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    Thread: Is this sleep paralysis?

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      Is this sleep paralysis?

      Last night I tried to force myself to wake from a dream that was negative (I posted a different thread about this issue). I couldn't get myself to wake up at first, but eventually I did. I had a very hard time forcing myself to sit up, but that ended up being the only thing that could break me from the dream setting (sitting up). I felt kind of like I was sitting and lying down at the same time (very heavy I guess?) but I was definitely sitting. I opened my eyes but couldn't see my room and ground myself in waking reality, so I fumbled around for my cell phone on my nightstand. I grabbed it and hit the button to turn the light on. I saw nothing until I brought the screen so close to my face it was touching it, and even then I just saw a dull light, not my lock screen.

      What the hell is this?
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      It doesn't sound like sleep paralysis to me. But, it could just be a strange occurrance. My wife is a VERY heavy sleeper and she has had similar experiences. She has had mornings when she feels so heavy that she can barely move, and has trouble focusing her eyes...it typically goes away within 30 - 60 seconds.
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