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      MILD Problems: Waking up in the middle of the night

      I have used a mantra to remember my dreams but when I try to use one to get lucid I wake up in the middle of the night. I fall back to sleep for a minute and wake back up. This happens for the rest of the night. It only happens when I try to use a mantra to get lucid.

      Any suggestions?

      P.S. the mantra I use is, "I get lucid in my dreams."

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      Do you know why you're struggling to fall back to sleep? Is it because your brain is too excited?

      I recommend not using MILD until later in the morning, around 4am to 6am, rather than when you go to bed early in the night. It only makes your brain too excited and you most likely won't have a lucid dream until later in your sleep cycle anyways.
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      maybe you are becoming to aware of your body sleeping which keeps waking you up? Not sure.
      For the record it is good if you wake up in the middle of the night because after 4+ hours or so of sleep you go into REM sleep quicker meaning you have a very little gap between being asleep and dreaming when compared to going to bed normally but of course waking up every two minutes is no good. Sometimes when I try MILD before preforming my mantra I will do a relaxation technique to help myself go to sleep easier and make my mind more clear when it comes to preforming my mantra. This may help you go to sleep. It could be something basic like focusing on your breathing, trying to not think about anything else except your breathing and count to 100 (breathe in 1....breathe out 2...breathe in 3...etc) And then start preforming your mantra. A more advanced relaxtion technique could be something like the 61 points relaxation technique although I find this quite a long process to do The 61 Point relaxation Technique - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      Also do you have any noises in your room that wake you up? Or lights in a hallway? Because maybe things like that could be waking you up

      Good luck
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