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    1. tower of bowser

      by , 03-26-2020 at 09:46 PM
      I'd repeated some mantras of positive feelings in bed. I had trouble sleeping but I felt... nirvana? The atoms or electrons in the air just danced and shifted. Then there were triangles of angels just reverberating in the air. I could feel the energy of everything around me. The entirety of everything was all alive. It was like a specific frequency, or combination of frequency that I had to hit to get to this spot, I dropped it and got it back up a couple of times. I did an RC. It was state of sheer ecstasy. I understood some things:

      It is simple to be what you want to be, yet simple isn't always easy. It is easy to be kind, loving, and be in the state of joy and it's just as easy to be depressed and despondent. I will keep it up.

      Blonde guy, violin

      First dream was in a university campus and I was headed for the class inside one of the buildings. I think I went to a class already though.

      +I recall having visited this campus in a dream before, I think twice. That time it was a school trip and we watched a movie and drank a coffee

      After finshing the class and heading out a blonde guy he is hitting on me and tells me something that he'd do if I went with him. It didn't sound that pleasant at the moment so I blew him off. I was headed home or back.

      I was now in a large old mansion like a haunted house. It was just very old wooden and mostly empty and cold. I was with my friend Steven and Y and we were heading deeper into the mansion and we found a desk that had some instructions. It was showing us how to create instruments and we were suppose to follow the instructions. I watched as the other two make their own violin like instrument, Steven made it much better I'd say. But I was distracted and couldn't make my own. Mine was like a ukulele and I just couldn't make it in time. We had to leave here now.

      Heading back to the campus and I began to see the same building with the class. I thought about the blonde guy from before and was now interested in finding him. I mean he looked a bit rough, but I should probably give him a chance right? I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

      I went head and walked towards the right and found a building there. I went inside and there was a huge lecture hall and full of students there. I noticed I probably went to the wrong place and when I tried to go back the way was blocked by people. Something happend, I forget here. I was singled out for some event in this lecture, it was a topic about a new experimental subject, and me and this girl was under scrutiny. I left after and towards the left and going down the stairs and tried to head out here but there were full of girls there that blocked the way. It was mostly black women here though.

      Transfer students/ bowser's tower

      I was among a people or friends here that were new transfer students and I helped them around although I wasn't even sure of the place too much. Their house of residence was a bit to the left and up, from my current spot. We were shopping inside a super market now and was at the cashier getting ready to pay when a random man shows up and he began to molest one of the 2 girls that were transferred here. She majestically kicked him twice and I finished him off with a punch or something but I don't recall exactly what I did now. He ran away and although things were good some policemen showed up. Policemen actually, although the people in the store saw what happend and were on our side, trying to help us, it was obvious that the policemen were called by the jerk from before and he probably had told them that we'd assaulted him. So we went through the door to the left side and tried not to stand out too much. Walking towards the house. We were back at the house and there were other transfer students here.

      There was something we had to do, something I had to do. What did I do here? I can't remember but I had an urge to do something... I remember that I had to find the villian of this story that was like bowser and I went to go defeat him. He came to our residence and I fought him for a brief moment before he got away. We went after him...

      The world was sort of in chaos now. It was getting swallowed up by darkness and to survive we went to climb up the tower. The tower of our villain to survive. Me and my companions managed to make it up first. The tower had no entrance so you had to climb up from the side like mountain climbing and only the top part of it had inhabitable buildings and temple like places. Anyways I got to the top... but now I was the villian.

      I was bowser and I fought our hero and I felt genuine sort of love to the hero. It's like a love of rivalry? Love towards a truly worthy opponent. I felt it and disappeared...

      I was back to being our MC but bowser was gone now... We rested inside one of the buildings atop the tower where there were some beds inside. But bowser was nowhere to be found. Some of the others who had climbed the tower began to get here now but something felt off. Bowser wasn't the one... there were a bunch of cloaked menaces, they were the one behind all this. I sought to find bowser... he was behind a cell. My companions were against this idea but I went for it.

      I had a phone with a pen and a DJ but that DJ was filled so I tried to write on the phone but the phone's color was too blue for my taste. I tried to change the background but had trouble doing so.


      I had 2-3 chances for AP. I felt that perfect state for it but I just didn't react to it fast enough. First 2 times I didn't react in time and the third time I did react in time but used a wrong technique,

      I was lucid during a couple of moments during microawakenings in the bowser saga, but they were all before awakening or during sniplets where my sensations weren't all inside.
    2. Demon school test

      by , 03-26-2020 at 04:10 AM
      Big meat

      Dream about a tan guy cooking big slabs of meat or steaks. No meat dye just natural meatiness getting bbqed.

      I remember thinking about bbq the day before.

      Demon school test

      I was at the demons school and was taking an exam or test. It was a writing exam or memorization thing and I had to move across a super long vertical scroll of texts that ran for like 1km or half a mile. Didn't have time to read it slowly, just tried to memorize in a glance. At the end of the scroll was a different version of the same thing, but were drawn by someone so it was easier to remember. The texts or image was about the history of the demons and how they'd had a big demon invading a city in the past sort of thing. Basically this was all just a history class.

      May be continuation of other demon school dreams.

      Burnt face
      I was in house #25 and ppl came over to play. I saw my gramps downstairs and after eating at the table, he showed me that he had built a pc all by himself. Looking super proud did he, this computer was huge but mostly empty space inside the case. Was about to go play and noticed my face was burnt. Went upstairs to continue my activities though. We played some sort of board game.

      Sliced off shield

      Just recall slicing off bits of shield with wind magic or something similar against a knight that held it. It was the top two corner of the shield.
      Time dilation

      I remember practicing time dilation on a rooftop.

      Movie class

      A class but was watching a movie. I was picked on by some kids but a real cool badass girl in the class came by and rescued me.
    3. Fly, fist of north, cat

      by , 03-25-2020 at 07:37 AM
      Just what I recall from last time

      Book sale

      A book I wanted was on sale for Amazon for 15 bucks

      Fake DJ

      I had a an FA and that I Djed but the letters were rainbow.

      Fist of north

      I saw a guy in 3rd person. The story was about the boy who loved the story about fist of the north star, that I read earlier in the day while awake it was a comedy. I followed him from top view until he was jumping onto a car with mafia bosses inside. There was a sunroof through it and he jumped on it once, twice then went through the sunroof into the car. Around here it becomes first person. I grabbed ahold of the submachine gun from the man in front and shot but the ammos ran out after a couple of shots. There were others preparing to shoot.

      Naya utube

      I had a dream that there were new videos of lucid dreaming stuff on YouTube I browsed through them.

      Fly hwy

      I was on the street somewhere and I got lucid. I decided to fly. I could float or jump, it was more levitate but I kept falling back down so I flapped my arms around to stay up after a couple of attempts. It was like on hwy or near a big street and I found another person flying in the same way that I was.

      House cat elf school

      I was inside a house. It was woody and looked like the apartment from near the mall? There were some guests there some teenage kids playing. I was heading towards the kitchen and found a cat. I recall the cat was white and I gestured for it to come. And it jumped into my arms. I held it like a princess hold lol and it was like rolling around. I went back to others and came back to the kitchen. There were a group of cats and I was feeding them but there was a fat mean cat that might have scratched me.

      I went to the bathroom after that and it appeared to be a public bathroom with many stalls. I saw ppl from earlier and when I left there I was transported then again. It was in sort of a school of magic there with elves and sorts. I think an elf might have been there earlier around the cat scene whom I met in the hall.

      I ended up inside what looked like an old looking school kinda like an old castle and on the upper floor was a private room of some old mage and maybe I was learning stuff from him.

      Theme park song

      I was inside a house maybe similar or same building structure to the one before. But there were some hs kids with their leader that reminded me of Ross from friends. Anyways we were heading to the theme park and stopped by some camp and they showed some kind of movie there and it was all Ross's evil plan to spoil the theme park (which had the same plot as the movie we just watched). We ended up at the park eventually though.

      Some guys began to sing my song that I wrote but in a much more modern way and I decided to sing too. Eventually I was mad that they took credit and chased them. I became a Swamp monster and chased them all and was killed. But it was a fake death.
      Ebay package

      Same house but got a package from ebay for me apparently.

      Probably related to receiving package in wake.

      Life of a farmboy

      It was like a mix of naruto/dbz universe. I watched a story of a protagonist that reminded me of the two story. He was all alone by himself and his Rival was also alone. I just felt the feelings of both parties and and felt compassion for them. I watched our hero go to the farmland of his parents or grandparents and began to farm vegetables. Ony about 10 turnips survived but they were shriveled. First person now. I was now at a market and sold the 10 turnips. A lady commented about how they were good or something.

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    4. jest

      by , 03-24-2020 at 05:26 AM
      I was half awake on the bed by a noise. I was just lying on the bed and saw bits of "them". They were like jesters but not human, sort of spirit thing.

      I had rest of the dreams taking place inside school. The first bits was with me inside a class and I was helping a teacher teach a class. I think the class was science class and I went for lunch. I saw x there and we were talking about lunch stuff. Later on I headed for the next class. I went to an art class and I wasn't sure if I was good enough at art. I was semi awareo f my thoughts and just went ahead and kept on learning.

      I also remember having really heavy backpacks.
    5. Upgrade

      by , 03-23-2020 at 02:46 AM
      I am still training myself to choose how ifeel all day and also trained visualization. I'm getting better.

      Something amazing happened. While visualizing I pushed myself and my brain and eyes hurt and I felt something. It's like my brain got an upgrade or it was just operating differently. Like it changed into a multi processor or like the left and right brain was working together instead of separately now. When I opened my eyes the world looked more 3d.

      I slept in 3 intervals. Lucid moments in first 2. Deilds in the third.

      First moment I find myself in a storehouse that ended swiftly. Second one was similar but don't recall where.

      On the deild I was just lucid immediately. I was inside the house but I somehow knew. Did handstands after checking hands for RC I heard kids (I think it was a little girl). playing upstairs. Got a FA with dj but I relucided myself. There was an office in the bathroom with an office desk facing the mirror and there was some notes on mirror.

      Lucid every dream!

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    6. Food factory on island

      by , 03-21-2020 at 03:56 AM
      I just smiled as I lay on the bed.

      I found myself laying on a wide couch or bed and I realized that I was dreaming. I couldn't see my hands so I rubbed them and tried to make them appear. I began to feel my hands and a thin white outline was beginning to form around them. But i also felt my body on the physical bed and the two sensations overlapped. I woke and deilded a few short bursts again with same difficulty manifesting my hands. These appeared to be in the same house but I was in the hallways or in the livingroom looking towards the hallway.

      Food factory
      I find myself on the edge of an island and it's a sharp cliff behind me. The island was steep on top of the hill, shaped like Japanese pudding and the flat land on the top was grassy with greenness. I was lucid. I found a small warehouse in front looked kind a restaurant but couldn't find the entrance. I was floating on air looking to the other side of the building and back. The entrance was at the back towards the middle of the island. Inside it was dusty and I found many old out of service machine there. Maybe cobwebs and just abandoned. These were food production machines and I wanted to see how they were while they worked. So I decided to rewind time here and reverse things there. The machines started working making machine noises and it made food. I think it was like hotdog. I can't remember if ppl showed up to see what was the ruckus.

      Jess pokemon

      Jess was playing video games at the end of the dream he was lending me video games to play. He was in a classroom in the front of the class. He was lending me Pokémon.

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    7. good little plan

      by , 03-18-2020 at 10:53 PM
      I was in a party and saw JC, the mystic there. It was a dinner party in what seemed like a traditional asian restaurant with round tables on dark colored carpets. They had some food and were celebrating something. They were trying to take group photos but his powers made him invisible on cameras, they just fuzzed out like mosaic. I approached him and wanted to ask him about something... but he just said,

      "good little plan for abundance."

      I was confused, because I wasn't trying to get info on money and I didn't recall any plan regarding it, so I kept trying to pester him, following him into another store but that was all.

      Maybe abundance could have been more than just about money. I do recall plans, a plan for my growth and a plan for some money.

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    8. just journalling

      by , 03-17-2020 at 09:44 PM
      Trouble recalling first part of dreams

      I was on the second floor of school in a classroom. It was like a gymnasium and I got a call from a guy who made me irritated. I decided to go find him and leave here. I was going from classroom to classroom via doors that connected from one class to another until I got to the end of the classroom that didn't have any connective doors. There was sabyn there and she was worried about me but I brushed her off. I decided to head out to the hallways and tried to find my destination. I did realize that I had only underwear on and it was slightly embarrassing but I kept going. I was on the first floor after descending downstairs but I wasn't sure where I was going. I headed back to the stairway but somehow I was now inside a mall. People stared at me as because I was still in my underwear. I told myself I decide how I feel and I kept walking. After passing like 2 intersections inside the mall, I became lucid. I walked a bit more and found a bench and sat on it. There was a black guy to the left, I think he had dreads he looked like 30-40, and an older woman with wrinkles in the wrinkly areas that you get wrinkles if you smile too much, to the right I'm not exactly sure where she's from. The lady reminded me of the oracle from matrix. We talked about some things, recalling it now but might have been sort of important. I asked the man's name and he told me... I forgot his name now and then I asked the name of the old lady, she was smiling but I FA/Woke.

      I was in a bedroom or a sauna and wasn't lucid but after a bit I did become lucid.

      I remember spinning to teleport because the dream was getting unstable, there was someone with me.. maybe it was dream guide. I just remember something/someone trying to help me out.

      I was in a snowy field, lucid there was like a shallow pond to the right and there were grassy stuff growing at the bottom of the pond. I grabbed and squished the snowand it became hard, I put some in my mouth and it was indeed hard and tasted like hardened snow. I then entered the pond and tried to swim a bit. I wanted to keep going but woke.

      * I remember that I got lucid because I was telling myself "this is a dream" while in the mall.

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    9. Pink Rainbow Sky

      by , 03-16-2020 at 03:51 AM
      Had trouble sleeping, slept for about 2-3 hrs for a dream that felt like it lasted about 3-4 days.About 3-4 dream locations but it was a singular dream that continued on from one place to another.


      The dream theme was basically going from one world to another. I was teleported to another world, survived and came back to earth. There was some people that died and materialized as spirits on earth. I went back to the otherworld with my companion and we were in sort of a military country/planet. I was teleported to a very different world from ours *rainbow sky* and came back to the militant planet. Competed in some sort of event and I was heading to the locker but my friend noticed my hands were turning blistered. I was cursed and he gave me his familiar to sacrifice along with mine so I'd be cured. The familiars agreed to this. I went down to the lower caverns, or sort of vertical mines of the place that had some sort of special coal and they were mining what I'd discovered and showcased earlier. We were now leaving and heading off to another world and there was a girl from earth back here... She was getting frozen or punished in place of another earthling spirit who had escaped their fate. I'm saying earthling but maybe it wasn't even earth though. But yeah one guy's soul was suppose to be captured but he got away so she was frozen in another world instead.

      I'd also dreamt that I was a monk among 3 and we were holding a concert.

      Also had a nap later and got lucid very briefly but it wasn't that interesting.

      Was lucid couple of days ago and the day after that and managed to make a portal or a dark blob of a portal, but woke before I could enter.

      Rainbow Sky

      I was immediately teleported somewhere. A strange land. It was dry here like, it wasn't sandy, just rocky and dry place. It was like canyons, but they were smooth, no jagged parts. The sky was like... pink? But it was rainbow. There were colors that were out of this world and it really was like a rainbow as the colors fused and moved like gentle circular waves... so mesmerizing. Continuously changing, sort of like the rainbow of a bubble.

      It was so breathtaking and it was so scary. This foreign place- but it was so vividly real. But it was so beautiful that I could only stare. Time compression, I saw the skies change from day to night... I heard that sound, like gentler version of vibration or from long meditation. From the corner of my eyes I saw the inhabitants shuffling about.They were human shaped but limbs were much longer and their bodies slimmer. Their skin's color was similar to their skies.

      I'd remember why I'd come here; we came here to get the blessed moon-water that would heal me. Below me was a still pond, without any signs of fish. I was under a small bit of smooth rock that covered me and the people of this planet from the endless sunlight. This world had no nights, that is to say that there was only brighter times of the day and the slightly less bright moonlit skies. That's why we'd hid from the mesmerizing skies under the rock to not get burned by the endless lights. Just slowly shifting, from pink rainbow, to purple rainbow. It wasn't overly bright, like the bright sunny days of earth but just very... rainbow. It was probably very bright, but it was simply that my eyes could sense colors that were imperceptible by human eyes, making it not a single bright white ray but something similar to Van Gogh but much more vibrant (less blue more pink) and amazingly breathtaking, and it kept moving. The skies were alive you know? Remember to put the water into the canteen.

      As night approached, the moonlights blessed the pond water for all to take. There were no nights, only the ever-changing psychedelic skies. Blessed am I to see such wonderful sights.

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    10. recalling dreams

      by , 03-08-2020 at 04:12 AM
      Interesting notes:

      I didn't remember the earlier dreams at all after a bit, but I had the desire to do so. After falling back to sleep I actually remembered the earlier dreams inside the dream. You can actually recall forgotten dreams inside dreams because it's the same state of mind?

      alien school

      I was in a school. There was an alien invasion of a sort and most people were unaware that it was happening. Me and my friend snuck out at night to check out somewhere near the park or river and stole something from the alien camp. We went back to school the next day and it seemed like the alien under the guise of the person was aware that we might have been behind whatever but he didn't have solid proof that it was us. We went out that night again to do rest of whatever we had to do to foil their plans.

      The search broken time machine

      Me and my companion went back in time with some sort of device that looked like a round amulet to go back into time or different worlds. We were back here to look for something or learn about how the world worked back then. We appeared on top of a a grassy hill but noticed that our device ws malfunctioning though. There was a cave nearby and there was some sort of treasure there... But we went to the city after though to maybe look for parts to repair our device. Ended up in a conference room. There was a tall blonde guy with short hair there among other people. A little person came and began asked who stole his thingy. I forgot what he said but it was like a treasure of sorts (related to the cave?) I decided to help the tall guy who stole it. I took a chair and swung it at him and he just dodged it so gracefully. I decided to turn the chair to the other side with the legs in my hand and he ran away.

      We ended up somewhere where there was the treasure. There were red lasers there that protected it.
      cat girl meditate

      I was inside the house #34, I forgot what I did early on. I came back and wanted to rest so I'd headed upstairs to the smaller bedroom. I went in and laid down but there was a cat there. I think there were 2 cats, but only 1 of them was on the bed and just kept wanting to snuggle and it rubbed against me. It was pretty cute so I just let it be as I went to sleep and it did appear to fall asleep too.

      When I came to I found the kitten snuggle again but it was transforming into a little girl. She went ahead and laid sheepishly down. I decided to get up and sat on the opposite side of the bed by the window I began to meditate there.

      I was downstairs after a while and M was there. I forgot what we did but she gave me a mission report.
      Trust issues vampire

      I was in the neighborhood of house #25, I went to a neighbhor's house and jack was there. There was a japanese boy there, I forgot his name, he had short hair and bad skin. I found something behind the tv and it was a bottle of pills, Yap told me to do whatever you want. It was like a birthday of a little girl here and everyone was getting into a costume and I was like put into a dress. We were headed elsewhere.

      It was a concert and the girl was singing, a mic was given to me and I sang, and I overshadowed her. I got kicked out... lol. I was outside and it was raining, bunch of shady looking people was there and I asked if I could hitch a ride since my wallet and phone was back there. A trio of folks drove me... but I didn't trust them.

      I ended up at Z's house and there was a house party inside. I found Z in the kitchen and cooking something. I told him what's up and he was listening and asked me to repeat what I said since it was drowned over by the sound of the pan. A vampire attacked everyone inside the house soon after.
      2 elf girls

      There were 2 elves being captured. I think this was the continuation of the cave part from before. I remember there was a dwarf there inside the cave holding unto his treasure
    11. Vegeta

      by , 02-26-2020 at 03:22 AM
      Deilds practice

      I had some deilds that didn't last very long but I think they were good practice. About 6-7 total. I put a shriveled avocado into my pants to help maintain dream senses (inside the dream) while I walked around.

      1 natural
      2 sound initiated
      1 rocking
      1 rubbing hands

      Gha hippie town

      I recall the end of the dream being a visit to a really hippie town.

      -I remember this place was similar to a post apocalyptic cave man dream I had

      Vegetas daughter

      I think the dream theme continued from the dbz dream from last night or day before. I was vegeta and I was in the mall. Trying my best to save his daughter from this perverted man. I grabbed her and flew away.

      Ended up in a secluded area where someone pepper sprayed her. I stayed away because pepper spray still works on sayans lol. I went to save her after the spray was done. I grabbed her and her friend to safety. Her friend was telling her how hot her dad was, it was so funny.

      There were some people with guns trying to attack us while flying so I blasted them but the attack was controlled so it didn't damage buildings.

      Vegeta 2

      I went back to sleep this time I was underground and I belive this was the lower floor of the previous mall. I explored the place until the was a large square hall. Ppl were eating there and it was curry. I had and it was delicious. I found bulma there and irc she was feeding me. I left and found a secret passage that had a secret club there.


      Went to find the secret spot again. Secret chess club.

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    12. A different path

      by , 02-25-2020 at 05:36 AM
      Today's dreams:

      A different path

      My body was way too hot and I kept tossing and turning. I'm not sure how long and I noticed I lost consciousness once during it without any dreams. A while after I noticed that I was vibrating in that almost dream state. There was some being trying to contact me kind of. I think it was just related to a video I watched earlier in the day. It had be terrified and it said something. Then it stopped. I probably could have got deeper into a dream and should have focused on a dream goal. But instead I wanted to experience it again so I asked for it again and the vibration came back with some sort of alien like communication. Then in a clear male voice it spoke and told me " walk where your father have not walked." then I felt cold air swirling around my legs by a monster and it sort of scared me and I totally forgot about visualizing a dream scene.

      Well I went back to sleep and this time I was on the bed and got the buzzing again. I improved this time by doing an RC by trying to float up and I did but it didn't last much longer. Could have tried to touch stuff to make it last longer or thinking that it would ladt longer.

      I was in a game. I not sure why I dreamt it since I haven't played it in a long time. I was in a game and the character I played could place mines, but it was first person. On the later levels I'd be able to place a mine every 4 second according to the dream. So I walked down the path but also brought along my mouse and keyboard. Then the people there looked at me, wondering why I had brought them.

      Hmm I recall having a thought about this game briefly 2 days ago? That may be the source of this dream.
      Y mall/

      I was with my friend y, I remember him being rude and forgot a majority of the dream.
      SpongeBob bbq

      I think this dream is connected to the previous one. I saw SpongeBob and friends walk out of a building likely from the previous scene and going for a BBQ. I went for the BBQ and met some ppl I knew there. What did I eat? I remember an elderly black man there making his special dish but he used dish soap to as his special touch... Yuck. There was another group doing something similar but with something else like detergent.

      I went to the hospital after presumably from food poisoning and I found some ppl I knew there. I saw Hawaii and there was Lucas there. I grabbed the gun and shot Lucas. Then he shot me back. It hit my shoulder but it didn't hurt but my lips were tattered as I held them together with my hands. Looked around for someone to stitch me up.

      I found my consciousness shift to the others that I came with. I saw from the eyes of the elderly man we came with and he began singing in a musical like scene.

      -I remember thinking about BBQ yesterday. I also remember someone talking about musicals!

      Lil kids class

      inside a school area. I was with my friend y and we headed for the highest floor and saw kids in classroom. Learning something there.

      -watched a video about how schools in Finland was superior.

      Classroom giel

      I was hanging out with a classmate. She was nice. I got lucid but woke.

      -I'm pretty sure I met her many times inside the dream

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    13. 100 floors music

      by , 02-23-2020 at 12:30 AM

      Class trip meditate

      I found myself in a sort of glassy building that we came for a class field trip. I'm not sure what the building was but it was pretty bright with all the lights coming through the glass. I just decided to meditate there while other students hanged out on the first floor of the building. I do recall the building was related to something with school.

      -I think the building looked like an art building I visited on a field trip a loong time ago

      Book Joe

      I recall the beginning of the dream started somewhere inside the dungeon like school classroom with barely any sunlight. What was the class about? I think it was science related or biology. Or at least it was near that classroom I think. Eventually I headed to the cafeteria and found Joe the author and business man here. I told him I was a fan and he lead me to the back. I remember trying to write a book now. I found Dan Reed? I'm not sure what his name was but he was asking me questions; they were topics related on how to engage the readers perhaps. The last question he asked was how would you deal with something if you couldn't resolve it? This frustrated got me stuck. I woke. The answer came to me right after I awoke though

      -I recall seeing a picture of Joe earlier in the day and recalled a memory of someone talking about Dan. I think this thought was the source of this dream.

      FA DJ

      False awakening that I DJ'ed


      Math revive + 2 classmate pee water

      Trying to recall it. I was in math class and revived someone? There were 2 classmates of mine that we hanged out and headed out the classroom.

      I think I had to pee so that might have influenced the dream. I went to a basin to wash my hands but the water there was yellow and pee like.

      Eventually we went to some underground workshop or something like looked like a mine. They were part of a secret group or something and my friend Steven was the one who lead me to them. He wanted me to help the group to build them to a even higher state than they are at now. They were bunch of buff rowdy men that made up of the group. So they'd told me their predicament was they were under the scrutity or getting attacked by frieza from the DBZ universe. I headed deeper into the underground base and we began to plan for a way to reutralize the immenent threat. I forgot some parts of it. I remember seeing boxes and canisters of something, not really sure what they contained. But eventually our villan comes and I talked to him. It went along with him somewhere... Im recalling what happend but I helped him out with a trouble he was having and our group was safe though.

      -So the pee was likely because I had an urge to pee, and the dbz related topic might have been from someone talking about it somewhere.

      100 floors music file

      I was in a bedroom in an apartment. My dad was mad about something. It was a nice buildling though. I decided to leave the room and headed for the elevator. I'm not really sure if it could be considered an elevator there but the elevator room was like a large dome the the width of about 10-20 cars. It kept descending one floor at a time, each time there were different DBZ characters that I had to fight. I was frieza at the time and I think it was influenced by the previous dream. Once I got to the first floor, I had some realization. I just immediately became lucid and headed outside. I saw the beautiful bright sunlight that illuminated the city but I awoke.

      I went back to sleep after a bit and I found myself inside the building again but I was using a desktop computer with a large monitor. I found myself using a illustrator or Photoshop like program and I was lucid. I paid closer attention to what else was there and I found some random files on the desktop. There was a file that said voice so I assume it was some audio file so I opened it. I heard a synthesized version of my voice that had a higher pitched and I heard the song. It was like a dance music sorta song and I listened to it for a little longer than a minute then I woke up.

      - the first instance of lucidity in this dream was induced by a feeling that I was practicing on lately. I felt that feeling and that just made me lucid.
    14. Fights

      by , 02-22-2020 at 12:22 AM
      Tired, not sure if the tiredness caused fighting dreams or fighting dreams caused the tiredness. I think the fighting could be from the fiction.


      Japan class girl

      I was inside a classroom in Japan again. We were elementary kids and I was doing something with one of the girls there. Oh I remember, it was sort of like a raffle or lotto that was giving out prizes.

      May have waken or not slightly

      I became lucid and saw the teacher at the time. I remembered that she treated me unfairly because of my race... So I went off on her fully conscious that I was dreaming and that this was pointless but I just watched myself go off just observing.

      Downtown fights

      I found myself in a small park that looked like a big city. I was talking to people there and might have been having a meal.

      I leave the park and find the big boss of the area. Who was a bulky looking man who used to be the boss of the area. He wanted me to come follow him... He had something to show me.

      I followed the man and we found men with knives that attacked us but we kept going. Apparently the old man knew of my parents in this dream story and was guiding me while hiding all this time. We head inside a building and find a group of young people. One of the girl took out her rapier or a fencing sword and fought me. Her attacks jabbed fast but I parried it good. I fought her with the spear or knives and got her good and she was bleeding from the side. The young man beside her who was watching over her took her away.


      FA DJ

      Had a FA that I djed. I noticed that the dj was tiny and that wasn't right.

      laid on bed a bit and decided to wake fully to dj.

      Bridge mayor fight

      I was on a bridge. There was the mayor of the city there for the opening of the new bridge.

      I teleported away. Recalling why... But I was a mage or there was a baddy there. I teleported and found myself facing a evil monk. His head was shaved and he began to attack me. Our staves clashed and I knocked his staff away. I let go of my spear after my victory but he took out a knife and charged at me. I grabbed his hand and neutralized the attack.

      But he surprised me. He kept pushing and kissed me. It wasn't really a kiss but just to stop me from breathing and it was working. I began to grasp for air, still trying... But I awoke from the lack of air.

      I remembered that he was attacking to destroy this bridge.
      Rooftop monsters

      Inside an inn or hotel room. I recall that I was part of a group infliterating this place? We were ambushed and I jumped out the window.

      It said Bless, I'm forget if I blessed someone or used some sort of priestly magic against the monster. On the terrace rooftop I ran and monsters were looking for me. I ran away jumped into a chimney like a Santa.

      It was pretty hot in here. Inside there was a small room and sort of vertical opening that was like an elevator path without an elevator. There were meat being cooked nearby from the heart of the furnace that was below this opening on the floor. I thought about how I could infliterate though this hole but it was too hot.

      An orc or goblin like creature showed up. It the cook here to check on the meat. It attacked me. I barely made it.
      Ethran kohenk

      Not sure what it means but something said that word while I was drifting in between the last couple of dreams. Doing my best to recall those.

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    15. Crocodiles

      by , 02-20-2020 at 11:40 PM
      Dreams today


      I dreamt about the ghost hound, and about a spear. It's a web novel series that I started reading recently.
      Girl +girlfriends

      I am still recalling the dream. But I had an exact same dream note from yesterday so it could be the same thing. I wanted to recall the dream from yesterday and I guess thinking about it made me dream it.
      Mom reno house

      My mom was working on renovating a house for someone. I was inside a nicely decorated house with a modern feel. I explored around the house before leaving. I forgot to turn off the lights and heard the person's positive review on the job done as I was still in the house. I was worried about forgetting to turn off other lights abs tried my best to turn them all off.
      Touching knee

      I was on bed and my thoughts reached out and touched or vibrated the edge of my knee. It was close to the onset of wild but needed one more push to wild.
      Level 30

      Related to first dream, i was level 30 or so.
      Class girl math

      I was inside a classroom trying to learn advanced algebra or so. I was honestly frustrated and thought about giving up and dropping the class. One of the girl there who had the cloth on her head, is it called burka? She calmed me down and stuff as I pushed our desks together to her group.

      -had a memory about this girl earlier in the day, resulting in this dream likely.
      Alligator race

      It was like a hotel room but a bit different. A resting spot for pro gamers in China apparently. There was a well known guy there and he wanted to play the slots beside the computer to the left. He put about 99 tokens in but it didn't work properly. The ppl there said they'll reimburse him later. I watched him load up the game client and he put about 4.75$ on his account. I was curious about how the interface worked here in China compared to here since it seemed to work much better. He explained something.

      I take a look to the right and there was a TV on the wall. There was a live event going on and alligators were released on celebs. They were running away from the gators. It was an overhead view of somewhere outdoors, and there were partitions that separated the race tracks from outside. Perhaps not really a race but a survival thing,it merely looked like a race track.

      The camera switches to look at another part of the event. It was a narrow hallways indoors and a girl who was a celeb was there. There was a gator approaching from far to the left and I was a bit worried about her as she appeared to be sort of stuck.

      My consciousness was transferred to her body then and I realized that I had to act fast. I found a tiny storage closet right in front and barely enough to fit me. I closed the door behind me and felt the gators tackling against the solid wood door as I pressed back against it. Worried if the door would even last.

      I remembered that I could do the impossible and decided to summon a chocolate gun - it would turn whatever I shot into chocolate. So I got out and shot the mouth of the gator to the right and its mouth turned chocolate.

      -I remembered a memory about a lady who was feeding gators in a farm earlier in the day and I think this was the source of the dream.
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