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    Thread: Discovering the name Lucid Dream

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      Discovering the name Lucid Dream

      Most of us had lucid dreams before we knew that this had a name and that there were techniques and people studying it. Some of us thought that there was something wrong with us, some thought that this was a common thing for everyone. In a certain moment of our lives, we decided to know what was this thing we're experiencing.
      What i ask you is: in what moment of your lives you decided to find out about your "unusual" dream experiences and how did you find out that this had a name: Lucid Dream?

      I tell you my story:
      I had the ability to control dreams since i was a teenager (like 30 years ago). I thought everyone had it. But talking to my brothers, they were amazed of my abilities that they didn't have. I called it "Controling my Dreams". I became curious, because i found out that not everyone could do this. So, just 4 or 5 years ago, i decided to browse the internet with the keywords "controlling our dreams" and "knowing you're dreaming" and found out the words "Lucid Dream" on the Wikipedia and in an imense list of articles and forums, books and all that.
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      I actually only figured the exact name when I was 13. I'm 15 now.

      I have been having lucid dreams naturally now ever since I was 10.

      Why 10? Not sure why.
      I guess I gained a lot of self-awareness when I was 10 lol
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