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    Thread: Is this practical?

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      Is this practical?

      After many years of recalled-but-not-journaled-until-recently dreams. I have come to realize that in almost every night, i come across someone i know from real life in a dream. Having said so, i decided to RC everytime i see someone i know.

      While that's all said and done, is it practical to work on this? Would this potentially allow me an LD every night since this event is extremely common in my dreams? The only issue i see is that this might be tiring if done excessively.. Thoughts?

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      Sure, this is a very practical plan.

      Just try to RC every time you notice someone you know while you're in bed and shortly after you wake up. You don't have to continue to RC during the day, so it shouldn't be tiring because you don't have to RC excessively.

      While you're doing this, keep a tally in your journal of each time you do and don't RC when people you know show up in your dreams. This will make you more accountable which will encourage you to maintain the intention that you need at night in order to be successful. Try to get to 100 tallies in total in order to get a percentage of the times you RC when you notice someone you know during your dreams.

      You're in bed with your eyes closed, being always ready to RC when you notice someone you know. You wake up but you're still ready to RC for a few minutes afterwards if someone you know is there. You tally your successes and failures in your dream journal until you get to one-hundred before starting another hundred if you're up to it. After sleep is over, you do whatever until it's time to sleep again.

      My major dream sign is waking up, which I dream about often. I catch it in the way I outlined above (Although I just now thought of the tally idea). This allows me to LD often, maybe not every night, but at least a majority of them.
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      I think it makes sense to actually reality check every time you see a person you know in waking life. I guess the idea is to build the neural link between seeing a person you know, and the habit of reality checking. Then you would be more likely to do it in a dream. I think it makes sense. Then it gets into whats it called? Precognitive memory or preconditional memory. Prospective memory, thats it. And so its a matter of remembering to do it. I found that I have very weak prospective memory for some reason. At the end of the day I am like, oh, yeah, I meant to tune my guitar if I had a spare moment. I had so much time that I had no idea what to do with but I didn't remember to tune my guitar.

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