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    Thread: Taking a break is good.

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      Taking a break is good.

      Hey everyone. I've been away for a while due to various things going on in my life. About a month ago I was taken off some pretty heavy medication. This resulted in about a week of agony from the withdrawal symptoms and so my main priority wasn't lucid dreaming. As glad as I am to be off those meds I find now that I am suffering from insomnia. Other than the obvious reason why I need sleep, this has been quite difficult for me as it means I can't dream.

      So for about a month I've had very bad sleep and haven't really been able to dream. However the last few nights I've found myself having very long and controlled lucid dreams (during the very limited time I've managed to sleep). I haven't been doing any reality checks during the day and no mantras on a night. I've done nothing towards getting lucid and yet in all these dreams I've instantly noticed when something was wrong and instantly became lucid. Furthermore I seem to be much more relaxed. Normally when I become lucid I panic about stabilizing but these last few I've just gone with the flow and they've stayed very consistent in terms of vividness and control. In fact I think I've had more control than I ever had before.

      So perhaps a break is good. Perhaps I need to not worry so much about getting lucid all the time. Of course, once my sleep is back on track and I've sorted a few things in my life I will return to my reality checks, etc but I guess it goes to show after years of training in lucid dreaming, much like riding a bike, the moment you get back on everything comes back.
      If people here are struggling I say just take a week off. Take two weeks off. Maybe take a month off. Focus on other things for a while.
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      A break is definitely good to give your mind a little rest I'm glad it worked out for you! Brilliant!

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      Agreed, the most important aspect of lucid dreaming is your mindset. So it only makes sense that you had better be at a good mindset and not stress over dry spells, etc. even if it means not actively trying to get lucid for a while. I'm glad it worked for you too. Cheers.

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      Congrats on lucids and getting back into it, awesome!
      And yeah, break is always good if you feel like you are going too hard on yourself.
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      A break is definitely good, heck, i'm still taking a break! Haha, taking a break allows me to clear my mind and allow myself to learn and do things more efficiently regarding lucid dreaming.
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