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      what should do before going to sleep

      I'm about go to bed a hour or so, I wondering what I should do before that might help me enter a lucid dream tonite?

      I've been doing rc for last 3 days and my dream recall has improved bit by bit that I found myself remembering a dream n had another on the tip of my tongue but do to writing down one of the dreams the other slipped my mind. The dream was bizzare too that I couldn't believe I missed the signs. Any and all comments would be appricated. I haven't been this motivated to ld since I came here and I intend to achieve my first ld soon.

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      For lucid dreaming, drink a ton of water, go back to bed.

      You'd wake up in the middle of the night (hopefully) and want to piss

      Go back to bed and try a WILD.

      Enjoy your lucid!~

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      Onidrago has pointed out a good method for WBTB/WILDing.

      Also, try to reherse your LD before going to bed. What do you want to do? How will you achieve it? Where will you go? How will you get there? Really try to get into as much detail as you can, and incorporate all senses. Try to keep a mantra, as well. Just say to yourself "When my eyes open, I will be dreaming" thorughout the day, and say it to yourself before bed.

      I wish you luck on your path to LDing!

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