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    1. Can't erase

      by , Today at 03:12 AM
      The last couple of days I didn't work out. I noticed that I had high counts of nightmares. I did have some control in the nightmares so I'm not sure if that's good or bad. And the dreams from couple days ago were in highschool. They appeared to be in a computer lab. Sarah was there in both of those days. Not today though. I did change stuff up and dreams appeared to have changed also, no more nightmares.

      Today I recall that I dreamt about a young boy, likely peter, writing things in backwards or mirrored, like how davinci would write.

      I think I had a couple of other dreams but didn't write them down.

      At the end I dreamt that I was trying to write my DJ. But I couldn't erase stuff on it. Then an FA. Exact same thing. I noticed the dejavu and I did get lucid here I think, but woke.

      +since I was trying to write the DJ, I must've recalled a dream and tried to write it down then but forgot about the dream later.

      I also remember I had another dream after, tried to do deild instead of writing though.

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    2. Downtown mcd

      by , 12-08-2019 at 07:20 AM
      Did some wbtb (2hr). Tried vit b6. Nlds at first. Had ap or ld starting in bed when I decided to let go of outcome.


      In hschool, romance topic. Pot.

      Me and dad watched TV in housr #34

      Kitchen in 2(pm)

      AP deilds +9 or however many times
      #36 house bedroom. Rolled out.

      Went out looked at hands.

      Bed, went out, outside downtown, McDonald's.

      X2 repeat previous but went further to the left. Mcd building was grey.

      Bed, opened window, outside moving like train.
      X2 repeated few dreams later

      Crossed eyes? To induce dream.

      Outside, hands, downtown. Same spot. I was naked, ppl naked, new fad.

      Orgasmed or something. Didn't think much and continued dream.

      FA (realistic sound in bed, "oh curry") kept going though

      Bedroom. Out of bed. Found pill. Took a bite. Piles of Powder medicine on floor. Grabbed some swallowed. Found mug on cabinet. Tiny bit of water to wash down.

      Notes: cross eye

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    3. dragon egg

      by , 12-05-2019 at 06:34 AM
      Dreams were pretty long. I just wrote mexico and dragon egg. I do I think I got lucid 3 times. But the problem was I awoke right after each time I realized something was off about the dream. Near immediately. I awoke and noticed pain in my throat. Felt like I had a cold. I decided to go back to sleep and just continued the dream 1 or 2 plots. I think I tried too hard. Or rather I noticed my emotions were less calm before going to sleep compared to the previous night. That's probably the cause for the awakenings. I wasn't lucid once I was back inside the dream, but once I noticed something off, wake.

      Another thing to take note was that I didn't wbtb. I just headed back to bed right away because I wanted the cold-like thing to get better. Got better after though.

      Or need to ease the practice a bit. That middle point between relaxed and focused.

      -no wbtb
      - maybe relax a bit more

      mexico inn

      In the first dream I was in Mexico. In some inn or hotel. I suppose a hotel since it was large and had indoor halls and stuff. Headed outside. Went on a car. I was with someone, and older man who was with me. I believe he was a detective or something. We headed back after that. I do recall myself exploring the roads before heading back. Some stuff happens in the hotel. I don't remember.
      *dream likely sourced by conversation about mexico

      dragon egg

      In the second dream I was somewhere in the country side. There was an open farm field or something and some villagers gathered up. We were gathering to head up to the mountains. Our mission was to get the Dragon egg.
      *probably from a story

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    4. Yusssssssss

      by , 12-03-2019 at 11:11 PM
      I did it yes wohooo woah omg yes! lucid every dream! omni

      first dream was inside a house, #25? Or that neighbhor's house. I went downstairs my mom was cleaning. I was about to go outside but.... got lucid. I was just detached from the situation. There was some guy wearing a uniform coming to do delivery or something.


      I was in another house. This was really the house #25. But the stairs were weird. They went up in 4 directions. I noticed that my thought was manipulating the house structure earlier, playing and archetecht. This makes me lucid. Just looking around the house a little. Jumping down a spot without stairs from second floor to first.


      I was in a car, maybe it was a limo. In the back seat lucid. I noticed there was a control panel to the right side that stood for dream control. It went from

      dream control

      level 1---------------------level 7

      The dial was at level 1. i dialled it up to level 6. Thinking that Id leave the dream some control for fun.


      I'm walking what appears to be a very large hall. Looks like a mall with a path in the middle. People were blocking my way randomly though. Right of way! But some religious or cult fanatics began to talk about god and what not. I decided to try my dream control from previous here. I looked up the ceiling and raised my arms. Nothing but I started believing. I began to float up into the air. I saw the beautiful colored glasses in the sunroom windows above me. It was somewhat circle like a hexagon made of many small windows. Centerpiece was different color.

      As I near the top I end up in a void... Darkness hard to tell what's up really. Maybe related to god stuff, felt like it. Spinning spinning spinning. My legs were spinning, tingly. Spining away from me.


      near some business building, perhaps the previous one. I see myself in mirror and saw that I was old. I kind knew it was off though. I saw my reflection a couple of times. Self reflection, in the head and the physical reflection. I try to head down home. A narrow road there lead to a mansion... Inherited it huh?

      notes: stopped caring about everything and just meditated. just let go of all the thoughts. Just let it all come to me. Just let go of even being scared of meditating too long or whatever. Just meditated. and just meditated. Didn't even really think about ld but just meditated. Meditated on the stuff I tried to piece togther in words the previous day. Woke once with no dreams. Maybe slightly disappointed? But i let that go too. I just let it all go. It was like a echoed state of the meditation. Just kept it. Then just all the dreams became lucid. Maybe forgot a dream or two. But who cares it was cool. I felt great.

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    5. Notes on wandering around and failing

      by , 12-03-2019 at 10:40 AM
      Got lucid two nights past week. Maybe ~14. Most dreams were very uninteresting. I experimented with different dj style to see how recall would be affected.

      I found that a strong intent was more crucial than a very detailed dj for immediate recall. However a finely detailed dj in itself is a good way to explore thoughts and catch things you've missed. Perhaps it serves as a good visualization process as you recall it.

      Strong intent "I'll definitely remember the dream"

      Failed though.

      I needed to fail. Needed to fail to get better. Because sometimes the answer is right under your nose but you just want to get somewhere instead of smelling the roses right below you.

      I guess I understand it better now that I failed some more.

      Its like making a cake. You have to know the ingredients, mix it in the right amounts then bake it.

      The rest is just practice probably. Practice until it's natural. If you can make the practice fun, even better.

      The question is am I ready to bake that cake or do I feel like experimenting and failing a couple of times just to satisfy my ego? Do I even like cake?

      I probably tried every technique now. And probably am following the footsteps of the wise one before me. Probably coming to the same conclusions.

      Some things I don't really understand fully but I do kind of get it.

      Maybe I'll try to compile my thoughts once I can fully comprehend everything. Maybe that'll help people who want to ld a bit.

      Well the simple answer I've found is that you do master this stuff eventually one way or another if you keep at it. Only difference is how long it takes.

      Gotta burn the ships if you want to get better faster I guess. Like apply yourself fully without a drop of doubt.

      Gotta notice things more. And to notice things more you gotta be in the present. Keep the goal in mind though otherwise you don't know your destination. Reflect on your mistakes sometimes so you can get better, but back to the present. Because you'll stop noticing if you keep wandering around.

      Just relax and enjoy
    6. anastasia

      by , 11-22-2019 at 12:48 AM
      Africa Trip, I love you soup. Magical.

      Went to a trip to Africa, trouble recalling. I remember having a soup at the campsite by the fire pit in the morning. I think I said I love you to the soup since it was so good. There was some magical event, I forget what. Something about voodoo.


      I was somewhere up the mountains of what appeared to be the old soviet union. Mountains, or somewhere deep into the woods, away from civilization mostly. I saw Anastasia there, she came from the woods and we planned for a better life. Went to some sporting dome into the city, I recall recruiting people. The farm area that we set up were getting transformed now. We decided to form a contract from people from the states or something to create a pharmaceutical research center. Our income was like tripled now, but soon we were super taxed and our income was back to same. Someone was mad, Anastasia or me or another person, or maybe all of us.

      Juice lion

      Saw nlion offering me juice or something, he then went back on his computer then played some games.

      Notes: Felt like giving up honestly. Don't know. Trying really hard at it but don't know. Felt like I wasn't sure why I was trying so hard at something that showed so little result. Felt like an idiot. Felt bad. Cried a little, felt better. Went outside into the cold, did wim hof, felt better- felt lucid just then. I''ll still do my best though. Maybe until the end of the month, maybe it'll work. Maybe oughta give up, or just take a break. But all those don't knows and thoughts about giving up are just excuses probably. I'm trying too hard probably. Gonna take it easy. Screw it, I'm just gonna have fun.
    7. Freeze

      by , 11-21-2019 at 03:32 AM
      I was in a bedroom in a high rise. I looked under and ther was a crab on the floor. I got pretty startled so tried to stomp it but it went under the bed. There was some water flooding going on. Was it really a bedroom? There were tiles on the floor. I see the crab again and stomp on it. Some little crabs come and pick up the big crab and walk away.


      Escaping from some evil forces. I forget the intiial parts. It was some sort of hidheout that looked like a small house. Some kind of crystal ball to foresee the enemy coming. I feel like it's the continuation of a previous dream from another day. Escape to kind of a small community housing, town house or something. There were residents there and I had to convince them to escape from here. Gathered them up in some part of foresty area and asked fora volunteer. They didn't really believe me to I used my freezing power to freeze one person then unfreeze them to show that it was serious.

      *Area is familiar.

      Have trouble recalling. Went somewhere. I teleported. Inside of a building. Engaged some people.

      pt 2

      I think it's part 2 of the previous dream. I was inside a flooded cave or something similar. Maybe not a cave. Just some kind of rocky stuff around the area, with water at my feet. So it's like an end of a river, maybe a pond or a lake but not that deep. Just maybe half the knee deep waters. I remember seeing a mage there. He was like sort of buff so he was a battle mage and I used some sort of magic as well. Illusion magic? something like that and I distracted him with that.

      Was doing like geography homework or something. There were some calculatiosn that were giving me trouble. I remember my dad coming into the room, telling me that I was doing ok.

      Library Wig girl

      I think it's connected to the last dream. Went to a library to study or something. Maybe it's because I couldn't finish the geography homework from the last dream. Went into an elevator. Went downstairs. Found friend, Hawaii and his companion there. Gave them sample of my luxury clothing line shirts that I had in this dream and gave it to them. Heard quiet comments about how shitty they were as I left XD

      Came back up, but came out on the floor right under where my stuff were. There was some sort of a girl there. She had a very interesting personality and was mad, or something. She said "Do you know who I am?."

      Didn't really. She attacked me or something. So I took out the gum in my mouth and put them into her hair. They got tangled and she took off her wig. Her hair was fake. So I left but she followed me. Went up the spirally stairs up and she threatened to hurt the baby that I had with me for some reason. I just left her alone, somehow escaping her gaze. Went into the elevator. There was a teacher or library there, and me and couple of the girls around me in the elevator told her that there was a crazy person on the floor 15, she went to deal with her.

      Kept going down the elevator. A woman to the right beside the buttons winked at me. She was trying to... I didn't do anything though. Kept going down. A sunburned girl this time winked at me in a similar manner.

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    8. Entrance of mine, russian

      by , 11-20-2019 at 04:12 AM
      Notes: got distracted by bad energy person. Recovered faster than before. Meditation felt harder. Trying too hard? Just relax more. Just remember one thing. Focus on present more and feel good.

      In similar house location. Neighbors house was museum of an old mine. This mine had a familiar feel. Likely the very same mine in another dream.

      Russian class, blonde girl took my drawing assignment to trash. It's due looking for it in trash. It was drawn with red pen.

      Donald trump trying to buy out grape/prune like fruit land to build stuff. Convinced him otherwise after he ate some. He was pretty down to earth. Find him in a meet up of politicians abusing substance or tech.
    9. Notes on wall

      by , 11-19-2019 at 05:13 AM
      ipad, drawing

      classroom riley, me laying on their table.

      Class Trip

      Went on a class trip. It was to Japan. Festival going on and it was one of the more temple-ly cities of Japan rather than urban. The festival didn't start yet but I explore anyways. I found old tan Japanese men building props and stuff for the festival. I approached one of them and asked how could I help them get ready? He gave me a simple task of assembling black tiles together as a flooring for the event. I did what I could but they all flipped white for some reason. He didn't get mad though, gave me some stuff as souvenir. I left, knowing that I was interrupting his work and me leaving would have bene for the best.

      I head towards the right side of the plae. There was some sort of a small cliffy-hill. It went up in zig zag and there was a group of students there. I approach them and one of the girls was just begging, shouting to have her head cut off. I decided to oblige her wish and grabbed a nearby axe. I squatted a little and readied the axe. Got stopped though, as monsters began appearing. I fell down below. Had with me some kind of slime rectangular block. Used as a shield to deflect the projectiles by monsters. Upon closer look as they approached me, they were more skelton like. I tried to block them with the slime shield but it went through. Maybe died.

      Notes on wal ~6 deild, couple more bed scenes
      Found myself in bedroom. Sensations in my mouth. Loose painful teeth, this sensation was present in previous dream and I realized I was still dreaming. Needed to confirm... I found some writings carved on the wall; they might have been sort of sparkling. Like a note left for me to get lucid. So I was lucid​. I maintained view of both my hand and the environment at the same time as I believed that would help me maintain lucidity.

      I went and explored, found myself now inside some sort of lab that looked like that game portal. I had 2 guns with me as I threaded forward. Found something at top, some sort of crest or symbol. I recalled that I wanted to create a portal to another world. Tried to do so but it did not work this time. Kept going forward.

      I probably should have tried to use the guns as portal guns now that I reflect back on it.


      bedroom again. Felt my body move although I was in bed. Was half sure I was dreaming. Got up and looked, found a inspiring passage on the wall again said something like "it's easy" and that made me fully lucid.

      Thanks for the notes... much love and appreciation.


      Bed again, got up and felt very uneasy, very stuffy. I went towards the window and saw sunny awesomeness. I wanted to get out but couldn't open it after opening 3 layers of windows, still a mesh layer there. Still lucid but decided to find another way. I found a little green plant by the window sill. I felt connected with the plant and felt like it was stuffy too, being stuck here. Wanted to water it but couldn't find water nearby, so decided to share some of my moisture via saliva. Felt like I could do better so I walked behind me and found a little bit of water. Watered the plant.


      Meditated an uncomfortable amount. 3x+ few more short ones whenever

      hard to describe the 'uncomfortable.' Not in a bad way, it felt like stretching. Treat it like a challange or a game.

      Keep meditating and stuff

      Remember to FEEL

      This time it's... different. I felt different. I feel different. I felt great.

      Thanks for everything <3

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    10. Huge pizza

      by , 11-18-2019 at 04:42 AM
      old games
      I dreamt that I was playing some old school Nintendo console in an unknown apartment. There was a lil round kid with glasses from martial arts class way back and Richard there. We played a little some space themed game, but with Dick being the short for Richard he began to act like one. Forget why but he was mad and started shouting. He blared the game sounds to max and it was really hurting my ears as I walked away from the situation. Found a nintendo switch, told him he can't play with it unless he's nice. Silence is good.

      School, Huge pizza, police ceremony, Foot rub, lucid

      The dream began with somewhere inside a school. I was trying to find my class but had trouble doing so. The class was suppose to be on the second floor. I think I missed the class so I headed to my locker. Had trouble finding it for a while but I find some nice people towards the right side of the school. There was a lady who was apparently a sage. She was pretty nice and looked really young- perhaps she had found the secret to eternal youth. I'm sharing the locker with her and the locker number is #201. I open it and there's some food inside. I liked the sage, she had a bubbly personality. Anywho I grab my stuff and head on. I am proceeding to find the next class. It should be on the first floor too.

      *unpleasant memory.

      I keep heading towards the right side of the school. And after a while the scene changes and it becomes some sort of police ceremony. I found my friend from highschool, Hawaii, there. He was apparently getting celebrated among others, and he was getting a huge promotion. In army terms, colonel, not sure what you'd call that in terms of police ranks. Anyways, Hawaii's sitting down on a table and he calls me over. I head towards him and I find his mother there. She's getting really interested in me and calls me over to sit beside her, she being sandwiched between us. Hawaii get's annoyed because he probably wanted to talk to me and he makes her get away for a bit.

      Two others come to the table. Girl to the right had a very nice tan. The one in the front... sprase memory here. Anyways the girl to my right, she begins to make a huge pizza. I thought we were doing some group activity so I begin making the pizza too. Maybe 60 inches in diameter or around 150cm. I was trying to get my pizza as big as hers but it splits in the middle in a straight line. I proceed to try to fix it by patching it up. I tried to sew it shut, and it reminded me of like a stitches scar from a heart operation.

      *dreamt about a huge pizza before, also a lucid dream huge pizza=lucid?


      I went to pee and collected my thoughts. Just laid down and light meditation state?

      I was back on the same table. This time I was lucid though. Still the same. My friend's mom was back to my left. I told her this is a dream but she didn't believe me. (maybe mini awakening here) I talked to her about lucid dreams after but she didn't really understand. Decided to look around and the pizza from earlier was now ready, or atleast some of them were cooked. I sliced it into uneven bits and ate some. nom nom. Thought about what to do in the dream really. Still being lucid. But I thought might as well enjoy this moment. Don't have to worry about pizza being unhealthy and all. I just enjoyed it.

      Maybe lost lucidity around here. I saw some kind of foamy styrofoam like cube. There was hair inside. It was just like a model of a hairstyle. Apparently the latest fad, the cube afro. Saw some ppl with the square afro to the left. The tan girl to the right begins to give me a foot rub. Very comfortable, I was just melting away in pleasure for some moments. Melting down the chair as I fell down from the chair unto the ground and just immersed myself in this ahhhhh yea.

      *maybe heard someone mention minecraft, and it arose a picture of a blockhead and that thought found its way into the dream

      Felt guilty feeling so good by myself so I massaged her foot too. Did so for a bit. But apparently I did it too hard and she didn't want anymore.

      Scene changes to some class. But the table was the same. There was a doctor there. She was an elderly and thin black woman. Very skinny but she looked pretty healthy. I had some TDCS device with me and she gave me some expert advice regarding it. Told me to get some better pads for it or something.

      *Was pretty interested in TDCS a while back


      meditated 3x mini (~5min meditations) when chance arose

      focus on feeling good, mindful of thoughts, focus on point on what you want, focus on sound, focus on breath,

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    11. big mushroom

      by , 11-17-2019 at 04:50 AM
      Huge mushroom

      I found myself in my bedroom in house #25. I found some really huge mushrooms. The biggest one was the size of my arm and was shaped oyster mushroom. It had a slight blueness that stained it on random spots like magic. I wasn't sure if it was poisonous so I didn't eat it. There were some random other shrooms growing beside it. This was inside some kind of a pot that looked like a flower pot.

      I remember that I found some kind of guide book or something that showed me that they were all edible.

      My mom decided to move the mushrooms elsewhere. I was kind of irritated because she moved my mushrooms without my knowledge! But she moved it to my other bedroom so I thought oh ok. The other bedroom's floors were now renovated into soil so it was like now a mini garden. She planted some mushrooms there. I planted some of the mushrooms there, hopeful that they would grow nice and strong. Magical.

      Stolen Song

      I was at some kind of a large convention. Not sure what exactly but it was huge inside a building. THere were some bazaar like storefronts. I explore the place and find a band singing, seemed kind of bigshot. They began singing and I noticed.... They were singing my song. I decided to sing along but they cut me off! I was mad. I walked up to the singer's mic and said "STOP PLAGIARIZING MY SONG." That shout echoed across every speaker in the building, total buzzkill I know. But I was just mad. I walked around a little still mad and went to the lowest level of the buildling. It was some kind of lounge and I find a lady who was my mother only inside this dream among a few others. My mother decided to sue the record that represented the band and she won 70 million pounds apparently. That made me not mad anymore.

      Carrying injured guy, school

      Inside a school. I found some guy he was 8'4 or something really huge. He asked me for some advice, I forget what. There was some fight going on. One guy gets injured and I carry him upstairs. I carry him up to the 6th floor.

      LD blog

      I dreamt that I was DJing on the DV site. I made a blog or something and began to post there instead and it got a little popular.


      Awoke on bed. Felt inspiration. Laid and focused on focusing. Focused on noise and made vibrations. Struggled a little and remembered "it's easy" and exited body? 3/4 successful but did not last very long, or long enough to enter into a dream. Each time I focused on that specific sound.


      meditating helped clear the mind

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    12. Lil sister

      by , 11-16-2019 at 03:40 AM
      Dark lab
      Was in a very dark dim lab. Kind of aware, maybe even lucid. Scared though wanted out and wake.

      Stranded tropics

      Took a flight to tropical island. The place had some flood or something going on and the quaint little shack i was inside got flooded. I was stuck on the island and couldn't find a way to fly back.

      I dreamt about this island before.

      Was in a library perhaps school. Big. Tar was there. I fought him with sticks and he did too. After the second engagement I thought why am I fighting? I decided to settle our differences and give him a handshake. And then hugged. He gave a kiss on cheek.

      Secret club, lil sister
      Was in a school.very large,very. White themed. I met a nice girl there and we become friends. She told me to meet up with her after.

      I explore the area find myself in cafeteria like place to the right. I find a little sister. She was very cute. I piggybacked her across the school then back. Until I found the club around the middle of the school, kind of hidden, it was where the girl told me before to meet.

      We go in.some snacks and film projected on wall. Secret club. Secret knowledge? Kinda seemed brain washy subliminal. My sister commented on that.

      Driving bus,lil sister
      I was in a stolen bus. Driving it .. Losing control a few times didn't want to drive anymore. My little sister from last dream kindly took over and drives. Had a crew in the bus sitting in the back, kind of like a pirate crew we were. In the back row there were some durian fruit, unripe and sour, worst durian I tasted.

      My sister stops driving, we were near our apartment in middle of downtown. Where to leave the bus? She asked me. I asked her where she thought was good. She said bushes, so I said bushes sound good.

      People coming into bus thinking it's a regular bus.I'm packing clothes and it's taking a while to pack.

      Color puzzle
      In a class figuring out a color circle puzzle. I wasn't paying in attention in class but a nice girl helps me out.


      Mostly school areas. Perhaps same school. It's a new school though.

      meditated in short intervals. about 3x

      I like this little sister. love ya!

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    13. Robotic spider, Regenerating arm

      by , 11-15-2019 at 04:50 AM
      Sect leader

      Dreamt about a guy being a sect leader. It was a temple like building. Forgot what I did.

      Robo spider, Regenerating arm

      It was side of a cliff,mountain. Recall a guy climbing up obstacles, a bot called him a cheater. He was the initial protagonist. 3rd view.

      I remember a graveyard or something.

      There was a fight here. Me and some guy. I remember he had long beautiful hair or something. It was Rocky cliff like area with a staircase.

      Entered a building. Science lab like. Some obstacle courses. I was a skinny girl with dark hair. I found her mentor figure or old boss inside. She /I was on a dark forces side after breaking away from the side he was on.

      He warns that there's some greater evil. A robotic insect. Spat acid or dissolving green liquid. perished her /my arm, just gone. Regenerated and grew it back though. Struck it before it could do more. Perhaps it's time to work together to defeat greater evil.

      Apparently the place was swarmed with these robotic, maybe spider like bugs.

      The teacher tried to sell me a burger. 6000$ drinks are free. Now it's 6000000 from inflation. Small discount after.

      Notes : need to meditate more. Meditate!

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    14. Leviathan

      by , 11-13-2019 at 03:27 AM
      From a couple of days ago

      Had some lucid moments. But I wasn't fully inside the dream. Right before entering a dream. It was not long after I went to bed so could be early and short/unstable rem that stopped it from being an ld.

      Electronics, cooking class

      I was inside an electronics class that kinda felt like best buy. Met acquaintances. There was some arguing going on, I forget about what. I eventually leave.

      I arrive at a cooking class and we're learning to make cold soup. I was learning it with a girl I met from the previous store. My mom was also there. Maybe the dream came up because I drank soup.

      Leviathan - belief

      It looked like the outside of an warehouse building, I think it was near a sea port. I was inside some battle. I forget how it began though. I summoned a familiar whose name was apparently Leviathan. I remember that we were infiltrating this building because it belonged to some evil organization or something. Anyways Leviathan stays outside to stop the enemy forces from approaching us. While me and this guy heads inside the warehouse.

      Inside was a gigantic thing. I guess the closest word to describe it is sort of a golem-machine thing. Yellow kind of stone or metal. It carried a hammer in its left hand I think. The hammer was made of something similair to the golem. The hitting cylindrical part of the hammer was about the size of a truck. So how big exactly was the giant? It was big enough to hold that ruck so maybe it was like 100 meters, 150?

      Anyways it was sort of an automaton; robot or something, but it had more of magical power source rather than electric or machinery. It began to attack us with the hammer and I summoned some more summoning things. I suppose familiars. There were about 7 of them but, they were regular sized and the hammer just 'poofed' them.

      I... was running out of options.

      It was just me and the guy from earlier. He had a wavy dark Mediterranean hair yes, and he was completely useless. There was still Leviathan, but she was still outside and I wasn't sure if she could get here on time. The golem began to unleash a hammer strike from above us.

      Doubts.... doubts welled up from within me. Not much we can do really; We were going to die.

      And the hammer, it's coming down at us, and it feels all slowed down; time slowing down: as if the monstrosity, time, in this moment, savored ever so sweetly- that each and every drip of our anguish and despair quenched its insatiable and endless thirst ever so briefly.

      Bam! Shock-waves from the strike echoed across the building. Facing towards us, she was squatting in the air. A maiden in white and yellow. She had a bobbed hair I think, with a white beret. Her arms raised right above her, holding up the hammer, as if she was Atlas holding up the weight of the earth, with much strain. I understood, I felt it. Her strength... Her power was fully proportional to the amount of belief I had at that moment.

      So I believed with all my heart. She said, "Pavilion strike!"


      Felt like the dream was training my belief
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    15. Tartar

      by , 11-10-2019 at 02:42 AM
      First dream was lucid again. When I awoke I decided to not dj though. I had the fear of maybe having trouble getting back to sleep if I got up. So can't remember it much.

      I remember pleasant feelings though. A house or cozy mansion.

      *should have resolved fear here

      Had a couple of non lucid after. They kind of overwhelmed the memory of previous dream.

      I remember dodging bullets from pistol whip.

      *I was worried earlier in day that this might influence my dream. The belief did I think.


      Diablo. Gaming pc. Moving out the apartment.

      Saw this apartment before in a dream.

      Next dream

      Psychic Ambush
      I was inside a house. Some ppl there. We were attacked by something. The house was similar to house #34. But different.either way I was in this house before inside a dream.

      *there was an earthquake here in this house before in another dram. now another calamity here again.

      We were espers or something, a group of us.attacked by another group or entity. They seemed familiar.



      Eventually I am some kind of demon king or something. There was also a typical hero- reminded me of goku.

      We (my evil gang not really evil though) got away and we were going to meet up at a restaurant to the west, maybe north.

      I walked or ran for a while, 2km or so. I met my right hand there. She was stunningly elegant as always. 2 plates of raw meat that looked like tartar was in front of us. I think other crew member shows up. The hero shows up.

      I decided to teleport far away and just watch them have fun. The hero and I didn't get along so I wanted the others to enjoy the get together at least. I watched them over with magical sights from a building far away.

      Could be related to a previous dream.

      Maybe I should have joined them. Who knows maybe the hero would have welcomed me. Perhaps should face that fear next time.

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