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    Thread: Did I experienced Sleep Paralysis?

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      Did I experienced Sleep Paralysis?

      Last night was quite weird xd
      Went to sleep at around 11-12pm, and couldn't fall asleep for like and hour or so.
      Then I finally fell asleep.
      But then I woke up at around 2-3-4am (I guess) and I recall sitting on my bed (just to wake up abit) and then laid back down.
      After like 30 seconds or less, I was still fully conscious, I started to feel numb, felt like my bed was being moved forward and backwards by someone which scared the shit out of me. So I turned on the other side to see what's going on and there was nothing of course.
      Then after like another 30 secs, I heard very, very loud buzzing sound in my head and more intense numbness and vibrations.
      I closed my eyes and let the feel takes me over. I felt like I was being thrown all over the room, spinning and whatnot.
      I tried to imagine the dream scene because I remembered this could be the perfect time for WILD, althought nothing...
      This lasted for few mins and it all repeated again.
      Just to mention, I didn't notice any scary figures or whispers or whatever people say about SP.

      What do you think?
      Imma try to experience SP tonight again, not WILD, just SP if I get lucky.

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      That sounds like HH (Hypnagogic Hallucinations) to me. I get this too sometimes when going to bed, usually it's only visual and auditory though. When WILDing I get the crazy and fun sensations of being pulled around, flying at high speeds, wind rushing in my ears, spinning, etc It's like my own personal roller coaster.

      SP is just when your body is paralyzed while you sleep, once it happens you're usually already asleep. Although there are exceptions, I woke up in it a few weeks ago.

      These links explain more about SP: http://www.dreamviews.com/wake-initi...explained.html | http://www.dreamviews.com/wake-initi...mystified.html

      I'm not very experienced in WILDing yet but that sounds like it might have been a good time to WILD, maybe something to try next time.

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      Wanted to just make a few corrections.

      I believe REM Atonia is the correct term.

      If I remember correctly, SP is the disorder.

      I can't say anything about WILD because I frankly just suck at it. Not going to lie.

      Anyways, sounds like it to me. (Those links should help you)
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