Intermediate Skills Lesson 3: Energy Flow Simulation

In this lesson please regard this as simulating an experience through mental visualization and tactile manipulation. This is in fact a lesson that could be considered super-natural training if looked at incorrectly. For the purpose of this class, all training in questionable material will be conducted in the Select Topics.

I will teach you to be able to create the experience of energy flowing through your body. In the context of this lesson we will view this as tactile manipulation and visualization. If your religious views do not allow mystical pursuits do not worry at all. While this could be used in a mystical system to teach students the first stage of energy work, that is not what we are doing here. Feel at ease in that this lesson is simply teaching a visualization trick that will be needed in many advanced skills. You must learn this skill very well so you will be able to do the following advanced dream skills: healing magic, fire balls, TK, lightning and I may even teach a few others.

Those interest in actual energy training will want to master this so we can go into energy training in a select lesson, that nobody needs to read if their religion would frown on it.

Step 1) You should already be good at the basic skill where you feel each part of your body. Start by feeling the base of your skull with your attention. You will now repeat the process described in intermediate lesson 2 that involves dragging the point of attention from one point to another. Move your attention to your right shoulder feeling the point of attention as you focus briefly on every point between the base of your skull and that shoulder. Now drag the point of attention down the deltoid, the biceps, the elbow, the upper forearm, lower forearm, and finally the palm of your hand. Get to where you can actually focus in on and feel each point along the way easily.

Step 2) Move your attention from point to point as smoothly and quickly as you can. You are attempting to create the sensation of something moving from the base of your neck to the palm of your hand by mental trickery. You should be able to actually feel each spot using basic skill learned before. Then by rapidly shifting attention in a sequence it should trick your mind into feeling as if something moved along that path of points.

Step 3) To be done each day in the shower. Stand facing away from the shower head and allow mildly warm water to spray into the base of your skull. Shift just as needed to cause some of the water to run down your right arm. Keep your arm out a few inches from the side of your body and slightly bent at the elbow. Your elbow should be turned slightly outward and your hand open and relaxed. Now while the water flows down your arm and drips off your fingertips repeat step 2. You should be able to use the sensation of the water mixed with step 2 to reinforce the feeling that you are moving energy down your arm. You need to do this often enough to be able to almost recreate the same feeling without the aid of the shower water.

Step 4) Go outside or in front of a window were heat from the sun can shine directly on to your body. Stand with the sunís warmth shining on the back of your head and neck. By this point you should be able to recreate a feeling almost like what the shower causes. Enjoy the warmth of the sun for a minute, then begin the process of shifting attention from one spot to another down your arm. Try to convince yourself that you are actually feeling the warmth of the sun on each point you focus on. The end result should be the ability to feel as if the sun is doing the same thing the shower head did. You should be able to almost feel sunlight warmth flow down your arm and drip from your fingers.

Step 5) Using the memory of how step 4 feels, practice recreating the feeling, without being in the sun. You move your attention swiftly down your arm and feel as if a warmth from sun light has moved from your neck into the palm of your hand.