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      I recalled some dreams even without Trying

      Recently i have some head problem and i havnet practiced reality checks nor mantras nor nothing and Im not setting up alarms to wake me up from dreams.(like i used to)

      but i have remember bit of some of my dreams. in fact some were pretty vivid.
      Like the one yesterday was about going to the doctor and i explained my stuff to the doctor and i was thinking it was real life but then i woke up and realized it wasn't

      I really wish i could do it normally like before and set up alarms and practice. But good thing is i can sleep about 6 hours(recently thta's about how much i sleep)and i dream so it's good that i can still work on recall at least a bit, even if i dont have as much opportunities as before when i could wake up multiples. now i just wake up a about 2 times naturally

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      Uhm, I don't see the problem. I guess you aren't dream journaling so for you to be able to recall your dreams without dream journaling gives you a leg up, but it isn't anything special. I have ALWAYS been able to recall my dreams as long as I think about them before I move after waking. Regardless, you should start dream journaling. It can't do anything but help.

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