First a bit of background: I believe Ive had this same dream prior to getting my entire back tattooed but I could be wrong. The same dream since at least 2007 and I remember more detail every time I dream it.

The Dream:
I find myself lost in a suburban neighborhood in North Carolina. I'm not scared as I'm aware of how to get back on track and I seem to just be enjoying the walk. Until I'm suddenly followed too closely by an old man in a tracksuit who reeks of cigarettes he's on his phone talking to a friend like he's selling meat. He walks into his house and as I'm walking I notice someone hold a white towel in their window and then suddenly I'm hit by a ratchety old truck. Tonight I caught on and remembered as soon as the old man walked into his house and I ran, ran as fast as I could and was still hit by this blue beat old truck.

I awake to two hickish looking men removing my back skin laughing at my screams all the while. I'm strapped down in one of those old-timey punishment stocks and endure rape, mutilation, and torture from many hickish white men. I then see myself as a whole a woman that even my own mother wouldn't recognize as I beg for my own death. I wake up only after a few moments of being immersed in the darkest dark I've ever seen I imagine signifying my death.

I pray this has a deeper meaning, I pray this is not how I die. I will fight this end every chance I have but for some reason, I always play nice in the beginning and am left with a feeling that this end is unavoidable. I am actually moving to NC in four months and will be getting a concealed carry as soon as I arrive so that I can shoot the caller down, I refuse to die this way and would love to know this has a deeper meaning and we don't dream our own deaths prior to killing an old man in a track suit.