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    Thread: I wanna learn to bend

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      I wanna learn to bend

      I just wonder if here is someone that can bend? And can learn it me? That would be so great also i wanna learn more about a spirit guide how can i meet him?

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      You don't need a spirit guide to bend. Just stretch regularly to avoid injuring yourself.

      JK! I've been waiting years to use that one.

      If you mean bending like Last Airbender style control over the elements in your dreams, then that is very much possible. Meeting guides is possible as well. (In fact, I do both of these things regularly.) There was a thread detailing the techniques from the show and how to utilize them in dreams, but I can't seem to find it ATM. Though most dreamers find applying the philosophies and motions of the four elements to their bending helps. (Airbending is about circular motions to create a vortex of air and involves being light on your feet and mobile. Waterbending is about fluid motions, like Tai-Chi and is primarialy about re-direction. Earthbending is blunt. You have solid stances and you have to be stubborn and strong like a mountain to move the earth. Firbending is passionate and aggressive, and you utilize circular blocks to dissipate fire.)

      As for meeting dream/spirit guides. I wrote an article on this that can be found here.

      All you need to know about Dream Guides - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      Also, I can see that this is your first post. Welcome to Dreamviews.

      This post really does not belong in ED. Can a mod plz move this to Dream Control or another thread?

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      I have only ever anti-bended
      I became lucid after noticing clocks, I was feeling unstable, and actually told myself in the dream if I stop stabilizing I'll wake up (as in immediately) this was a real problem because I remembered my highest priority goal, which was a behind the back hand summon. I found myself suddenly in a room with only a downward staircase and one door at the side. I began to descend the stairs, all the while rubbing my hands and bemoaning my lack of free hand for summon just then the staircase began to bend itself into a hamster wheel to trap me. It was about to cut off the only exit. So I had to un-bend it or be trapped. I forced the stairs back down but they appeared to go right into the floor, when I got to the bottom level with the floor, I noticed that the stairs didn't descend on thru but rather were corrugated. Descending stairs rubbing hands, being on bending stairs rubbing hands, walking across a corrugated floor while rubbing hands, this was quite the challenge. Finally I made it out the side door and thought I think I can hand summon now I'm stable enough I separated my hands and reached behind my back and instantly woke up DOH!
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