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      My DILD (#1) Student Workbook


      Assignment #1 - Introduction/Dream Signs and Recall - Complete

      Quote Originally Posted by Assignment
      Each student must start a mandatory dream journal and post in it for the duration of the course, even if no dreams are remembered students must still post something, professors should be actively monitoring and giving suggestions to those students who have poor/no recall, and helping students identify dream signs

      Dream Journal - In Progress

      Quote Originally Posted by July 27th
      I had just tried to WILD beforehand, in attempt #1. It had failed around... 7:20. So I was just laying in bed, on my right side, trying to get to sleep. I was much more relaxed and groggier than the first attempt, which made a difference. Anyways, I'm dozing off and I feel vibrations. Intense ones. So I get excited. Before the vibrations I had been daydreaming that I was in Just Cause 2, an action game. So I daydreamed that the vibrations were the plane's propellers that this dude was trying to grab on to. Well, that went away quickly. But then came a dreamscene - I was soaring over this field of like weird video game flowers and they made a pattern in the middle of the field that looked like a sunflower. I could see in this weird way - there was a small circle in the middle of my vision that was clear, and the rest was darker and less vivid. Once I got down "into" the field it kind of faded and then I was in my bed again. I knew it was an FA, because I could feel my legs floating upwards. So I reality checked with my nose and I was lucid dreaming! I felt like I was in a bunch of sticky jello, it was so hard to move. My vision was all foggy like I'd just woken up. I tried rubbing my hands, which helped me step out of bed, but I walk over to my door and I find myself in a weird posture. I feel like I'm bent over or something and I can't stand straight. I tell myself that I'll be standing normally, it doesn't work. So I test my control by telling myself that the door will open, and it did. Sadly I woke up at this point, but at least I successfully WILD'd! The sad thing is, I don't know how! It was unintentional, I was just trying to go back to sleep after a failed attempt.

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      Congrats on the lucid! I think we already talked about it in class, right?

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      "I feel like I'm bent over or something and I can't stand straight. I tell myself that I'll be standing normally, it doesn't work."

      I had this same thing happen to me recently - I passed out for a nap or something next to my girlfriend, and in my dream I saw her face/head from a sideways perspective because I had fallen over. I tried to stand up but since I was actually laying down and on the verge of waking up, it blended my real body's sensations with my dream body's perceptions. So weird! I wasn't lucid, though.

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