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    Thread: How to handle a dreamsign that comes up a lot in waking life

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      How to handle a dreamsign that comes up a lot in waking life

      One of my biggest dreamsign categories is a piece of text that's hard to read: I open a book, I receive a letter, I find a note left out for me, and it just doesn't quite make sense. Sometimes it's real gibberish, othertimes .. just somehow not clear, not coherent.

      So stopping when i read a book / magazine / note / letter in waking life would seem like an obvious time to reality check ... but that's an event that probably happens to me a couple of times in an hour. I'm wondering how other people would approach this ?

      Deciding "i'll only RC it sometimes" seems like asking for trouble - because then that's bound to be what I say in my dreams too, right? But trying to catch every one .. seems like an impossible task !

      Curious to hear your thoughts on this one.

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      Perhaps finding another dream sign is in order, or maybe using a different indicator in waking life for RCing. Dream signs can sure help but i don't believe they're absolutely neccessary. If your dream sign is giving you this kind of trouble where it shows
      up all too often, this can also just cause you stress, and stress is not at all good for any dreaming practice.
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      have you considered what the dream might mean too you usually a recurring dream is trying to tell you something, For example reading might be implying you need more information before making a decision, maybe you need some new info about something?
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