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    1. Buddha statue guidance

      by , Today at 04:33 AM
      Had many long dreams. I'll jot or write a little

      Story of a wizard. The was a mage from a noble family going after him romantically. And a stud going after her. Location was like a farm. Eloping.

      I also remember going into a store looking at weapons to fight againt someone.

      Giving up flying away.

      Charles was there attacking. He was disgusting.


      **Buda guidance

      I was in somewhere forest like. Like Amazon forest in warm place. I was with a group of monks or something. They were all waiting for their turn to get guidance from a Buddha statue. They'd sit in from off it one by one and get some advice. My turn came up and I sat down in front of it. I just started to meditate. It was a while. I saw kids playing around me and people going about. Meditating with eyes half open as I watched the previous events in a sped up manner. Time was going fast around me.

      I was then transported to another world. Pretty primitive tribe. I wondered who I was in this dream. I wanted to look for a mirror but people wanted me to take a bath. I went in the bath outdoor, made of some metallic material that was an open rectangular box. I saw my reflection in the bath. I looked like the guy who played the lord of the rings character. Was his name aragon? Longer hair and younger though, very buff.

      May have been lucid or almost.


      Fighting hunting demons

      Began in highschool area. Hunting for demons. I also walked out the school towards the kindergarten. The playground was the same location as the previous ld.

      Some demons attacked me. I just took them and sent them into a pocket dimension where my demon fox familiar resided. I fed them to my fox. This made some ppl angry, I forget who.


      Came back to the same dream? Girl wearing black cloak. Tell her about something...

      Demon /android hunting

      It was similar to previous one. We were in the city now and taking the subways. Our mission was to hunt down demons. I was with my team apparently.

      I remember we almost died at the train station where we found a stronger demon hot away though.

      Went down into the station. Met some really strong ones. I forget. They were more android than demons. I think I was about to die. Everyone else perished already. I survived?
    2. Sweet snacks

      by , Yesterday at 10:37 AM
      Was busy just gonna write the notes. I didn't sleep much.

      There was a sad sage. I forget why he was sad. I was at mr din's house the big Steven was there.

      I remember I was sleepy inside the dream so I went to sleep in the dream.

      Ppl were singing. Jacks house his dad was there too.

      There was a sort of snack served by the host. Like ice cream favored milk also chocolate. But not chocolate milk. The texture was like latte, no coffee flavor. But very airy and disappeared with a few sip.

      Were also given rock candy too. It was blue like big sapphire, but dissipated very fast once in mouth.
    3. Milk protein powder

      by , 10-12-2019 at 07:46 AM
      I'm pretty mad. Phone refreshed the whole entry right after i typed it all.

      Deilds, many Deilds. One failed ap.


      How to heal. Empty mind rich 5 sec.


      School DJ, vr projector movie students.


      Joe Rogan mountain hideout. Prince almost fall the climb.


      Almost ap, vibrations only.



      Bedroom x2, trying to stablise

      School yard, holding cup in vision for stabilizing.

      Back to bed go downstairs. Protein powder milk. Drink milk. Another full jug. Curdled stuck throat.


      Back to room, milk protein powder. Time passed.


      Warehouse counter, trying to summon dc by looking away from counter.
    4. Castle

      by , 10-11-2019 at 05:49 AM
      I didn't sleep much from ebay bidding wars.

      During wbtb I saw an european style castle. It was surrounded by like a moat. I thought about it being a mansion and it transformed more mansion like. More square. I wanted the castle back and it got bigger and more castle like again.

      It ended though. I could have probably tried rolling eyes or engaging senses to make it into a longer ld.

      I'm noticing something. It's hard to describe. I'm becoming more aware of the process of ld.

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    5. planning

      by , 10-10-2019 at 05:03 AM
      Yesterdays dreams

      I forgot the content of the first dream, did not jot down while it was fresh.

      amazon warehouse

      I was in the states I think. I was inside a large building that looked like customs office. It was much larger though and as I explored it, I enter an elevator to the lowest level. When I left the elevator I found myself in an underground facility that was storing stuff. Stuff like products and this to me was an warehouse for storing merchandise. It gave me the impression that it was the warehouse of amazon. I do recall being with some friends here, we were here on a field trip or some sort of setting like that. I was in a room with boxes of what appeared to be opened merchandises. Basically returned items or damaged goods. A lady there sells me one of the things there for 22 dollars. I buy it but what do you know it was pretty damaged.

      I went to the bathroom at the end of the dream, or had a desire to do so within the dream.

      blinking in univ building

      This was like a continuation of the last dream but not exactly the same location. I was in a massively rectangular building that was made up of brown bricks on the outside. It gave an impression that it was built a long ago. The building was to me what seemed to be like an education related place. I think it was probably an university or a scientific research center.

      I am the warden. I think I am warden because I played warcraft the previous night. I was exploring the building and something happens. I forgot exactly what, but I eventually get to a some sort of conference room or something. It was like a meetup of the professors and the star students. I felt out of place as they were dressed in formal attire but I was suited for battle haha. I leave the place. I feel like I'm being tailed by someone from behind to I decided to teleport.

      I teleport short distances this time. By looking at somewhere in the distance I pinpoint somewhere I want to teleport to then I blink, close my eyes then I am there immediately. I repeat this process about 10-12 times.

      I keep exploring the building and end up in a narrower section of the building. It's a single narrow hall/corridor with the left side that gave sight the outdoors via the large connected windows.

      I feel like I wanted to go bathroom around here so I do. It was a massive bathroom really. I think from what I could see, ther were enough stalls for 100-200 people to poop at the same time. I looked for an empty stall in somewhere quiet but there were people everywhere. So I decided to head deeper into the bathroom and it was like a maze. There's like a hoard of kids assembled like a train going through the bathroom. I can't get past them so I head towards the direction they were going, in front of them. I see someone and a kid, I forget maybe the adult here was his mom or something. But this child is blocking the way and I'm almost about to give up going through this path when he leaves. I go past the narrow space he was blocking. At this point I gave up on pooing.

      I am outside the bathroom and keep walking down the hall. I meet some chubby girl who was a fan. I hanged out with her for a bit as I kept forward the direction I was heading. I was getting close to the other side of the building when her friends show up. They were kind of mean to her so I help her out. In a moment a buff sweaty black guy shows up. I forget why he showed up but apparently he was an enemy. I didn't feel like dealing with him because he was so sweaty but he came at me regardless. I decided to stop him before he landed his attack and I decided to do this with an ice magic. He becomes white with ice outside in, and becomes frozen solid. We leave him be.

      We finally left the building. I think the total walking distance was maybe 2km? 4km? maybe even 8? I'm not really sure, but it was pretty long regardless. Outside of the building there's a small building far into the distance. It's like a souvenir shop and I decided to go with the people- the girl and her friends from earlier. I look around and there's some pretty interesting clothes there. I'm not sure exactly what it's called but it's that thing Wim Hof wares that's like a thick sheet with a hole in the middle for your head; like that old fashioned thing that you wrap around and you wear in the old west movies or old fashioned mexican cape that goes all around you.

      But anyways this cape was dark green and dark blue. It looked very cool. 22$ they said. I decided to get it and I wear it.


      Forgotten dream, did not write

      game overheating phone

      I was playing a game on the phone. It was in 3d? But the phone was overheating and stuff like it was real. I thought maybe it would look better projected on a VR headset or something. So it was projected on a monitor/TV.


      failed/short ap

      I was awake on the bed and I had an uneasy feeling. I thought I'd deal with the uneasy feeling rather than letting the feeling take control. I just told myself that "you like this" feeling and tried to play it positively. I did so and just relax and I start to get the vibrations. It gets stronger and I wasn't really prepared but thought about rolling while I focused on the vibe.

      I rolled out and my vision was black fuzz and static, like TV static but all black/grey without the white dots. I managed to roll out but of the bed but I was pulled back.


      I helped a stranger out and they randomly decided to give me some pot today. Legal here so I thought why not. Still recalled dreams. Perhaps slightly harder to focus but that was overcome with meditation. Did help me relax and sleep I guess. Thought about goals in life.




      I was trying out WILD counting technique. I was getting hypnogogics after a bit and went up to around 330. Around 330 or so I began to enter into a dream. I saw my right arm reaching out and there was like a snake that tried to go for my arm. It startled me and I moved my arm upwards and this moved my arm and I awoke.


      I was a kind of undercover in what felt like a story about an undercover/killer movie. There were some questioning going on just like a mystery movie.

      dinner party

      I went to a dinner party or sort just to eat. Perhaps this dream is initiated by thoughts regarding it.


      perhaps continueing the previous dream, I am in that menu area of superhot VR. I see two floppy disks and I read one of them labelled "endless"

      Sleeping Inosuke

      I was inside a classroom. We were studying a sort of advanced mathematics and I recall that I didn't enjoy the class. I think perhaps this is a residual memory of geometry. I remember that I excelled in calculus and algebra but geometry was my weakness. I leave the classroom to play hooky.

      I head into the classroom to the right. Now that I visualize the scene back then it does indeed feel like it's structured like the japanese school, so maybe it's there. I think it's the second floor, near the stairs to the right side. The classroom here is empty and it's like a science room here but it's mostly empty and cleared out in the middle. I find a cartoon character Inosuke and a girl there, not sure who she was though.

      So the 3 of us decided to nap in this room since it was empty. I tell the other 2 to grab the sheets and cuddle up to we can be warmer. We do that and just sleep together on the ground all huddled up.

      -I think I was tired so I also wanted to sleep inside the dream too.

      We slept, awoke and slept a few more times. Until some students began to swarm inside the building. My 2 sleep-friends leave immediately but I had some stuff I needed to pack up into my backpack. This gives me a feeling of frustration, likely bled out from previous memory. The class is about to begin and they began chemistry class. The teacher there looked like my mom. I think she looked slightly different?


      treasure quiz

      It was a quiz show where you'd answer questions it would reveal a location to a secret treasure. Aye matey!

      I recall there being divination and fortune telling being used to locate treasures.



      Things I think are important:

      -shadow work
      -Nutrition (2eggs+olive oil)

      I did not WBTB today. I awoke but I just felt like I wanted to get some good rest. Maybe could have focused on DEILD here.

      I do think that the counting would have continued into a WILD if I didn't get startled by the snake. I felt like it was going to coil around my arm, kind of like the wheel armlet from before, a living lucid accesory - LLA!

      I wrote down some goals and actions I could take. I just wrote stuff for a bit. One of the goals, omnilucid, after exploring my thoughts, narrowed down to the 5 stuff above as what I felt as most critical I guess.
    6. Cult

      by , 10-08-2019 at 05:38 AM
      Life of stars


      advanced fights, people shooting and dying. Bodies got fused together. Demon women were feeding on humans.


      In Japanese style castle renovated as a mall. Top floor had a small casino. I played the slots and won. Went to covert token to cash. Stopped by a lady with glasses. She thought I cheated. Claimed some prize for now. I head towards a different place with books. Finds a girl who was reading there and we talk and get along. She also had troubles with the lady prior. We were talking the the previous woman throws something us at an incredible speed. I reflexively blocked it with something in my hand.

      It was about 3 ninja stars. They were black, steal or iron. Likely tempered at low Temps to reduce cracking while sacrificing hardness. The stars I held in my hand to block with were all bent sideways around the triangle blades. What she threw at me was something like a thick knife. It was silver in color and 1 or 2 inches wide. What massive strength.

      Our attacker was trying to stop us from digging further about the establishment and was trying to kill us. I tell the book girl to run. She does so to my left. We cover a small distance before she was hit with the silver throwing knife and it struck her in the abdomen, creating a sizable hole that was moist and spreading with scarlet liquid.

      Immediately carry her and jump down the balcony. The building was Square and the whole outer square was surrounded by a balcony on each layer. So I jump down one floor to the one below and ran towards the inside of the building and we were still chased. I jump down another floor and do the same. Around the third time I think that it would use good to jump multiple floors now as I've put a small pattern in her head that though we were jumping then running around. I jumped down all the floors one by one until I got to the bottom.

      On the asphalt ground now I fled with the girl. I wanted her to live. I must! I ran but we were now chased by a miniature racing car that had the attacker from earlier now she had transformed into full demon. I attack the round glass drivers window before we crashed.

      There was now an ambulance here and I rode it with the girl, hoping she'd be saved.


      We changed the scenes but the plot continued. I was by my lonesome now and I was in an open field with tents. It was some kind of outdoor event like a concert or hippie festival.

      Now I was out to crush the organization behind the previous dream. They were a cult that were up to no good and their eyes were everywhere. Even here. A couple of them follows me and I notices this.

      I head into one of the larger tents with a store or something inside. They were also there. X was there, he was one of the members as well. He said that they would get me and began to attack me.

      I jumped on top of him and he aimed his fingers at my eyes. Before he could reach me I gouged both his eyes, a distinct muffled popping sound. He still was laughing and said that he would kill me as long as he was alive and as he went to attack, I grabbed the gun on his waist and popped the 2 shots into both of the family jewels.

      I noticed the cult members surrounding me so I head out the tent to the left entrance. There were other cultists outside still...

      I morphed my body and my gender and they lost track of me. I morphed likened upon a small plant, imps were aroud me describing my current features.


      I was running. Am I running from my dreams? Is that what the nightmare is telling me?

      I'm scared. But what am I really afraid of? I did some digging. It was I guess.. Fear of feeling being not good enough.
    7. The key

      by , 10-07-2019 at 06:39 AM
      Frusterating warcraft
      I forget the earlier part of the dream I feel like I was in an apartment , the in downtown with a pool. It was around 4-5pm and I was bored in the dream. I had some time to kill so I decided to play some warcraft 3. I was playing elf against an orc. What was special about this time was that it was more vivid and realistic than before. As the other times it was more of me watching, this time I was playing it and I felt the frustrations while playing the game. It was the old fashioned orc style with Bm. I was pretty annoyed as he sniped my wisps and stuff. I had a DH first and warden second. Sh, she died but the DH did manage to kill the BM in the end and he got level 5!. Maybe I had a chance after all as I skilled the evasion level 3.

      I think I dreamt about this because I haven't played this game in a while. I wanted to play it the night before a little but the game just wouldn't boot.

      Lucid, meditations
      I was in some sort of an open space. Like an office or something. It was more of an open concept place rather than closed off. And the environment was pretty bright. I was lucid and remembered that I wanted to meditate for the whole dream if possible. I began to sit and meditate and closed my eyes...

      I was somewhere else when I opened my eyes. But wheer? Don't know, just meditate

      I awoke again in the dream and I was in something like a party, it looked like a wedding or similar since everyone was in formal wear. I was lucid so I sat and meditated again.

      I repeated this for about 5-6 times.

      Meditated in an apartment building once. I think maybe it was the same building as the previous dream.

      FA omnilucid class, THE KEY
      I FA into a classroom after I closed my eyes from meditation from last time. I am feeling the pressure to follow the dream plot or feeling a peer pressure sort of feeling and lose my lucidity. I was going around and looking for a piece of paper. A big white piece of paper. Perhaps I wanted it for writing down DJ, or perhaps it was for the school project we were working on.

      I am wandering around the classroom and meandering among the desks where classmates sat. I was initially at the back of the room, to the left. I was in that block of desks that clumped together to form a kind of a group for a group project. I walked up towards to the front of the class to the front left. I think I find my paper here. Someone in the class had lost their wallet and I was going around the class to help him find it. I looked at my wallet and it was green, and just like my wallet. I asked for others' wallets and theirs were also the same wallet. Perhaps this could help gotten me lucid. I found a wallet somewhere and find the brown guy who lost his wallet to the front right of the class. I gave him the wallet, he thanked me and I went back to my desk, the one to the front and left from earlier.

      I notice something in my hand. It was a KEY. A golden key. It was wide and metallic and I felt the heft of it in my hands. I thought "was this the key to omnilucidity?" as I caressed the key in my hands. Maybe this was a chance to get lucid.

      Anyways the teacher for this class shows and she beings playing a youtube video on the projector for us to watch. This video was a guide on omnilucidity lol.

      In the video a guy and 3 girls in a jacuzzi or a small pool. As the man spoke things like "become short" or something, the girls became short, and whatever he said would happen/manifest accordingly.

      The other tip according to the video was to swim every other day.

      The last tip was to wear an armlet that coiled around your arms. They said it would make you lucid. They looked like elongated wheels that coiled around your arms. I change my focal point and notice that I was already wearing these wheel armlets on each arm!

      Youtube Working out

      Now the dream was about a youtube reality show. It was about a guy who was changing his ways. He was doing weight lifting and working out and stuff. It was pretty interesting and I began to get attached to his character. One scene was like the pool in the house. The video became third person when I watched them. But the channel I was watching the show on ran out of episodes and the rest of the shows were segmented throughout different channels.

      Anji - demon guide

      A demon lady stood in front of me. She said she was a guide to help me and her name was Anji.


      The key:
      I felt something important about the key. I know it was related to lucidity but there was something else that kind of pieced together as I reflected upon it.

      There was a reoccurring lucid nightmare if you will, about a large old metal door. It was very heavy and very large. It would not budge an inch when I tried to push it, and it lacked a handle. I tried to go through it many times on different days but it didn't let me pass. Each time I was there it was pitch dark and I was scared, it instilled enormous fear inside me each time.

      Perhaps the key from today is the key to this door. What could be behind the door?

      MODERATOR FTP ACCOUNT-key-dream.jpg
      Should probably find a better way to draw methinks.

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    8. dog, mma

      by , 10-06-2019 at 05:52 AM

      I was in the house that looked like #25. I had a dog and I was just hanging out with the dog for a while. I went up to the bedroom to lay down after a while and the dog tried to get on the bed. It had a generous amount of dirt and mud on it and I was a bit worried about the bed getting dirty. But I thought oh well and let it climb on the bed. Maybe A hint of awareness. Anyways the dog gets on the bed and it wasn't dirty any more. I just stay there for a bit and was there someone else on the bed? Maybe.

      After a while I decided to get off and the dog follows me. There's some kind of animal in a box and it's a rat! Or a mouse, a bit worried that the house is infested by rats.

      game center -> mma

      I was in some sort of an arcade mall. It had about 4 floors or something and the main entrance was one of those where there were no floors and the ceiling went way to the top. Not sure what to call that. Anyways I am going around it looking for people to play with. There were 2 black haired girls there and we began playing something. I got bored of it and went elsewhere. I went up the escalator to one of the upper floors and was transported to Japan. I think there was a desire to go there. A desire to eat!

      I met an old Japanese man with short white hair. He looked like a typical okinawan with very tan skin. He was running a food stall with many different kind of foods. He calls me over and hands me what he says is the best stuff at the moment - Seafood, that's in season. It was a large shrimp. Very large, almost lobster sized. It was shrimp sashimi basically and it had a lovely plump texture with slight sweetness of shrimp. I was in ecstasy, a foodgasm for sure. The perspective of the dream beings to shift now though. I begin to see it in a third person.

      I see a young man who was entering fights. Not sure exactly what kind. I'll just say it was MMA, because it was boxing at times, and wrestling at other times. I think it had mostly wrestling feel. He was winning his fights and things seems to be progressing smoothly. But then the girls from the previous arcade shows up. They wanted to sabotage him and his fighting conquest. They put him under sleep with anesthesia and took him to some back-alley surgeon. They operated him an gave him a plastic surgery. It was a breast augmentation or a pectoral muscle surgery. Just the chest looked bigger. He went into the next fight and still won though. This frustrated the chubby girl though.


      things to focus on while wake
      -be active
      -have/remember a goal
      -be aware (of actions)
      -eat stuff (2 eggs)

      Do this:
      Stop, listen, focus(breathe), remember.
    9. back on track!

      by , 10-05-2019 at 05:41 AM
      I had some inner demons or something, but I had help dealing with it and now I'm back on track for lucid dreaming!

      Avocado, Beach
      I was on a beach. There were 4 of us there and we we replaying some sort of sport 2 on 2. The ball was an avocado and the goal post were made up of avocados too. Basically the objective was to throw the avocado to try to land it between 2 avocados of the other team's avocado goal post. It was played on shallow shore. Pretty interesting sport. I ate avocado upon awakening just to humor this dream.

      Amos x2or3 lucid

      I was at the apartment on amos. I wilded into dream and was lucid immediately. I felt like the dream wouldn't last so I closed my eyes just to see what would happen. I was FA'ed back into the same apartment. I think the first scene may have been the outdoors of the place but now indoors. I looked around and there was a sofa there or a couch. And it looked like how it'd looked like before. Perhaps another FA here. There was a new tenant here it seemed. And there was an awful smell here. It was a cigarette. The cigarette was burned to the end whee it sat on the arm of the couch. It smelled really bad. The scent of stale cigarette was incredibly vivid and nauseating. I wanted to leave here and I probably should have planned where I'd go in terms of dreams cape rather than just leaving because I'd awoken.

      Bus Japan/city, morphing candy

      I was riding a bus on the way backhoe. It was the road I'd taken to walk back home while in the Japanese school by the countryside. I was riding it with some friends in HS. But as I kept looking at the outside from within the bus, the scenes perhaps changed into a different city. I'd feared that I'd got off too late and missed my stop. I suppose this is a past fear of missing bus stops manifesting in my dreams. Eventually Id ended up the the bus terminal which was like a mall that was under construction. I'd been in this construction site before. In a previous dream where I'd also missed the bus stops, the entire place was under construction. The theme that time.... a lot of construction workers and stuff, and some secrets about the place. This time the construction was mostly done and the dream area appeared to be much more broad. I could see more of the city. I got out of the bus with my friend and a new friend. I don't know who she was but she was nice so we became friends. We stopped at a stop somewhere in the city, felt like a downtown or some busy place. It was near a bus station and there were some strange stuff going on. There were some vending machines that were selling some new food or something. But the people who ate it were transformed. If you ate the food with the corresponding animal on it, you would kind of become partially that animal sort of thing. Very interesting.Everyone took some of those. They all turned into some weird thing. I took one and was temporarily somewhat giraffe like. With a long neck and stuff but not really a giraffe when I looked at myself after I entered a bathroom. I was back to normal eventually but not the others. We needed a way to get out. It seemed the rest of the people in the city were getting transformed and becoming hostile from this thing. We got on a helicopter and get away.

      Elves vs orcs


      I was In a mall and were shopping around with someone who was a friend, carl. We looked around the mall for stuff. This mall appeared to be somewhere in the city from the previous dream. Close, I'd say south? No it was more like northeast from the bus stop previously. I think there was also frank there. I forget some eventful stuff that happened in the dream but I remember that my cousin was there. He was kind of mean to me while I was maybe 3-4 years old and I remembered this. I told him I'd forgive him if he let me kick him. So I took my stance to get ready for a spinning kick. He ran away a couple of times though. Oh well. Carl steals something from the store. I think frank from earlier was working at this store. I told frank that carl was stealing something and carl is enraged. I just leave the mall.

      Primordial cats, strength

      Just some vision about primordial strength of humans. How human were pretty strong like other animals but they just gave up their primordial nature, unlike the sabertooth tiger that I was in the vision.

      Church, secret knowledge

      I was in a church or something similar. I went in there with someone. I forget who. I think she may have been the friend that I made in the bus dream earlier. I think it's her.We went to grab something to eat at the cafeteria and I went to sit down somewhere deeper into the building. I had a laptop with me and I began to type some kind of story. The screen was black and it had bright colored texts. Kind of like a cmd prompt or a dos interface but on a laptop. I began to type some kind of story about the hidden knowledge of something, as a story or a novel, I have no idea. One man who seemed like a pastor comes and tries to delete the stuff. But I go back to typing it again after. Another woman comes and she is offended by what I am writing and calls it blasphemy. She's like a nun or something. The pastor couldn't stop her and she chases me and my friend. We drive to get away from them and the roads to seems like the location is the same dream-city as in the previous dreams. There were police cars everywhere and they were blockading the road. Apparently the church was now after us. Can we get away from it all?

      Location wise I think it was closer to the mall than the bus stop. Well I'm not sure..

      Additional notes:

      Church was near a large body of water like a lake I think.

      Perhaps the lake was the beach scene from the avocado dream!

      Let me try MS paint...

      that automatic window that pops up to send a new user a PM-dreamscape.jpg

      S = school

      B1= beginning bus stop

      MB= missed busstop

      g/t= gas station/terminal

      C1/C2 = likely church location

      Helicopters - I been dreaming helicopters lately. Yesterday too was about mcdonalds with helicopters.

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    10. Staff, virus, nonsexual reproduction

      by , 10-03-2019 at 04:12 AM

      I was at some high school. It wasn't the most familiar one. It was well lit and bright. I saw being chased by x and gangs and I found a staff to fight them back. With the staff I poked them until they gave in. But there were others after me from behind too, so I poked them with the staff as well.

      None could stop me with a staff lol.


      It appeared to be the same school as previous or similar. The arrangement of the building was very reminiscent of the takeover dream by middle eastern empire dream.

      I was within the school and went outside. I forget where i was exactly after but I was with a group. They were students of the same school and we were arguing about something. I recall that I'd shaved my head inside the dream lol. We were still holding on the debate, but about what? I think I was getting more people in my side.

      I am in a different scene. Inside the school. I see a mirror or in third person and I'm this skinny Asian girl with shaved head now. Looked like amy. It was not a pleasant sight really. I regretted shaving my head. I went out again and we were still arguing but in a car this time. It was a jeep or similar. We were arguing about stuff and some students starts to become weird. They were infected with a sort of a virus and starts to grow rapidly like uncontrollable cancer. They grow and creep against objects like a fleshy mold, infecting others upon contract. We keep escaping... To space?

      Space, physical reproduction

      I was now in space. But was it space really? It felt like some strange realm away from earth. Pale pillars and stuff, hard to describe.

      There was some sort of alien or a creature there. He begins to communicate to me telepathically via visions.

      He showed me visions of humans in long past; they reproduced non physically or sexually. But one day a foreign entity had come and proceeded to sexually reproduce with humans until sexual reproduction became a norm for humans.
    11. Icy explosion, magic black crystal, swallow, budda reinc, shaman black panther flying

      by , 10-01-2019 at 09:27 AM
      I was in the beat up dry apartment. There were wc pros there hanging out. Happy fly.

      I felt uninspired to dj for pre wbtb.
      Underground dungeon, melting ice

      I found myself in an underground dungeon and realized that the monsters that appeared there were influenced by scary games or movies that I've seen in the past. It was sort of a memory repository of scary stuff. I realized this and decided to blow it all up. Was I lucid? I forget. Blowup the underground dungeon of memories and jump through the ceilings to the surface.

      I was inside a inn now that was right above the dungeon. It appeared to be a fantasy like setting. But I began to worry perhaps my explosion would have repercussions to the land and environments. I was afraid maybe it'd cause a sleeper volcano to awaken and swallow the land. And thusly so the dream follows the command of my careless musings and quakes. I fear that the magma would melt the polar ice of this land and I fly towards the nearest water mass and the frozen water body begins to shatter into pieces and melt apart.


      Dark crystals, magical land, swallowing lucid
      I saw a land of magic with a soft rainbow magical glow to the land and the plants there. I conceptualized crystals that could contain medical energy and they appeared from the grounds. They were black crystals and began to absorb the colorfulness of its surroundings and contained it inside. The land slowly gained back its colors though. I was lucid now.

      I explored the land a bit until I countered someone. She was humanoid yet akin to a beast. But she was more than just mere beast, shapeshifting. I knew her. She was waiting for me, shan. And telepathically communicated that she longed for my return. I was curious. I wanted to know more. She wanted to show me. I wanted to see.

      I saw a dimension within her body that she created - it was another world. She obliged to fulfill my curiosity. She began to morph into a mushy liquid and swallow me whole. She began to cover my whole body. To show me her dimension.

      I awoke on the bed and I felt the swallowing continue until it surrounded my entire body and covered it like a thick fleshy suit.

      Mall shaolin
      I was inside a mall. It was a rather small mall with only one floor. There were a bunch of ppl studying the shaolin style whom I knew. I walked past them to ponder in my lonesome and began to get lucid. "why was I here?"

      The students there take me to train with them twice.

      This was the second time I dreamt about this area I think.

      One of the guys there I forget his name. One with short hair. He tells me to take steroids to become stronger. I say no. And he becomes injected with steroids. But it wasn't normal though and he transformed into a demon. I had to spar him and I told him something.

      #25, return of budda
      I was in the house #25. I forget if this dream or the next comes first. I was inside the house and with family. I was younger and somehow I had a sibling. I think a little sister. I look at one of the windows and this makes me lucid. I met up with my family there. I saw my parents and my little sister there looking out the large window/glass doors to backyard.

      The backyard was connected to some mountain and from the edges of it I began to see figures creep out from it. They were kind of monks and began to descend down and approached the house. They touched the window as if to make contact and my parents refrained from my sister from touching the window too much. I touched the window against their hand. I wanted to hear them out.

      I went out the door in the room to the right and they told me they sought the rebirth of buddha or something. They were convinced it was me. I decided to go along and followed the trail up the mountain.

      I ended up in a huge Monastery or temple and it was a sort of a mess there. They were facing an invasion by undead. It was mostly bone zombies. Bandageless mummies but a bit bonier. They wanted my help to purge them.

      I was told my needs would be taken care of and they'd feed me good food so I thought why not. I was then provided with a personal moon attendant to help me out with everything. They explained other stuff as they walked me through the place. Zombies from the front entrance. Then from a cave up high in the back. We needed to climb up the ladder that was maybe 6 stories high to take care of it while others defended the front.

      We got to the top and clashed against the zombies. There were 2 arrows left over on the ground and I threw it at 2 monks down at the back lines of the front forces. I remembered they were mean or something so I threw it at them. It actually struck them and arrows stuck out of their shoulders. The other monks down there got kind of mad and demanded to know, "who threw that?"

      My monk companion was a real bro so he said he did it and tried to take the blame. I kinda liked him now so I just told them I did it - that I was just trying to pass arrows to the fellas down there. And the other monks went "oh ok. "

      #25 feather shaman, black panther, sky
      I was near the house #25. I'd become lucid. I left the house to explore the surroundings and there was a billboard with something on it. It was a black panther or some large cat. It climbed out of the picture and walked by to the left. The place had a white and foggy feel to it.

      As I try to leave the general vicinity, I see a man in front of me; he appeared to be an Indian shaman wearing feathered headrests on his head. He points behind me as if telling me to head towards that direction. I turned around and walked in that direction. There were couple of groups of people each consisting of about 2-4 of them walking on the main road. Instead of cars they just traveled in foot. I proceeded to follow one group and the shaman showed up again. He points upward this time.

      I see a couple of teens to the left moving as a group and they begin to just go up into the air. I understood and I went up in the air also. Up, then forward. I felt the wind pressure against my face before I awake.


      I was lucid in one of the dreams and decided to feel omnilucid energy. Trying to visualize and materialize it.

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    12. Embarrassing picture

      by , 09-30-2019 at 07:37 AM
      Spawning monsters
      I saw spawning monsters to train against them. After a bit i tried doing it in the air. But in the end I tried to do it in an in underwater dungeon so they wouldn't run amok.

      Short lucid
      I was entering into a dream scene and realized so. But I thought to myself that it wouldn't last long and awoke.

      Widow bees
      There were some ppl installing windows, physical windows. I decided to ignore them and stay in bed. But they put bees near my ears. I hear the buzzing and the crawling sensations. Bee leaves but they put another one there. Felt like I got stung and ear felt hot and big. I tried to get it off and felt some bee larvae too, gross.

      Lucid embarrassing picture
      I first thought I was in vr environment then it off it. I was at some campus like old mansion building. There was a big face in front of me. Just floating in the air. Just eyes nose and mouth. Felt like monster it just floated around and looked at me.

      * I remember this building maybe from dreams. Been in or near it many times. I think it's near a train rail and this school looks like a very old tall castle, dark gray. It gave me creeps before but this time not so.

      I think I went back to my bedroom in the castle campus and sorted stuff and took my backpack and left. While on the sidewalk *I am lucid * I realize that I am dreaming and begin to try to recall something to do. I can't recall anything so I just decide to head back home.

      I end up in some strange room though. There was x and Chris there. I was distracted by something and they both kept reaching for my wallet in the backpack. In the wallet there was a picture of a different version of me. Is it my ideal self or, just another... I felt embarrassed by the picture. So I grabbed it and put it back. But they kept reaching for the picture. Asking me who this attractive person was.

      I remembered that I couldn't keep them from grabbing the picture because I was busy writing my dj in the dream. While I was writing my dj they went to grab the picture. And when I went back to writing it they went for it again.

      I also recall taking that picture earlier in the dream or in a previous dream.

      Notes:didn't write some earlier dreams.
    13. Haunted house, Jamaican sausage

      by , 09-29-2019 at 03:44 AM

      Boxing a smart russian guy. I moved to dodge his punch and I moved and awoke.


      I was at some store, moving in dream made me move again. Something about trying to establish boundaries.

      Thirst lucid?

      I was telling someone I was going to sue them for 40k. It was at a party or something. He did something. I forget.

      Also There was Sab and another girl on the bed with me. I wanted to sing for them so I sang. However I was pretty perched and I drank some water. But this didn't quench my thirst. I drank again, and once more. By the third time I thought I had to "wake" to drink some water... Wake


      Happy vs NE trolling

      Haunted School

      I was in some class. Elementary. Could be Japanese or not, was hard to tell. There were some people that were doing something that made me uncomfortable. So I decided to karate chop their heads off. This made the school haunted and wherever I went inside the school, they would scare me from a random angle. It was not that pleasant. Sab was present in this dream. I remember having one or two followers in this dream. I forget what it was about but I think it was related to supernatural stuff.

      Son of Hero

      I dreamt about a son of a great hero. He wasn't super powered like his dad because he wasn't related by blood. But he made it up by being part robo so he was strong in the end.

      Stranded on island

      I was stranded on island with some friends and family for a while. Went around the island to discover some furnitures and stuff, thought they weren't much use for building a boat. Saw some palm trees. Wondered about stuff for a while, about how it would the future be like being stuck on this island.

      Heavy school stuff, Jamaican Gourmet

      I was at some school, appeared to be Q school. Perhaps same school as the one above. But not in japan though. I was apparently just transferred there and went into classes. I got lost pretty easily. It sucked. I had way too much school stuff in my backpack and it was really heavy and I was lost in everything as the other kids went to the next class, I was just lost. I didn't know what to do wit hthe stuff I had or what these text books were. It was simply unpleasant. I just grabbed a few stuff and the backpack was so heavy. I thought about how convinient it would be to just have all these useless books on a tablet instead. Modern technology is great sometimes.

      I went downstairs to the first floor to find my locker. It was to the left side of the school and I had trouble finding my locker. I somehow wmanaged to find it in the end though. I opened my locker. All the other kids using the locker around my area were all girls for some reason. I'm still anguished trying to figure out what to put in the locker and what to keep with me. After a while of this i decided to put the whole bag in. I took about 4 dollars into my pocket for lunch. I headed for cafeteria.

      The cafeteria had many stores. I started with the counter to the right. The food didn't look very promising I asked the dark haired turkish looking man to give me a taste of the sausage before buying it for lunch. He got pretty mad and I just proceeded to the store to the left. They were all like this. All shitty and not so appetizing looking food. But I wasn't ready to give up. I kept going until it was nearly the end. Perhaps it was the last store.

      There were some Jamaican looking fellow who had a pleasant vibe about him. The sausage cost $4.80 thought, and I wasn't sure if I had enough. I told him this and he gave me a sample to try still. I did so and it was quite delicious. He said $4 was ok and proceeded to compile my food among others. I was at the end of the line and there were some coffee and cream. I was about to take a sip but they told me it was for the older man before me.

      Wake, I wanted to drink so went back

      Then the Jamaican man from before served me something for a kid. It was a blend of sesame seeds and cream like drink. The sesame seeds have been grided into bits and were mixed with something like cream. It was splendid. It was rich, creamy, starchy and a little sweet. I savored this drink and was excited about what my meal would be like.

      Ping pong

      I was playing ping pong and as I went for the smash it moved my physical hand and I awoke.


      Felt like I spent 3 afternoons.

      I think some dreams were based on what I did earlier that day; haunted = zombie game. While the Heavy backpack stuff were based on some memory I needed to release. I recall a previous memory dreaming about shitty food. That was highschool though, and in the dream the food became good in the end. This was in elementry school #5, and the food becoming awesome in the end could be helping to let go of shitty school or food related traumas!

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    14. Counting the blessings, again

      by , 09-28-2019 at 04:34 AM
      Well. I didn't get lucid. Well maybe I was sorta, kinda close in a few dreams but not really. I saved some DJ notes on a google docs app but it didn't even save anything! I'll just write down what I remember. The other thing was that I had a kind of a dream that reminded me of bad memories, it kind of set me on a train of more related bad memories that sort of depressed me for a while. But there is a silver lining to all this I truly believe.


      I dreamt that I went to my friend, Jack's house. We were just playing some games I think. I showed him my new VR thingy and he was pretty interested and played on it. His friends showed up and talked about stuff. I felt like being left out though during all this. We head out and Jack's driving the car, but I think the car was stolen and he was pretty much GTA-ing. We head back to the house to do something. I think we came back to eat some food. His mom had just done the groceries but I had to leave. So she gave me some of her grocery food to eat while heading home or something.


      I went to a nearby supermarket a bit later, same location but perhaps awakened before coming here. I was just hopping around everywhere and having fun. Hopping atop of shelves and any high and hoppable spots I could find. They called me "the natural" for some reason. I felt great really. Until a vietnamese man grabbed some object and hit me really hard. He said "give us back our country." I felt blood dripping down my nose and I was pretty mad. I grabbed some long hard object and walked towards him. He still held the weapon in his hand and I told him that I'm not even from the same country that he thinks I'm from. This made him quiver a little. Then I immediately grabbed this short tan man by the collar.

      I dragged him through the aisles towards the front of the store. I wasn't going to beat him but was going to call the cops and let them deal with him.


      This raised some bad memories.


      Most dreams that I didn't note were VR related. Perhaps I'm playing VR too much before sleep, or that being on VR is kind of similar state to dream. I'll take advantage of it by being more aware if it's a dream while using VR.

      I felt really really down (desperate, despondent, depressed, hopeless... etc). I haven't felt this bad in so long. But there was a silver lining to this though. I saw that this one memory led to another memory, to another, to another. There were about 5 memories that clumped together into a big ball of negativity. I was aware of that process. I think that's a good thing. As being aware of something is the first step of improvement, as well as being aware of this "hopeless" thoughts/daydream is a part of being lucid - it's just like being aware in a dream. And I did manage to release these feelings after meditation and stuff.

      It was bad but it's good. It's good cuz I'm getting better. And it's good, because you gotta tell your subconscious that remembering dream's good, even when it seems bad - that helps recall I think.

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    15. little monk vs tornado, lab, clones

      by , 09-27-2019 at 03:07 AM
      VR Wrestling
      I was wrestling in a VR setting.

      University, Calculators

      I was at university. There was X there. We were fighting and he became Lich-like. Blue skin and just skin ontop of bones. Perhaps becomes 3rd person here, seeing the lich get choked out in wrestling move.

      I was still in that university area and were with 2 friends. So the 3 of us were hanging out on the reading week to study or somehing. We had sneaked into the library to steal 3 calculators! I have no clue why the calculators. But it felt important at the moment and we were being chased after a librarian found us.


      I saw my friend Paul there. It apepared to be highschool cafeteria. He had gotten a hold of a lot of yugioh or some cards for a bulk sale. They were pretty beat up and stuff, but were ok.

      Really Beautiful Guy
      It was the same school I think. Just different area. There was a really beautiful guy there. His beauty was out of this world honestly. Perfect facial features that every woman would kill for: long fluttering butterfly eyelashes, kind and dreamy eyes with a stare that could meld away all of your troubles as your stared into them, and a coy smile that really made you wonder... He carried smooth, long hair. Anyways, I was seeing stuff from his POV at sometimes, and 3rd person.

      There was a guy who had a short temper who was mad at our MC and wanted to fight him. He ended up fighting a wrong person instead though.

      Our MC was with a short girl and a really nice big musclar guy. We were hanging out at some tea shop, drinking tea.

      Little Monk, lab, clones

      Perhaps he is the little monk I saw in a previous dream. I was the little monk in the beginning of the dream.

      I was inside a well-lit hallways of a long building. It appeared to be some sort of lab. I kept proceeding forward and apparently the plot is that the little monk is some big shot. He was a sort of immortal or reincarnation of someone according to the plot. I soon learn that the facility I am in was created solely to watch over his needs.

      I find a bunch of people hanging around in the garden and decided to head out. There were some kids playing and adults walking around. There's some sort of storm that starts to appear though and it's a kind of evil spirit or monster that's made up of tornado or hurricane of a sort. It's controlling the weather and could hurt a lot of people. I thought that I'd go ahead and take care of it but I had a backpack and I wanted to put them somewhere safe. I see a duo of girls sitting down on a picnic table and asked them if they could watch over my belongings. Inside the backpack were some very old ancient books and they looked very cool. I feel like they are ok people so I leave the bag behind to fly up into the air. I feel the evil presence to the top and begin focusing my energy and allow it to surround me. Finally I release the energy and vanquish the tornado out of there. Now I flew in the calm sky a little.

      I get back down on the ground and keep proceeding forward the facility. They are kind of a cult or association that apparently worships this little figure. What they do was provide a safe haven for him throughout the ages, awaiting for his return. The little monk has a daughter apparently, I'm not exactly sure how though as he is a child after all. The backstory tells me she's either his daughter from his previous body, or it's some kind of spiritual family connection, not really sure. I begin to lose his POV around here.

      The little girl, I don't know her name. Should I give her a name? I'm thinking Jade; let's call her Jade for now. If a better name arises we'll change it.

      Jade carried pitch black hair and pale skin, she had a passive and somewhat relaxed stare, but it hinted sharpness hidden within. She was the daughter of our little monk and was apparently also special in some ways. The facility had treated her unkindly though; they had performed experiments on her to test our her abilities and what not. They believed as she was related to the being they worshiped, perhaps she would be just as extraordinary. Yet her capabilities appeared to be simply lackluster. Fearing that they might invoke their master's wrath, before they would permanently cause experimental damage to his daughter, they had secretly cloned her.... Many many times. Who knows how many. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of her.

      And they were out there, running amok in the world. Who knows how? Whether they have escaped, or have been deemed obsolete and removed from the site and yet somehow survived, they were each "her" in a different way and leading a completely different life from one another. Each time she was cloned, her consciousness was split, and one day, their consciousness would rejoice as one and gain the wisdom and experiences of countless lifetimes. That, was her power.

      Jade, her main body, was now outside the facility, in the concrete jungle of the city and exploring the world outside. I was her. That was when she had found one of her clones. It was her, but this "her" had many scars covering all over her face. And her hair was unruly and messy along with her dirtied and tattered clothes. She's been living in the "underworld," so to speak. The scarred girl had been chased by a large woman. I wanted to help "her," instinctively. I grabbed her hand and we proceeded to run away together from the madwoman who carried a weapon. Chasing us across the streets and the overpass.


      Jumping from buildings

      I 'm not exactly sure how to describe it. I knew I would be safe to jump from highrises so I did that twice in the dream.

      The first time I jumped, I had fallen and felt an utter euphoria coming over me. Wanting to experience the euphoria, I'd decided to do it again.

      Second time I'd jumped from somewhere higher, but this time it wasn't nice. It was now filled with darkness and I was lost in that darkness.

      Trying to DJ x3 FA

      I was in a class or something, trying really hard to DJ the previous dreams. Each time it was foiled because the writing apparatus (pen, pencil, ink) would not work well on the paper I was writing on. FA between each try. The paper had a texture of a bath towel and that would obviously be hard to write on and I'm realizing something's off by the third try and I awake.

      perhaps close to lucid.

      Class VR

      I was in a class, perhaps similar to the one before and I was looking for my VR stuff. I'd found it and also my friend Marianne.

      I can't remember the middle and the end of it. It had something to do with changing the timeline based on my actions after.

      Light dream scene (lucid?)
      I was in a dream scene, most things were white colored. I could manipulate objects that I saw at will. I was aware that I was dreaming, however I did not have physical sensations of the dream and I could still hear the sounds heard by my physical body. Is this still a lucid dream?


      I felt like flying in my dreams, so I played a game where you jump off a plank from a highrise building and fly around during wbtb. I think it worked, and I probably did some dream actions because of this honestly.

      BE PRESENT - I just noticed that I should be more present in the moment, so I can be more present in my dreams and that'll probably help it become clearer.

      Perhaps I was a little sad that I wasn't full blown lucid but... I should count my blessings. And I'd probably would have been if I'd did so and was 'present' like I'd previously stated.

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