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    Thread: Sleeping With Music

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      Question Sleeping With Music

      I'm new to posting here, so sorry if there's a thread like this already, I haven't come across it yet, so here we go;

      I've had 2 very short lucid dreams in the past year, and I've been keeping a journal with on and off regularity, but my dream recall is pretty good. I've also been trying various techniques for inducing lucidity that I've found on dreamviews, but with little success.
      I have to listen to music as I sleep, classical/instrumental music, only on a low volume, as I literally can't sleep in silence, I get overcome by fear and anxiety, it's just the way I am for some reason.

      I was wondering if, due to the fact I have music playing all night until I wake up in the morning, this could be affecting my ability to lucid dream? Is it possibly preventing me from becoming successful at gaining lucidity?

      Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated

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      Actually, this could be used to assist in getting a lucid dream.

      You can use the music as a basic anchor while falling asleep - if you can't hear it anymore, you know you're dreaming. I do know the feeling of sleeping in silence - it disturbs me a bit too. If you can use the music as an anchor to keeping consciousness, you can easily experience a WILD.
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