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    Thread: Mixed martial arts

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      Mixed martial arts

      Anyone practice any mma? I'm looking to join a jiu jitsu gym in my area, I've taken jiu jitsu before but had to quit due to money. For some reason I can't get over the nervousness to apply, last time I went with my buddy (he didn't end up signing up) and won't be able to convince him to come again lol. I'm just really nervous about running into people I know from work who I know go there...I really dislike them and if I ever tried to skip out on work I wouldn't be able to do my workout...
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      Just start it, I was really nervous before I started rugby too but I eventually got into it. Hopefully you will meet more people you like than dislike doing jiu jitsu.

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      You can always get a free session in, and that will give you a gauge what the environment and people are like. I took JKD (it was MMA before MMA was MMA ) for a few months, and the classes were were a bit traditional with some contemporary stuff thrown in. You should ask the instructor how are the classes. If they're traditional, I'm pretty sure your co-workers wont give you any problems while you're there. Also, there may be different scheduled sessions, and you can just hit it when they're not there.

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