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    Thread: "Getting DILDs from WILD attempts"

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      Question "Getting DILDs from WILD attempts"

      There's a certain way of WILD i currently find intriguing. It's called "HIT". If you haven't heard of this, it can be found at
      Dreamviews.com>Wiki>User Tutorials>An Overview of All Lucid Induction Methods>"WILD".

      Basically you use the "Stuff at the back of your eyelids" or as it's PROPERLY PRONOUNCED, Hypnagogic Imagery. Ahem.
      I have had a couple experiences with it in the past, but it's kinda weird, like, it doesn't feel the way WILD is described. The tutorial says to let the imagery form a dreamscape or something like that. Whenever i do this, i end up falling asleep in the middle of it, and it turns into a DILD. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, i mean, most of us are on here because we want LD's to happen one way or another. I'm just curious if this is normal or not. Is it supposed to feel like Half DILD half WILD?
      I appreciate the feedback, and i hope i have made an interesting topic.
      Good luck to you all.
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      This happens to a lot of people that try WILD. I believe I was either talking to Ophelia or Gab about this, but it apparently happens quite frequently.

      I have no suggestions for you since I am actually new to WILD myself, but I wish you the best of luck.

      I hear generally that WILDs are a lot more vivid than the regular DILD or DEILD. So I guess that's the only bad thing I could see wrong with this.

      The vividness is due to the lack of conscious lapse.
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      Yeah, that's how i had most of my first DILDs. From failed WILD attempts using hypnagogic imagery ( check my signature ). I usually did it with the help of WBTB and binaural beats. And yes, it is a very peculiar WILD technique.

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