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    Thread: I found newfound fate in Utopian earth

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      I found newfound fate in Utopian earth

      Something I wanted to share, here goes; there's a utube vid [ Jurgen Ziewe - Multidimensional Realities ] he describes a reality where there's people actively working on themselves and supporting each other doing it. and they love it. i've seen a world like this in astral projection. it's amazing to see the intelligence there and the arts and progress as jurgen puts it is nothing that hollywood comes close to producing. think of doing art on a planetary scale.

      this could be us! I just want as many people to understand that this is possible when we support each other for growth. i want you, myself included, to pay attention when we are really pillars for each other and grow together as a species.

      Discuss as thou seeth fit
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      Interesting, thanx Dthoughts

      It is over an hour long so I might not be able to comment any time soon.

      Multidimensional Realities

      with Jurgen Ziewe a Natural Astral Projector

      Haniff Din*163 views

      Published on May 27, 2015

      Reports and Observations from Out-of-Body Explorations. A presentation over Skype to the Institute of Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies.

      How did you first become interested in the concept of multidimensional reality?

      During OOBEs I began to notice that each place had a distinct energy imprint, which I found at first hard to explain. In the very early days, remember it was in the early seventies when I first started projecting and very little was written about it, I simply thought when leaving my body I travelled ghostlike through the physical dimension.

      Shortly after that I noticed, what is now frequently reported by most people who practice OOBEs, that the environment you project from doesn't quite look like the place you project into, with things having been moved around, furniture missing or added to etc. I concluded that I had actually projected into a copy of my bedroom.

      This also applied to other places I visited, places I knew and loved, they had changed, sometimes significantly, yet without compromising the "feel" of the place. I quickly realised that there were counterparts to our world, not just one but multiples, each counterpart on a higher vibrational level, progressively changing from the one beneath it, so that in the end there were barely any similarities to the physical one.

      The only thing that hadn't changed was its unique feeling signature. I began to realise that this principle applied to everything in existence. Everything had a "soul", for want of a better word, with not just one, but several different layers, layers of energy, which corresponded to layered worlds, stretching right to the point of origin where it is no more than a sound or an arrangement of sounds.

      I Googled

      The Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies

      Here is their history ...



      The Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies, Inc. (“INACS”) is a 501(c)(3) Texas nonprofit research, education, and membership organization founded by*James L. King*on August 27, 1990.

      Mission Statement

      The mission of INACS is to expand the understanding of human consciousness by conducting scientific research and offering educational opportunities to the public.

      Early History

      Originally incorporated as the Center for the Study of Consciousness, Inc. (“CSC”), in 1990, the founding board consisted of*Robert McGarey*as president,*Harold Puthoff, PhD, as secretary, and Anne Marie Ford, CPA, as treasurer.* Shortly after incorporation,*Robert F. Price, PhD, was brought on board as director of research. Dr. Price was later appointed to the board of trustees, where he has held several positions including his current role as president.

      During its first few years, CSC was a loose collection of interested friends, none of whom had much experience in the world of business, especially in terms of raising funds or in building a working organization. The group would often meet socially to debate the meaning of life, the Universe, and especially the word “consciousness.” Gradually, however, due to persistence and a growing interest in human consciousness, potential new sources for funding emerged.

      On February 11, 1998, the Center for the Study of Consciousness changed its name to the Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies, Inc., and became a membership organization. These changes permitted the organization to qualify for a license to conduct and receive funds from charitable bingo in Texas under the state’s Bingo Enabling Act. Through the generosity of dedicated friends of INACS, loans for the licensing fees for were made and repaid on time and with interest, making it possible for us to pass the probationary period required by the Texas Lottery Commission. The*bingo operation*has enabled the organization to receive a stream of income and build a modest “nest egg” of funds, which has provided steady income for operations, and to offer grants to deserving individuals for research and educational projects that conform to the INACS mission.

      Current Activities

      As funding levels increased, INACS began to reach out to the local “consciousness community”, a significant, if loosely defined, group of people interested in mysteries and anomalies of human consciousness and everyday reality. Persons interested in ideas about human potential, originating as far back as the 1960s, including many people fascinated by the implications of strange paranormal and aerial events such as telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, healing-at-a-distance, as well as alleged visitors believed to originate from other solar systems or other dimensions, have formed special interest groups that serve as platforms for discussions of these odd occurrences. Those with strong interest in remote viewing and astral projection have founded special interest groups to facilitate discussion of their concepts. These groups, which continue to grow and develop, have constituted a willing base of members, supporters, volunteers, and participants in INACS events. Our mailing list now exceeds 800 individuals, and our active membership numbers around 50.


      In the nearly 25 years that INACS has been in existence, the organization has evolved from a loose social group to a viable research and educational membership institution. We are now looking forward to projects that will address the interests of a new generation and the leaders that will make them happen!
      here is the YouTube



      ■■■(1:14:40) 163 views in ~18 weeks
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      Thank you dear friend for digging this up.

      What an interesting man and interesting institution. I'd have glanced over this hadn'd you shared this.

      -*He said something about everything having an energy signature*-

      That might be useful to know
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