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    Thread: Slowly getting there :)

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      Slowly getting there :)

      So my lucid dreaming attainment journey only began a couple weeks ago and things are getting quite exciting

      I have been keeping a dream journal and it's quite amazing from not remembering much at all I can now recall every dream for the past week as clear as if I was dreaming them again right now and I am keeping track of similarities with in the dreams.

      I had a false awakening where I thought I had left the oven on, I woke up instantly walked downstairs checked and went back up in to bed. Felt so real I mean for example I have back pain the pain was there as I walked down he stairs wired! I know it was a false awakening because it happened again right after I got back in to bed but this time I was In Dream because going back down stairs the second time did not feel as real and the downstairs was a compleat different house from my childhood.

      I had a scare as well I heard my wife talking to me it sounded real I though she was talking in her sleep! A couple words clear as day happened a few times i won't put what she said here but I freaked out and though I was literally becoming schizophrenic right there I had to shake my head and move to the other end oft he bed so I could not hear her.

      And I had one instant where I suddenly realised I was dreaming and woke up instantly although I'm thinking this was my sleep deprived mind making me think this at silly o'clock in the morning because it's all I have on my mind lately lol yes every time I wake in the night I repeat the mantra that I will have a lucid dream over and over before I fall back to sleep.

      Apart from that I have ordered Charlie's book so I will be reading that over the next few days and slowly improving on my reality checks

      Best realisation so far? Everyone in my dream is me or some part of me it's amazing to wake up and think those conversations I had in the dream are all me real eye opener!

      Happy dreaming to everyone
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      Nice work mate, keep it up. That last part you wrote is fascinating to think about isnt it!

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      Nice progress, indeed

      What you can do to catch those FAs - RC everytime you get up from bed. That way when you get up from bed in a dream, you will RC and realize you are dreaming. Also when you RC, believe that the RC will work, ebcause you could be in a dream.


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