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    Thread: For those who have troubles with ADA...

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      For those who have troubles with ADA...

      I have been using ADA for daytime awareness for long enough to know that it can be extremely difficult, even after you feel you've started to get the hang of it. For me, it was difficult to start, and then it went smoothly. For a week. Then if inexplicably became difficult again. But I have found some things that I think could be useful to those just starting ADA, and those who are a little further along.

      I find that by far the easiest time for me to start ADA is when I'm driving. For a long time I just accepted this. But when I couldn't start ADA seemingly at all, I always could when driving. So it got me wondering, what sets it apart?

      Concentration. When I was driving, my mind had to have the concentration on driving. However, it didn't occupy much of my thoughts, leaving room for ADA. I found that at work for example, too much was happening for me to have room for ADA. And at home when it was quiet, my mind would be distracted too easily. Driving gave my mind something else to do, with just enough brainpower, that it let me focus my thoughts perfectly for ADA. So if you having troubles, find something that you can be doing that occupies you enough to stop your mind from wandering, but not something that crowds ADA out.

      PS: I am not a meditator, and I assume someone who does meditate will find ADA much easier, since it seems to me the more I do it that it is akin to meditation
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      Sounds legit, I'll try it out tomorrow when I'm going to work.

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      It is long and lengthy dream where you did very dangerous and expert types of skills. Good one!

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