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      Post Reoccurring nightmare of being alone without husband

      I keep having a reoccurring nightmare of me and a child. I'm sitting on the floor of this giant house presumably mine and I'm crying out to my husband who isn't there. I'm crying and crying like I'm on my knees crying and my baby is sitting on the floor crying. I try and feed it some apple sauce but it throws it up and it won't eat. And I just keep crying and yelling out to my husband to come back. I don't understand why I keep having this dream. Does anyone know what this means? It's very scary to me and I usually sit up really fast and my heart is pounding and I cry for a while.
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      Do you/did you have a child?

      I can see two possibilities :

      1. You have /had a child and might have had an event where you were really overwhelmed with it all, after all raising a kids tough work. Maybe you felt like your hubby wasn't there always to help with you with the child. Might be repaying of that trauma.

      2. You don't have a child yet and have fears regarding having a child. Maybe fear of having all the responsibilities of raising a child being forced on you alone.

      I hope you are ok

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      I haven't had a child yet, but, I am really excited to possibly have one later on in life. However, what perplexes me is how my husband isn't there in this dream. In real life, he is always there constantly caring for me. He pampers me and loves me unconditionally. He is very attentive and has never ever made me feel he wasn't there for me. That is why the dream confused me, as most online articles stated that I feel abandoned, however, it is quite contrary.

      Thank you for the well wishes by the way.

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