dream with the ravens I had, is the kind of dream I put under a personal classification of "super-natural" because of the context, and the interaction between the animals and myself - which I don't particularly consider to be natural or likely. It's the only dream of this kind I ever had.
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      I could be wrong in any of this:
      A year ago, perhaps you want to be above, or have high ambition, or even can be aloof. And if you are very open, I wonder if boundaries suffer. Yet support seems to feature strongly, like wanting that for yourself within or individually. Or maybe openess gives that.

      Yet yours was the only room, which may be some sort of isolation. That could be why your parents were there, signifying that close connection.
      The positive brightness was from outside, and maybe had a hint of warmth or happiness, opposite the blackness of ravens that attacked your vital parts that could mean connection to the feminine - to emotion or to others - was in danger of dying. Also the meaning of parents: union, with that side. Maybe your power or real freedom was in danger.

      A bird could be freedom, an insect a pest, and two snakes for some harm it can develop into, maybe in relationship. Perhaps two states of it: it can be small, or big and worse. Or one side is worse.
      The dog kennel might suggest a social area, the cage opposite of freedom.
      A snake has two fangs, is that regarding you and another?

      Looks like your right vision can be damaged or lost.
      Plus, being like the humane area, you have this potential harm, which might mean you want it humane, but it isnt.
      So, is there some situation fitting this?
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