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    Thread: Remembering dreams from the first time you wake up?

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      Remembering dreams from the first time you wake up?

      I noticed that the first time I wake up, it is usually from 4 to 5 hours of sleep. After that I wake up every hour or so. I don't use alarms just wake up naturally at those times. I find that after that first 3 to 5 hours of sleep. I have a hard time remembering dreams. Even though there will have been sometimes a lot. But in later sleep cycles, I can remember more.

      This is due to a mix of things. #1 is probbaly urgently needing the bathroom. So moving too soon and having to dislodge the dream. Besides that would be waking up in a weird position and needing to adjust. Or just being too groggy.

      Does anyone have just as good of recall the first time they wake up as subsequent times? Any tips on how to get my first round of dream recall stronger? Sometimes I have really cool dreams from that first round of sleep but can only remember them vaguely. And I want to fix this!

      Or if you just relate to this issue please say so. Thanks!

      EDIT my overall dream recall is pretty good. In later sleep cycles I remember them pretty thoroughly. Its just the first time I wake up that seems to be the least recall.
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      Hi Charles

      My experience has taught me that even if you move after you have woken up, you can still have opportunities to recall more. From my understanding, it is not so much the movement itself but the state of your mind as you begin moving that prevents you from recalling.

      If you have moved, what I do is just lie back down again and just focus on my breathing and stay aware (I.e. mediation). The lost fragments of the dream may start appearing.

      Also it is important to get good quality sleep. Stretch and massage your muscles before bed.

      A piece of cheese before bed or some soft boiled eggs during the day may help. You can do some research on foods containing tryptophan and its relation to dream recall if you wish.

      Let us know if these work!
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      I believe this is actually normal. It's pretty usual for people to generally remember dreams from late sleep better than that of early hours.

      For me, remembering early-night dreams eventually came naturally after I spent enough time habitually recording dreams and writing them down upon awakening. Over time, I gradually started remembering dreams from early sleep more often.
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