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    Thread: Loosing All Ideas You Want To Do During Your Lucid Dream When Becoming Lucid

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      Question Loosing All Ideas You Want To Do During Your Lucid Dream When Becoming Lucid

      Hello everybody, i've been lucid dreaming for about a week now and already have had two lucid dreams. Which for me is a really big achievement as i've only started to attempt lucid dreaming again. Now my biggest problem once becoming lucid is either, not becoming aware of the possibilities in lucid dreams or not remembering my intentions from when I fell asleep. If anyone could lead me to some sort of guide which could help me with these issues it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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      You could try MILD/some type of mantra. Repeat your goals over to yourself in your head while you fall asleep. If you want to fly, keep thinking of flying while falling asleep and repeat to yourself "I will fly" or something similar. This auto-suggestion can be really helpful for remembering your goals once you fall asleep, and it also helps you get lucid
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      Burke's suggestion is great. Another thing is to physically write out your intention on paper every day, then post it somewhere over your bed. The subtle associations we perform in waking life have a lot to do with our dreaming life, so anything to reinforce and cement these intentions in the mind helps.

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      Think about your goals, write them in your dream journal, draw a picture, watch a video...

      Everytime you thinking about your goal you are putting it in your memory.

      What helped me the most was acting it out. I would stand in the middle of my room, pretended I just got lucid and did what I wanted to do in a dream.

      1. I have never heard my voice in a dream before. So I practiced by yelling out commands, such as "clarity now!"...
      2. I have never seen my body in a dream before. So I looked at my arms, my legs, I touched them, payed attention to how the fabric of my clothes feel, what the colors are, and such...
      3. I practiced stabilizing by touching the ground, nearest wall, clapped my hands, patted my arms...
      4. Also practiced throwing lighballs from my hands

      You can practice anything. It works.

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