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    Thread: Getting help from a Dream Guide in a lucid dream

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      Getting help from a Dream Guide in a lucid dream

      Last night I had a lucid dream that actually started out as a DILD (instead of an FA which is what I usually get), and one thing that I found quite fascinating in that dream was that I heard a voice telling me how I should act in the dream.
      It was even quite polite, and told me right at the start of the dream that "now you are entering the realm of lucid dreaming", and then it proceeded from there telling me how I should do to keep it stable.
      I believe it advised me to rub my hands, and that I should stay calm and suppress my excitement - I followed those advice, and indeed the dream did seem to last much longer than usual.
      I must say this was a very spiritualistic experience, it really did feel like there was an "awareness behind the dream" that wanted me to stay in the dream.

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      Interesting. One things one should collect some kind of anthology of dream-guides of sorts, as it seems other people have had similar experiences with dream-folk... (Of a similar note, my dream friend that may be a guide or something like that also does what he can to encourage me to stay asleep with him)

      Are you going to try and find out more about this awareness entity?

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      Very cool sounding dream, Laurelindo!

      I had this happen in a non-lucid about a week ago. I was trying to hide in a bathtub with water in it and this lady walked in and freaked out, thinking I was dead. I then heard a disembodied female voice tell me "Stay still and pretend to be dead, don't move"

      I completely failed at that though, my eyes and legs wouldn't stop moving

      Somehow it worked and the lady thought I was dead.
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