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      Dreams of the deceased

      I am curious what you all think of the times when deceased relatives or loved ones appear in dreams. For me I have found it to be extremely cathartic at times. I had a lucid dream with my dad in it on what would have been his birthday. I got to hug him and tell him I loved him and missed him. Another recent LD involved my father in law. Shortly before he died he told me at the hospital he loved me. I have a hard time expressing my emotions and at the time didnt really answer back in kind as I thought of him more as a friend. But in my dream, like my dad I hugged him and told him I loved him and missed him. I really cherish these dreams when I get to relive a bit with those no longer here, because in the dream they seem real at the moment and it seems like you are really talking to them.

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      I think I'v made peace with the past in a way, or I have called it even since my dreams with deceased ones aren't anything that special anymore. At the beginning they were really emotional in all sorts of ways, but now that more time has passed their visitations are like any other DCs'.

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      Yes, those dreams can awake some strong emotions but I believe that dreams are happening just in our heads so it's just a memory that somehow dot into the dream world.
      However one very interesting dream happened to me. I met one friend of mine who died about 10 years ago and we talked a bit. I asked him how is he, if everything is good in heaven and he replied something like "Yea, it's just beautiful here my friend.". It was a very strange feeling when I woke up and recalled this. If deceased people can somehow affect this world than maybe they can contact you also in dreams but who knows ^^.
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      First, sorry about you losses. We just learn to make peace with the fact that they are not with us, but the void is always there.
      For me, they are usually very emotionally strong. A month or two ago I dreamed about my grandma who passed away last year. In the dream I didn't remember she was not with us anymore. It was almost like a dream of my childhood. All my cousins, uncles, and aunts were there, but I knew something was wrong. I hugged my grandma and then remembered she had passed away. I woke up crying and just had an overall shitty day. Dream emotions really carry into waking life for me.
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