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    Thread: Lucid Dreaming Location

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      Question Lucid Dreaming Location

      This is my first post, so I hope I'm not doing anything wrong!

      I recently had a lucid dream that started with a vivid dream of being at an indoor zoo. While I was talking to a friend I glanced over at a clock (which looked like the digital clocks at my school) and noticed the time wasn't making much sense. This helped me realize that I was dreaming which instantly teleported me to my house for some reason. Since this event, I have had two more lucid dreams, noth of which I was at my house... It's pretty boring. The last lucid dream I had before the zoo incident I was flying through the clouds and landed in a vibrant alien landscape! Is there any reason that I keep starting/teleporting to my house?? On a side note, I've noticed that once I become lucid, my dream becomes somewhat boring, like my brain has stopped trying; if anyone can give some words of wisdom that would be great!


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      Welcome. You aren't doing anything wrong. Your post is an original genuine question and will probably get many replies.
      You could try a technique in which you try to 'teleport' yourself to a different place, even after you appear in your house. Common methods of 'teleporting' include approaching a closed door, visualizing what you expect to find on the other side, and opening it; and spinning around on the spot while imagining that once you stop spinning, you'll be where you want to be. The spinning one also works well for some people as a dream stabilizer, making the dream seem more vivid and preventing you from waking up.
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