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    Thread: Do these count as dream signs?

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      Do these count as dream signs?

      These are recurring themes that I often see in my dreams:
      - Darkness. Like, dark buildings, and nighttime. It doesnít always precede bad or depressing dreams though. Thatís just how it is a lot of the time.
      - Animals. I love animals, and nearly every dream I have involves at least one. They always play a role, so theyíre never just ďin the backgroundĒ. I donít really believe in dream spirituality, but this wild ferret shows up every so often to tell me important information or advice. Iíve named him Cairus.
      - Celebrities. I mentioned this in another post. There are lots of celebrities that act as common projections. But there are two that show up very frequently: one is my friend, the other is a villain of sorts.
      - Old people. Maybe cause I feel like Iím getting old? Theyíre usually not very nice.
      - Family/friends. Obviously they show up a lot, and they usually act pretty true to their character. Theyíre decent most of the time, except my brother. He usually is trying to kill me or another family member (he has a history of being abusive. Even my sister has nightmares about him).
      - Forests. I really donít know why this is such a common setting for my dreams, even lucid ones. I live in an urban city, and I donít really go hiking or camping.
      - Epic battles. This is probably just due to the kinds of games I play. I also like fantasy movies and books.
      - Malls. Ugh, I hate mall dreams. My subconscious loves malls, cause it can fit a lot of different places into one huge setting. It typically ends up being chaos.
      - Foreign countries/traveling. I am obsessed with solo traveling, and I love learning about other cultures, so it seems fitting I dream about these a lot too. Most of the time I am somewhere in Asia (mainly Japan, Korea, and India. But Iíve also had dreams of being in China, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia).

      Whatís weird is that I rarely dream about flying, falling, or being naked. And Iíve never had the ďteeth falling outĒ dream. I donít dream about sex either (but thatís probably cause Iím asexual).

      Is there a difference between dream signs and dream anchors? Cause my dream anchors are my celebrity friend, my spirit animal, and a weird fuzzy dragon/spider creature my subconscious made up. I named him Jino.

      What kinds of things do you guys dream about?
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      A dream sign is anything that you could recognize during a dream as a sign that you are dreaming. During a dream, dream signs are your proof that you are dreaming.

      I'm not sure what dream anchors are, but the dream anchors you describe could be dream signs.
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      Yeah, could be anything. Maybe something that has happened a few times and you notice, and think, "Hey that's like something that has happened in my dreams." So then you do a reality check. Or, could be completely random. Like you look out your window and see a gorilla walking down the street juggling bananas and you think maybe you should do an RC because that's pretty darn weird. Or anything in between that might seem a little off that reminds you it might be a good idea to check and see if you're dreaming. What I hate is when I see something weird and think about posting about it in the reality check moments thread and then wake up and realize I just a had a reality check moment and totally forgot to RC...

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