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      Castle Exterior
      We will keep track of all the castle's clones. As we know, the castle can pop-up anywhere in the dream world. Here, you will be able to get an idea of where the castle might be and what it may look like. Keep in mind that these clones can look very differently from one another and be located in completely different areas from one another.

      Clone List
      Clone 1: Castle on Dreamer's Plateau
      This clone appears as a castle embedded into a rocky mountain side. This cluster of mountains sits atop a large, rectangular plateau known as, "Dreamer's Plateau." The plateau's drop-off on any side is significant. In fact, the cliffsides are nearly vertical. A mysterious, faded town sits directly at the base of the plateau, on the side opposite of the castle. Two large towers rise from opposite sides of the mirage town below and extend just above the height of the plateau. Each tower peaks with a spiraling knob which must be turned to reveal the hidden castle. Could these knobs also have something to do with the mysterious town below? Is there a connection between the town and this clone's location? Further investigation may answer some of these questions. There is a gate that surrounds this castle. On the gate there is a sign that reads, "Dream World Academy." A legion of Templars are known to guard the entrance to this clone. These vicious warriors wear black spiked armor, demon-horned headgear, and carry large black blades. These blades are created using poison from an ancient dream world creature. Though once human, these demons are now controlled by the Academy itself. They attack anything that does not harness the power of lucidity. Their cold, glowing, blue eyes give away their true nature.

      Discovered by: insideout
      Explored by: ineverwakeup97

      Recollection Link: Portal to Academy - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      Clone 2: Castle at Black Harbor
      This clone-castle is unconfirmed at the moment, but there is rumor to its existence. It is said to be located in the mountains behind the old, harbor town. This area is considered dangerous. Two unknown factions are at war and have taken residence within Black Harbor. Could their battle have something to do with the rumored clone-castle? The area is filled with hidden portals. Some of which, lead to a jungle area. Residing in this jungle, is a mysterious "amazon" woman. She seems to know about the castle, but could she be hiding something? Who and what exactly is she? Further investigation may answer some of these questions.

      Discovered by: Oneironaut

      Recollection link: 07/08/2011 - "Portals: the Search for the Dream World Academy Begins" (Dream Chain) - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      Clone 3: Castle in the Sea of Consciousness
      This clone-castle is located at the bottom of a great sea known as, The Sea of Consciousness. The collective thoughts of all oneironauts, is said to control the mannerisms of this sea. During peaceful times, the sea is in a very tranquil state. In times of peril, the sea is ferocious. This sea runs on the powers of lucidity and has been known to lure in dreamers. The castle is surrounded by a brick wall and a powerful barrier denies access above the wall. The only way in, is through a diamond shaped door partially hidden by a cluster of seaweed. Four large glass domes encircle the triangular shaped castle. It is still unknown what may be inside these structures. Towers stand at each point of the castles triangular shape. Long ago, this castle was pearly white, but the sea has has changed its color to a blueish-green. This clones protector is a mermaid that goes by the name Joslyn. It is said that a young boy established this clone's location long ago, using lucidity in the form of powerful magic.

      Discovered by: Mancon

      Castle Interior
      As more and more dreamers visit the Academy, this thread will be filled with room by room descriptions on the castle. We will lay everything out for you, so you can get an idea of what to expect. The size of the castle is unknown and may contain as many hidden rooms as it does standard rooms. You never know what will be discovered next.

      Room List
      Room 1: The walls in this room are white marble. It seems to be an intersection for many different areas in the castle. There are many confusing hallways that lead to many different doors. A door on the right hand side of this room, leads to Room 2.

      Explored by: Mancon
      Room 2: A helpful elf-man resides in this classroom. He is known to be an expert in underwater acceleration.
      Explored by: Mancon
      (Other rooms discovered by ineverwakeup to be updated soon)

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