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    Thread: Strange DC Conversation

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      Strange DC Conversation

      One of my LD's from the other day I had a strange conversation with a group of DC's. Been thinking about it ever since. In the LD I was doing some 'naughty' things, and I was doing it in front of some DC's, because I was too lazy to bother to go into another room. This is quite common when I'm horny in a LD (I don't bother hiding it from DC's). What was strange was that the DC's were giving me strange looks. Not looks like, "Is he really doing that in front of us," more like, "Is he doing that again." So I stopped what I was doing and asked the group of DC's why they were giving me a strange look; as any other time, DC's ignore me if I want to be ignored (expectation is everything). What they said surprised me.

      I don't remember exactly what they said, but the gist of it made me think, "These DC's know this is a dream." I won't go into exactly what they said, but basically we had a VERY long talk about dreams. I've ran into a DC or two (and my DG) that knew they were in a dream before, but they would never TALK about dreams. This time was different.

      They told me that dreams were as real as WL, just different; and that these environments I find myself in, and people I run into, remain in existence even after the dream has ended. They said most know it's a dream, and simply wont admit it. They said that they had been in many of my LD's in which I had done these naughty things in front of them, and were kind of bored that I would do this so often. They said that many of these worlds they exist in are never touched by dreamers, but some are... some by many different dreamers (and some many dreamers at the same time). They said that in some of these worlds, there are rules just like in physics--things DC's, and even dreamers, cannot do--and some DC's cannot do anything out of the ordinary... yet in some dreams DC's can do anything they wish (Just like a lucid dreamer).

      They went on, and on, about details concerning the nature of dreams. It was INCREDIBLE! It has blown my mind.

      What do you guys think?
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      The most established view, most acceptable to scientists, is that all DCs are a figment of your imagination, usually subconscious. As long as se part of your mind knows that this is a dream, your DCs can know that this is a dream, since they too are part of your mind. It is possible that your conscious self knows that you are dreaming (ie: you are lucid) but DCs deny that you are dreaming (so some part of your mind is not willing to fully accept that this is a dream?); it is also possible for your conscious self to be unaware it is a dream but DCs to be aware (so you are not lucid but on some subconscious level you do realize it is a dream); or both you and your DCs agree it is a dream; or neither you not any of your DCs realize it is a dream (you are totally unaware). However, in this view DCs are part of your mind, your subconscious, so their views are really your subconscious views.

      However, some people believe that DCs may be external entities that are not necessarily part of your own mind always. There are many variations on this belief, for example: The idea behind shared dreaming is that it is possible for dreamers to interact with oneanother in dreams, which would mean that sometimes DCs are other dreamers. There are other possible beliefs that different people hold that include DCs as separate entities. Scientific research of mainstream science has to date not supported any such beliefs however many of them would be difficult to confirm or not scientifically, and many go against taboos or strong reluctance in mainstream scientific community. Scientists who do not believe in DCs as separate entities may not consider this a suitable topic for research. Researchers who do believe may be biased in the other direction, trying to prove their beliefs rather than establish the truth. However, even if a less biased study were conducted if it went against mainstream established belief it may be problematic to get it published in a respected peer reviewed journal. For example, before lucid dreaming was accepted, the early scientists had a hard time getting published. Therefore, rigorous unbiased study and publication of such results may be less likely.

      Even if DCs are all part of own mind, there may be different views of what that means. What is the conscious versus the subconscious? Can there be several vying consciousnesses in one mind?
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