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      Games I'm Playing Right Now

      Just recently I bought some Gamecube games for my old Wii that's been collecting dust. Here are some of the games I have been playing as of yet:

      Sonic Heroes (Uncompleted)

      Sonic Adventure (Uncompleted)

      Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Completed)

      Tales Of Symphonia (Just started)

      Metroid Prime (Just started)

      Mario Kart: Double Dash (Just started)

      Super Mario Sunshine (At the middle)

      Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness (Just started)

      Luigi's Mansion (Not started)

      Other Games:

      Final Fantasy XV (Completed. Need to finish the Episodes)

      Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix + 2.5 Remix (Completed KH1, not the others)

      Fallout 4 (Complete)


      So yeah, that's a pretty big backlog. I've always been interested in all kinds of games, old and new. Any of you have any suggestions for what I should pick up next? It doesn't have to be just Gamecube. I also have a Nintendo 3DS, a Gameboy Advance, the Wii (Obviously), and a PS4 (Though I am planning to get a Switch sometime soon). So recommend me some games my way!
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