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      The science of dreaming. Explanation to sleep paralysis,nightmares and dreaming.

      So recently i have been looking into how where brain is active and when. I have studied how left side of the brain and the right side of brain works in everyday and dreaming. There might be misunderstanding in my studies since i dont understand the conplex english that well but here it is.

      So trough consciouss sleep i became aware how i have these 2 states of mind and i always felt like my mind fell partly asleep when even though i was aware of it. I also notices that it was similar to deep meditation where i have experienced very weird stuff. But basically studies have shown that dreams use more right side of brain than left side of the brain. So left side of the brain is what you use when you think with words,so math or brain exorcises and right side of the brain is were we put meaning to that word and which does the silent thinking without words. I have always known that i can think without words but its hard. Only lately i have found scientefic studies to corfim what i was becoming aware of is actually some truth to it.
      Here usually when i get overactive left side of brain i cant stop thinking. These crazy thoughts with words make me keep at this cycle of thinking this useless crap which make me be less active in life. But i have put a lot of effort into silencing my loud thoughts making me calm and when i do this i start to do what i want. Im more active and act without thinking. Also in meditation i make my mind usually really calm which put me to a state where i cant think with words anymore my mind is usually really clear but in complete silence and my senses are really active i see and hear everything in clarity in this state. This stop i usually get out of this state after 2 minutes of stopping meditation. I always feel my thoughts coming back slowly and i lose that sense of clarity.
      Right side of brain is more active in dreams and causes relaxation and sense fear and terror. Nightamers are usualöy really stable and real because your right side of brain is too active and starts to cause yoy fear anxiety and terror. But right side of brain also cause you to feel very relaxed.
      There is also a left brain which cause blisfullness i dont understood that part that well but always when im bursting with happiness i have really active mind which is thinlinh all the great possibilities of life and how i can do anything and every thought os jus happy and loud. There is somekind of connection with emotions of blissfullness and terror. They are part that link your right side of the brain and left side together and into middle of them there are where we indetify ourself to our body and family. Im not gonna speak about self indetifision. I focus more of the dreaming part here.

      So when you start to go to sleep you start first start to getting relaxed. This means that you start to use the right side of the brain to cause you to feel relaxed. At some point you notice you thoughts with words because completely random and meanigless. That is because you left side is starting to become less active and cant reconize the silent thoughts the meaning of the words right side of the brain is sending. As you become relaxed you hit at some point to sleep paralysis which means you right side of the brain has made you completely relaxed. But the part that controls relaxation and fear and terror are the same. So if you make that part more active you start to become afraid and fearfull and since you left side which makes you sense of reality balanced you might cause fearfull hallusination. (Not sure about which part was the hallucinations its different part of the brain than which causes sleep). So if you hit sleep paralysis and your about to fall asleep usually you start to think you want out you try to yell and do everything to get out and your left side becomes active once again. In dreaming nightmares are common because its same part which causes relaxation and fear.
      Remember that left side of brain is also our sense of time so you never cant tell time when you are sleeping you just skip the night if you dont remember the dreams. The idea behind wild and consciouss sleep is to keep left side awake just enough to hold some reason of your brain. So the problem why it is so hard is because you need to find right amount to use each brain part. You need to stop thinking with words to decrease activity of you left side of the brain but you have to also keep it enough active to make realize sense of time and sense of reality. There also is other problem you need also to be just relaxed enough to cause you to be relaxed but not too relaxed to activate fear which makes you automatically panic unless you are have complete control of yourself like some spirtual people.
      So thats the part i think you find interesting. Remeber its really rough explanation but at least the basic knowleadge here is right.

      Here is more proof of enlighment being possible and how it changes your brain.
      So the part that control you sense of self is the bridge between terror and blisfulness. It also is which connect your silent thought and thoughts with words. So the idea is that if you manage to break you sense of self a illusion completely you will connect you silent thinking and normal thinking together. This also means the meaning of words which comes from right side of the brain which comes near of the part where terror and blisfullness meet is broken. So every meaning behind word comes trough the part of of the fear,anxiety and terror reacheas to part of blisfullness and thinking with reason,words and sense of time.
      This is really really rough explanation but there is some truth in it. Look it up if your interested. I dont have time to explain it or motivation i also posted video before where neuroscientist explains it so perfectly. That video put truth to my theories and which i noticed trough just being aware. Also the pineal gland, third eye is really close to sense of self. Which is in many spiritual practises believed to have very strong impact on elightment. Think about that and try to be open to all sides of truth.
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