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      Creating New Dream Powers

      Just curious if anyone has experience creating their own powers in dreams, by accident or on purpose. The reason I ask is because while lucid dreaming last night, I looked up and tried to change the color of the sky (it was night time), I shouted "PURPLE" with no effect, so I tried "BLUE" I saw this triangle with crazy geometric patterns come over the horizon, at the center of it was an intense whitish blue light, to my surprise I also had a ball of the same type of light in my right hand. At this point the triangle dissapeared and only the ball of light was hanging in the the sky, I clenched my right hand as hard as I could, and to my surprise I teleported to the position of the ball in the sky. I fell for a second or two before I started flying, I then realized I could move the ball of light that wasn't in my hand with my mind, and whenever I clenched my hand, I would teleport to the position of the ball. So does anyone else have experience with stuff like this.

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      for me it was neither accident nor purpose it was instinct.
      I set a DC o fire by shooting lightning out of my hands like Palpatine

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      I invented a way to travel fast with out moving. I sit down and control gravity. I make it pull me freard like a tabogan run.

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