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    Portal to Academy

    by , 07-04-2011 at 12:17 AM (1808 Views)
    Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid

    July 3, 2011: I am in my old bedroom. I see a door that I hadn't noticed before, beside my bed. It is a walk in closet, with a bathroom and a window. I am amazed that these rooms are here.
    I then pinch my nose
    and realize I'm dreaming.

    I stabilize and remember my task.
    There is a TV in my room. I put my hand on the screen and say "Take me to the Dream Views Academy." There is a bright flash of light, but I am still in the same room.
    I go to the kitchen and find a tall man. I say to him "You were going to tell me how to work the portal."
    The man reads from a small booklet "Deposit pennies into the sea." It's like a password.

    There is another TV in the kitchen. It is coin operated, so I put a coin in and I say to it "I want to go to the Dream Views Academy please, to deposit pennies into the sea."
    The man smiles and seems encouraging.
    I have some trouble saying it all correctly, but I say it and then the scene disappears and I feel a pleasant sensation.

    It is dark. I try not to wake up. I stabilize the dream y rubbing my hands together, licking my hand, rubbing my body, and moving my limbs.
    My vision returns. I am on a flat platform area, near the edge. I look over the edge and see small buildings, like they are very far below, but also like they are just models made of paper.

    I think it is possibly a town near the academy. I want to find a castle, so I say "When I flip this switch it will make the castle appear."
    There is something like a bed post. I twist the end of it, using it as the switch.
    Then I see something like a castle that is built on the side of a mountain in the distance. I start to go to it but then lose lucidity and the scene changes.

    Notes: Next time I try teleporting to the castle, I will have a specific part of the castle in mind. Maybe the front door, or just inside the entrance hall.

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    1. hashmash89's Avatar
      Dang dude awesome job finding the castle!
      Dreamprofesser likes this.
    2. Atras's Avatar
      I like the drawing hahaha.
      Dreamprofesser likes this.
    3. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Awesome dream ! I had a dream where I saw the castle as well, but I also woke up before reaching it. very nicely done!
      Dreamprofesser likes this.
    4. dakotahnok's Avatar
      Your almost as tall as the castle. Lol

      But cool. I had a lucid and try to find the castle but I never did.
    5. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      I'm actually kind of amazed by this. I had never before thought of using a TV to teleport to a scene, but a DC actually suggested it to me, while I was looking for the Dream World Academy. I think it's also cool that the Academy was located in the mountains, in your dream, and another DC was explaining to me that it's in the mountains behind a town, in my dream, also.
    6. Mindraker's Avatar
      Awesome dream, congrats on finding the castle.