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    Thread: Dream Journal Google Form

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      Dream Journal Google Form

      I made a DJ Google form template. It was getting annoying to manually record the data I thought to be useful in a DJ, so I made a google form that I think works pretty well. It will even generate a sheet i can use to make graphs based on the data.

      This will allow me to see how much of my journey i am really spending at my best. Hopefully you find it useful. I'd Link screenshots but I can only figure out how to add only one picture :/

      Title - Morning Data
      Description - Data collected upon awakening.

      What is the date?
      (put in date)

      What was the dream?
      (write the dream)

      How vivid was it?
      (1 - 5 linear scale)

      Was it Lucid?

      How was sleep?
      (1-5 linear scale)

      How long did you sleep for?
      (duration in XhrYmin. Start and end times. I can do this because I have a fitbit, but rough estimates can also work.)

      What tech was used, if any?
      (Write down the technique used, if any. checklist.)

      Title - Evening Data
      Description - Data collected just before sleep.

      How Many RCs were done today?
      (1-10 linear scale. I know more can be done but linear scale only allows for 10 for some reason.)

      How many PMT goals were hit, if any?
      (1-4 linear scale. I do Prospective Memory Training from time to time so I added it to the form incase I do it.)

      If meditation was practiced, how long was the session?
      (short answer, probably in minutes.)

      How much effort was put into today's practice?
      (1-10 linear scale)
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      Good Luck, Oneironauts!

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